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Expert solutions to all your tech problems

As tech experts, we methodically test and document the best ways to solve common problems, so you can get sorted…fast!

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Welcome to Help Fix That!

We are on a mission to solve the many time-consuming…energy sapping…and just plain ANNOYING technical problems that crop up when we all use apps, software and technology in general.

✅ Join Michael Stokes and Tauqeer Ahmed – our two resident tech boffin geniuses – who have worked in tech support for well over 30+ years combined.

✅ Imagine a world where every app worked perfectly… where every device did exactly what it was meant to…and every piece of software ran smoothly every time you used it!

✅ Well, time to wake up and accept that’s not going to happen! But never fear – when stuff breaks – which it will – we’ve got the answers.

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