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Disney Plus Won’t Accept My Email: 4 Reasons + Fixes

Disney Plus Won’t Accept My Email: 4 Reasons + Fixes

If you are trying to figure out ‘Why Disney Plus won’t accept my email‘ you have probably found that the service does not recognize your subscription when you enter your details to access your account.

There are four possible reasons and fixes to this, which are:

  1. You have an incomplete subscription – (fix: confirm all your subscription details)
  2. You are using an alternative email address – (fix: confirm your email address)
  3. The Disney server is down – (fix: update the app)
  4. You have corrupted app software – (fix: update all connections)

In this guide I’ll go through the four reasons why Disney won’t accept your email, so you can troubleshoot why this is happening to you. I’ll then set out the four simple fixes.

Why is Disney Plus not recognizing my email? 4 Reasons

disney plus on laptop

Disney Plus is not acknowledging your email address due to;

Reason 1. Incomplete subscription

If your Disney Plus profile has not been successfully completed, you will come into issues when trying to access your account.

Not having an account created with Disney Plus will result in the app not knowing your email address.

You need to ensure your profile details have been completed as well as all your account details inputted correctly, otherwise Disney Plus won’t accept your email.

Reason 2. Alternative email address

The email address you are trying to log into your Disney + account needs to be the exact same e-mail you used when you signed up and created your profile.

Using an alternative address will result in Disney Plus not being able to recognize your profile.

Reason 3. Disney server is down

You will not be able to access your on-demand streaming service if the Disney server is down as this will prohibit any access from being gained.

You can check the server status by using this link.

Reason 4. Corrupted app software

Disney Plus will have issues recognizing your login details if your app has corrupted data files.

Contaminated software interferes with the normal functioning of the app, hence Disney Plus not accepting your email.

What to do when Disney Plus won’t let you login? 4 Fixes

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Fix 1. Confirm subscription details

Make sure all your information has been inputted correctly on your Disney Plus account.

If anything is left out, this can cause your account to not be active and your profile not picked up by Disney.

Step 1. Log into your Disney account

Step 2. Select the ‘Add or Amend’ option for your personal information

Step 3. Make the necessary changes and press ‘Update My Account’ to confirm

Please ensure your billing information is all correct, in order for Disney Plus to keep your account active.

Fix 2. Confirm email address

You should only be using the email address you chose to register on Disney Plus to login into your account with.

Check to see that you are in fact using the right email account. Do you want to update your email address on Disney Plus?

This can be done by following the steps in Fix 1.

Fix 3. Update app

Updating your Disney Plus app will ensure the latest software is being used, and all possible problems have been eradicated.

Step 1. Access your app store

Step 2. Search for the Disney Plus app

Step 3. Click on ‘Update’

Step 4. If you are accessing Disney via your home screen on your smart TV, select ‘Add to home’ as this will download the latest version

Relaunch your app and log in.

Fix 4. Refresh all connections

Refreshing your device’s connection as well as your internet connection is a troubleshooting hack that generally fixes most issues when it comes to accessing an application.

A refresh entails turning your wifi router and device off without switching them back on straight away.

Once a couple of minutes have passed, turn all devices back on and log into your Disney Plus account.

Does Disney Plus send an email when you log in?

disney plus on television

With Disney Plus being a subscription-based service, security needs to be at its best when accessing your account, which is why Disney has increased their measures to ensure your details stay protected.

  • If you sign in to your account from a different device, Dinsey will send you an email
  • The email will confirm the properties of the new device and in what area
  • Disney can ask you to verify your account if you have input an incorrect password

How many devices can be logged into Disney Plus?

Disney Plus allows a maximum of four devices that can be logged into the account, so when you initially access your account on them, you will receive four emails confirming this.

Disney also allows up to 7 different profiles on one account, so you do not need to share your library selection with anyone else.

So, can two people watch Disney Plus at the same time? 

Yes, with Disney allowing up to 4 different devices logged into one account, 4 people can stream off of Disney at the same time.

Why is my Disney Plus login page not loading?

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If your login page is not loading for Disney Plus, you may have experienced a software mishap while launching the app, or browser site.

You can override this temporary error by refreshing your connection and loading up your Disney Plus app or web page again.

Make sure the device you are using to log into your account is definitely compatible with the Disney Plus app. Compatibility devices include;

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android phone/tablet
  • Mac/Windows PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Smart TV’s

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Now that your subscription has been recognized, and you have access to your Disney Plus account you can enjoy the original rich content from this on-demand streaming service.

If for some reason Disney Plus still won’t accept your email, you can make use of their support page, as well as their customer assistance page.


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