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ESPN Error 0033: How To Fix Your Sports Channel In 5 Steps

ESPN Error 0033: How To Fix Your Sports Channel In 5 Steps

Is the ESPN error 0033 displayed on your screen when you’re trying to stream from the app?

Have you recently changed your account settings? A change in channel options can sometimes cause a playback issue on your app, as well as a blocked IP address.

Did this error message occur when you tried to launch ESPN from a different Wifi network? If your address is different from the one that is registered, your network will become out of range, and ESPN won’t work.

We have created this straightforward guide to help you make sense of why the ESPN error 0033 code has appeared, as well as provide you with simple fixes that you’ll be able to execute so you can get back to watching ESPN and ESPN Live without any further interferences.

What does ESPN error 0033 mean?

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The ESPN error 0033 will occur when your TV package has been altered. This will include a change in the options supplied by your cable provider. This error code will appear on your screen display when you are active on the ESPN app. This can be while you’re streaming, or as soon as you’ve logged into your account. The error message ‘The customer is not authorized for this content requested may accompany the 0033 code.

Other reasons why you are experiencing the ESPN error 0033 include;

Wifi is out of range

If you access the ESPN channel through your Wifi network, it needs to stay within range of where your billing address has been registered.

This can occur if you’re trying to log into your ESPN app from someone else’s home that will have a different Wifi network, as well as location.

Blocked IP address

For some reason, the ESPN service can sometimes block an IP address. There has been no definite reason for this, however, other ESPN users who have experienced the same issue have advised this was why they had the error 0033 code appear.

ESPN server is down

If the ESPN server is down, you can encounter many different performance-related issues from the service. Your channel may not work, and different error codes can transpire.

The server could be unavailable due to maintenance work, or there has been an outage with the ESPN channel.

How to fix ESPN error 0033

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Update your ESPN’s app software to get rid of the error 0033 playback error on your device. If you did not change your TV package, or edit the options provided by your channel, there may have been a software error that has caused this problem to interfere with your streaming. From your smart TV, access your Google Play, or Apple store to find the ESPN app. If there is an option to update the program, click on it. 

Once you download the latest version of ESPN, restart your device and launch the app again. If ESPN keeps saying the error after this step, proceed with the following additional methods to help fix this playback issue;

Change Wifi range

Your Wifi will become out of range when you try and access your ESPN service from a network that does not match where your billing address is registered on your account.

Use your ESPN account on the Wifi network where your ESPN profile has the same address. This will ensure it stays ‘in range’.

Switch to LTE

If they block your IP address, previous ESPN users who have experienced the ESPN error 0033 code while playing a video are advised to switch over from Wifi to LTE.

This allowed them to stream without any further issues on the channel.

Check ESPN server

If the ESPN server is down, playback issues will occur.

To confirm the problem is with the ESPN channel and not your device, you can check the ESPN server status. If this page confirms it is unavailable, you will need to wait until they resolve the issue before your sports channel will be active again.

Refresh your services

Refresh your ESPN services to get rid of any errors on your package details. You can do this by simply logging into your account details and checking your profile.

Make sure your information is correct. A refresh will update your information on the ESPN database.

Why does the ESPN app not work on WIFI?


Your ESPN app will not work on Wifi if the channel is not receiving a sufficient amount of bandwidth. If you have multiple different devices connected to your network, which all need a high amount of bandwidth to process apps or programs, this will create latency issues. This is when your ESPN channel may start to buffer, or continuously freeze throughout a program. ESPN advises that your internet speeds should be at least 25Mbps to ensure the app can operate properly without any lags.

If you’re unsure of what internet speeds your network connection is providing, you can perform a test here.

Other reasons why your ESPN app won’t work over Wifi include;

Device is not compatible

The device you want to access ESPN on needs to be compatible with the app’s system requirements.

The list of supported devices to stream ESPN are;

  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple devices
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android devices
  • PS4 and PS5
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • Chromecast
  • Oculus
  • Xfinity

If you’re trying to launch ESPN on a device that has not been listed, you may want to confirm if it is able to support the channel.

Different Wifi networks

ESPN will not work over Wifi if you are using two devices on different networks. This issue can occur if you make use of Chromecast. If your Chromecast does not link to the device you have ESPN open on, the app won’t show on your TV.

Why is ESPN not letting me watch live?

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ESPN won’t let you watch the live channel if the device you are using does not have enough memory space. The app requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM to be able to function properly. The recommended amount is 512MB. If this is not attainable, you won’t be able to stream successfully. If the cache files on your TV are too full, this will also interfere with the memory space.

To increase the RAM space on your device, you can complete a few simple steps. Before you proceed, it is a good idea to uninstall ESPN and reinstall the app. This will get rid of any corrupt files on your device which may be the reason why ESPN won’t let you watch live.

Once the channel has been downloaded, relaunch it and see if you can proceed with the live option. If not, you can action these four fixes;

  • Delete any apps you don’t use
  • Erase the cache files
  • Update ESPN
  • Power restart your device

If none of these methods work, you may have a hardware issue with your TV, or, your ESPN service needs to be relooked at.


With this easy-to-follow guide, we hope you now know all the reasons why you were experiencing the ESPN error 003, and that you were able to rectify this playback issue with one of the five easy solutions provided.

If the problem persists, we recommend you contact ESPN directly. You can utilize their Customer Care page where can you send them an email, or make use of one of their social media platforms.


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