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Minecraft Not Letting Me Join Realm: 10 Fixes

Minecraft Not Letting Me Join Realm: 10 Fixes

Are you playing Minecraft but finding it frustrating as you’re unable to join a realm?

If Minecraft isn’t letting you join a realm, it’s likely because your game settings are set to Child rather than Adult, or other programs may be interfering with the game. To fix these issues, simply make sure your game settings have listed you as an Adult, and check the settings for anti-virus/VPNs to make sure these aren’t conflicting with Minecraft.

For more solutions to realm issues on Minecraft, simply keep reading – hopefully these fixes will help.

How To Fix Minecraft Not Letting Me Join Realm

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Close Realm and Reopen It

The first step to try when if you’re having issues with joining realms is to close the realm you want to join and reopen it.

Sometimes the game can experience small glitches, which are easily solved by exiting the realm and re-entering it. Try leaving the realm you’re having problems with and reopening it – hopefully, this will be a quick fix to your issue.

Revert to Previous Save

If you’ve recently saved your game, try reverting to a recent save. It may be that there are errors in the game that have occurred since your last save – in theory going back to a previous save should solve these issues.

Return to your last save and try to join the realm you had issues with. If it allows you to enter, problem solved. If not, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty more fixes coming up for you to try.

Check If You’re Using Beta Version

If you’re using a beta version of Minecraft, this could be why you’re unable to join a realm.

Realms Plus only works on non-beta versions of the name, so make sure you’re not using a beta version when joining realms on Minecraft.

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Close Minecraft and Reopen It

Rebooting a game is known to help solve a whole host of little glitches and errors. Try closing down Minecraft and giving it a minute before reloading it. This is particularly important if you’ve been playing for a long time – the game may need a short break.

This fix may also be helpful with other glitches, such as the sound not working on Minecraft for example.

Log Out of your Microsoft Account and Log Back In

It may be that your Microsoft account is the cause of Minecraft acting up a little.

We recommend logging out of your Microsoft account to double-check this. Once you’ve successfully logged out, log back in and try re-entering the realm you were having problems with.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, just keep reading as we have some more fixes left.

Check Settings if Using Xbox Live

If you’re using Xbox Live to play Minecraft, we recommend double-checking your settings. It may be that if your account is listed as a Child account, this is what is preventing you from joining a realm, as realms are only accessible for adults on Minecraft.

If you’re an adult, make sure that your account is listed so and retry entering the realm. If your account was listed as Child before, this may explain why you were having problems.

Check Settings for Antivirus/VPN

Third-party programs such as antivirus, firewalls and VPNs are known to occasionally conflict with other programs/apps, so this may be what’s causing your problem with joining realms on Minecraft.

Check the settings of any third-party apps that you suspect may be causing issues and adapt them to reduce the chance of them conflicting with other programs. You may need to uninstall them and seek alternatives if they’re regularly interfering with your games/apps.

Restart Router

A bad internet connection could be the source of your problems. If you’re using wifi, double-check your connection – if in doubt, it may be worth doing a quick reset.

Unplug your router and wait at least a few minutes before plugging it back in. Once your internet has fully reset, try entering the realm you were having problems with previously – if the issue was derived from an internet connection problem, this should now be solved.

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Close Other Programs

If you have lots of other programs running while using Minecraft, it would be wise to remove some of these – especially if you’re having issues joining realms.

Running too many programs at once can cause your device to slow down, and even experience glitches. Try reducing some of these, especially if the memory on your device is on the low side.

Reboot Device

A good old-fashioned reboot may be the answer to your problems. We know it’s the age-old trick, but it’s surprising just how often this works.

Try switching your device on and off again – this may just solve your problem with entering realms on Minecraft, as well as any other small glitches you’ve been experiencing.


Hopefully, after reading the above fixes, you’ve been able to find a solution to your problem. With any luck you joined the realm you wanted to ages ago and didn’t need to try our full list of fixes.

If you’re still stuck and can’t join the realms you’d like to, we recommend reaching out to Minecraft directly via their online Help Center. They should be able to help you get to the bottom of your issue.