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Minecraft Server Won’t Stop Raining? Causes & Solutions

Minecraft Server Won’t Stop Raining? Causes & Solutions

Minecraft is a massively successful open-world game. It has a wonderfully complex code that procedurally generates each world.

Sometimes this code can go a little wrong and cause issues such as a world in Minecraft that won’t stop raining. This is often caused by the game having some commands in effect, a small glitch, or sometimes it’s just the way the game is supposed to function. All these issues can be addressed by understanding inputs and a few in-game tips.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for constant rain in Minecraft and how to fix them.

Minecraft Vista

Wait Out The Storm

Minecraft rain is coded to have an average time of only half a day but also is able to last a lot longer. The actual range for how long a rainstorm can last is from 0.5 days all the way up to 7.5 days. This means if you’re experiencing a seemingly never-ending rainstorm it may just be that you have been a bit unlucky and ended up with the longer variety.

The best thing to do is wait it out and see what happens after the 7.5-day point. If the rain is still coming down it may be time to take a look at some of our other suggestions.

Sleeping Solo

When playing solo on Minecraft there is a simple way to ensure the rain stops. Whilst awake, the rain will usually stop after a predestined period of time as mentioned in the previous point. Whilst playing solo it is also possible to stop the rain by going to bed. The game is designed to stop any rain at sunrise to start every day with clear weather. 

Minecraft House at Night

This mechanic has a problem running in multiplayer games due to multiple players on the same server all with different sleeping times and separate beds. This is an issue that still hasn’t been patched by the studio. This can be solved by activation console commends which we will cover in the section below.

Enable Cheats

Although it seems like cheating, a lot of admins for public servers will enable cheats to ensure the games run smoothly with a lot of players. It gives admins the option to change the time of day, switch between creative and survival mode, and among other things, change the weather.

Cheats have to be enabled before the game is created unless playing the java edition so if you intend to continue with your current seed, this won’t work. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to change the weather with cheats.

  1. Ensure you have checked the cheats on option when creating your world
  2. Wait for the world to load in
  3. Open the chat window with enter, / button, or the T key
  4. Type the command /weather clear and press enter

This should clear the rain instantly in your current world. If you would like to find out a whole selection of other commands take a look at the list here.

clear weather command

If you are playing on the Java edition and your world in Minecraft won’t stop raining without cheats enabled it is actually possible to temporarily enable them. Let’s run through the steps here.

  1. Enter the game pause menu
  2. Click on Open to LAN
  3. Select Allow Cheats: on 
  4. Click Start LAN World

You should now have a perfectly functioning game with cheats enabled. When you log out of the game and close it will reset this status and revert to a game without cheats.

If this still hasn’t solved your issue, read on.

Permanently Lock The Weather

It is also possible to lock the weather cycle permanently to clear skies with some simple changes to settings. With cheats enabled it is possible to go into settings and select the option to have constantly clear skies.

  1. Make sure cheats are enabled
  2. From the pause menu navigate to settings
  3. Select world settings
  4. Ensure creative mode is selected
  5. Scroll to cheats and turn them on
  6. Locate the weather cycle toggle and turn it off

This will permanently lock your weather cycle to clear skies weather. 

Bugged Game

If none of these previous attempts are successful at solving your issue of when Minecraft won’t stop raining it may be an idea just to open a new word and see if the issue persists. It may just be, due to the randomly generated worlds, that you have been unlucky with the generation and ended up with a bug. With such a vast range of options, the game has to make work together, sometimes something can go wrong.

As a last resort, a fresh install of the game is always an option. This would flush out any issues there may be with the files or possible corrupted updates. Thankfully it is a small game and shouldn’t take too long.