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Mobile Data Keeps Cutting Out: 7 Causes & Solutions

There’s nothing worse than using your phone, and your mobile data keeps cutting out. This always seems to happen when Wi-Fi is unavailable and you have an important project to complete or an urgent email to send on the go.

Our in-depth guide will help you fully understand this issue and some solutions for fixing it.

Check Signal Strength

If you’re having issues with your mobile data cutting out, it’s firstly worth double-checking your signal strength. If the signal strength is low, your mobile data is likely to cut out as it won’t be able to hold a strong connection. This would particularly make watching videos very tricky, as video content requires a stronger connection to work.

Try moving to a different area in your house as it could be that there’s a bad signal area that will affect certain places in your home.

Make Sure Battery Saving Mode is Off

Battery saving mode is definitely something that would cause your mobile data to cut out, as it’s designed to not waste your battery by connecting to mobile data when you need to conserve battery life.

Battery Saving Mode often defaults to wifi, which is why you might find your mobile data is a little inconsistent. It’s easy to accidentally switch Battery Saving Mode on, so it’s worth double checking if this is switched on by mistake and therefore making your mobile data cut out.

Check if You Have Data Limits Set

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Data limits can affect the performance of your mobile data in two different ways. It could be that you’ve exceeded the amount of data that you purchase each month with your phone contract, and your mobile data is now cutting out because you essentially don’t have any left. In this scenario, you would need to purchase more data to continue using it from your network provider.

The other way this could affect things is if you’ve manually set up a limit on your data so that you don’t go over usage of a certain amount. For example, you may purchase 5GB of data each month, but you’ve set a limit of 4GB so that you’ll have 1GB left over as a safety net. In this situation, you would need to remove this limit in order to stop your mobile data from cutting out and use the reserve amount that you’ve left for yourself.

Check for Software Updates on your Phone

A software update could be needed if you’re struggling with your mobile data cutting out. Developers regularly fix glitches and bugs in software updates, so it’s worth checking if your phone is due one if you’re having issues.

To do this, navigate to your Settings app on your phone and find where your System Settings are located. Within these you should see your System Updates and whether there are any outstanding updates that you need to install.

Charge Your Phone

This one may sound a little strange, but if your phone is low on battery you may find all manner of issues with your phone, including problems with your mobile data cutting out. 

Leave your phone to fully charge and come back to it to see if your mobile data is still acting up. If it’s fine after a good charge you may need to replace the battery or carry a charger/charging pack with you if your mobile data starts cutting out again.

Restart Your Phone

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and you’re still finding your mobile data is cutting out, you may need to switch your phone off and then back on again to give it a hard reboot.

Restarting your phone may reset any issues that your phone is having with its mobile data and get things running smoothly again for you.

Issues with Network

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It could be that there isn’t an issue with your phone at all, but that there is a network issue with your data provider. Sometimes companies have data outages where particular locations will be unable to connect to their mobile data, so it could be this that’s causing the issues with your mobile data cutting out rather than a specific issue with your phone.

Try Googling your network provider with the word ‘Service Status’ to see if any reported issues are ongoing with your mobile data provider. They will usually advise for how long they foresee the issues happening and how you can get back up and running quickly. They may even issue you with a small rebate if you’re unable to use mobile data that you’ve already paid for on your plan, providing the issue is with them rather than with you.


We really hope that you’ve managed to stop your mobile data from cutting out after reading our helpful guide. 

If you’re still experiencing some issues, we’d recommend contacting your network provider directly to see if they can help. As mentioned above, you can double-check their Service Status pages first but you may need to speak to them directly if there haven’t been any reported issues from other users.