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My Tiktok Won’t Let Me Go Live: A Guide To Fixing And Broadcasting

My Tiktok Won’t Let Me Go Live: A Guide To Fixing And Broadcasting

Why won’t your Tiktok let you go live?

You need to have a minimum of 1000 followers in order to have the broadcasting function accessible to you, as well as being the minimum age of 16. 

So why won’t the live-streaming function work for you?

To enable TikTok live you need to be the correct age AND have at least 1000 followers on your page.

If you have both these requirements and it’s still not working, it may be because you are trying in the wrong region (Tiktok live is prohibited in India, China, Hong Kong, and Tiktok is available in the U.S and U.K), or your app is experiencing issues.

We have produced this guide for you to aid you in rectifying this issue so you can get back to connecting with your live audiences.

How do I enable Tiktok Live?

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Step 1. Go onto your Tiktok app

Step 2. Select the ‘Create’ button to put you on the live page

Step 3. Scroll to the live option in the selections

Step 4. Choose a picture

Step 5. Choose a subject name for your broadcast

Step 6. Click on ‘Go Live’

You are now live on Tiktok.

When you are broadcasting, you can click on the ‘three dots’ to change the features of your live streaming, for example;

If you are an avid broadcaster on Tiktok, your spectators can send you presents while you are live streaming which can be changed into money.

Do you have to have 1000 followers on Tiktok to go live?

You do need to have 1000 followers on your Tiktok in order to be able to get the live feature obtainable on your page, however, there is potentially a way around this restraint if you are willing to put in the effort;

Step 1. Go into Tiktok

Step 2. Select the ‘Profile’ button at the end of your screen

Step 3. Press the 3 horizontal lines at the top right

Step 4. Find ‘Support’ and select ‘Report a Problem’

Step 5. Click on ‘LIVE’ and then choose ‘I can’t start a live’

Step 6. Choose ‘No’ for ‘Is your problem solved’

Step 7. You would now have to read through the community guidelines and write a report pleading your case for them to insert the live option on your profile.

Note, once you have submitted your plea and entered your email address, a response can take up to 3 days.

Things to keep in mind when live-streaming

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Factor 1. Timing

Timing is a crucial component in having a successful broadcast on Tiktok. You need to think about what timezone the majority of your followers are in, the most popular time on TikTok and the best days in the week.

What time is best to go live on Tiktok?

  • Monday to Friday, 9am – 11am
  • After 7pm

Factor 2. Duration of your live-stream

If you are broadcasting for longer than 30 minutes, this could potentially cause your viewers to lose interest and stop watching your stream.

If you are only just starting out, sticking to a maximum of half an hour is a good time in keeping your spectators engaged.

Factor 3. Keep your page up to date

Posting on your page frequently, specifically before you are wanting to do a live video will aid in individuals finding your profile and joining your live.

(When you post a piece of content, and you are currently broadcasting, there will be a symbol on your video showing that you are currently broadcasting)

Factor 4. Brightness

If your video is too dark, people will not be able to see you properly, which will result in them leaving, and losing interest in watching your video.

Factor 5. Noise

If your spectators are unable to hear what you are saying, they are not going to stay in your live video. Ensure the quality of your video is not disrupted by other noises around you.

Factor 6. Network Connection

In order to conduct a successful broadcast of yourself, you want to be connected to a good internet connection so your streaming does not freeze, lag, or time out as this will interfere with keeping your audience engrossed.

Factor 7. Visual Placement

Set up your camera in a position where you won’t have to move during mid-streaming as this can create disruption for the viewer.

Factor 8. Preparation

Knowing what you’re going to speak about will help you from swaying off-topic, or ending up having a pointless broadcast.

Factor 9. Allure your spectators

Engaging with the people watching your live will create relationships, resulting in individuals becoming regulars to your broadcasts. It’s always good to answer the questions they may ask you, or reply to what they may say to you.

Factor 10. Make use of TikTok’s safety feature

You as a composer on Tiktok can control who says what during your broadcast, by having the ability to stop someone’s comment from showing up or hinder a specific person from being able to watch you.

Why your Tiktok live may not be working

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If you’re unable to use the TikTok live feature, it may be down to a few possible reasons;

  •  Tiktok app is outdated
  • Your phone has a bug
  • The app is malfunctioning
  • There is a network error

If you have only just reached 1000 followers on Tiktok, keep in mind it will take a few days for your Tiktok to update with the live option on your app.

What do you do if you can’t go live on TikTok

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Fix 1. Update your app 

You can update your app by going onto your app store and selecting ‘Update’

Fix 2. Reboot your mobile 

Switching your phone off and on again will refresh your device and potentially get rid of any possible bugs on your mobile.

Fix 3. Uninstall and Reinstall the app

Removing the app off your phone and reinstalling it can get rid of any bugs in the software of the application that may have arisen during the initial download.

Fix 4. Check your Internet connection

Your Network provider may be experiencing downtime which will interfere with certain applications being able to load properly.

If your internet is experiencing issues, you can first check to see if it’s your provider. If it’s not them, try rebooting your router, and connecting your phone again.

You can also make use of their Help Centre.


With TikTok being as popular as ever, creators have expanded their fan bases and number of followers not just by posting videos, but by going on live broadcasts, engaging with their followers and making themselves known to the public.

We hope this guide has assisted you in fixing your live videoing problem so you can get back to presenting yourself to the Tiktok community.


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