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Telegram Contact Disappeared – 6 Reasons And Fixes

Telegram Contact Disappeared – 6 Reasons And Fixes

Do you want to call or text someone on Telegram, but their contact number has disappeared from your account?

If your Telegram contact has disappeared, this is because you’ve accidentally deleted their number from your phonebook, or they’ve changed their privacy settings, and you are not in their contacts. To fix this, add the contact back to your phonebook through the “Contacts” or “Phone” app or request them to set their privacy settings to “Everyone” under “Who Can Find Me By My Number.”

In this article, we’ll explain why your Telegram contact has disappeared and provide you with some possible fixes to help you reconnect with them.

Why did my Telegram contact disappear?

Why did my Telegram contact disappear?

If your Telegram contact has disappeared from your account, one of the following might be the reason for this annoying issue:

  • The person has deleted you from their contact list or deactivated their account.
  • The Sync Contacts feature is disabled on your account.
  • Corrupt Telegram cache.
  • Outdated Telegram app.
  • The person has changed their privacy settings or account number. 
  • You’ve accidentally removed the contact’s number from your phonebook.

What to do when Telegram contact disappears?

Fix Telegram contact disappears?

If a Telegram contact has disappeared from your account, try these 6 step-by-step methods to sort out this problem. 

Confirm Account Status 

When your Telegram contact clears the chat history for both sides and changes their account number, they disappear from your lists without leaving any traces. 

The best thing to do here is to search for their account using the old phone number associated with it (that is probably saved in your phonebook). If you can’t find them, it’s likely that they have changed their account information. 

So, if possible, reach out to them via other means and request them to give you their new account details. Otherwise, wait for them to contact you on Telegram.

Another possibility is that the person has deactivated or deleted their Telegram account, leading to this issue. Unfortunately, there’s no immediate fix for this because it’s their personal decision to leave the platform.

Ask Them To Change Privacy Settings

Telegram allows its users to restrict others from finding them through their phone numbers. 

So, if the other person has updated their privacy settings and you are not in their contact list, they will disappear from your Telegram account, and you won’t even find them through the phone number. 

To fix this, reach out to your contact through alternative methods, i.e., a phone call, and request them to configure their privacy settings with these steps:

  • Open “Telegram.
  • Tap the three lines (skip this step if you are an iPhone user). 
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Select “Privacy and Security.”
  • Select “Phone Number.”
  • Tap “Everyone” under “Who Can Find Me By My Number?”
Changing Telegram privacy settings

Once they do that, their contact will automatically appear in your Telegram account. 

Turn On Sync Contacts

If you’ve disabled the “Sync Contacts” option on your account, it won’t fetch your active Telegram contacts from your phonebook, and they may appear as missing within the app.

But don’t worry! You can fix this issue by turning on the “Sync Contacts” in your Telegram account this way: 

  • Open “Telegram.”
  • Select the three lines.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Tap “Privacy and Security.”
  • Toggle on “Sync Contacts.”

If you use Telegram on an iPhone, open the app, go to “Settings”  > “Privacy and Security” >  “Data Settings,” and toggle on “Sync Contacts.” That’s all about it!

Add the Contact Back to Your Phonebook

You may have accidentally deleted the contact from your phone’s address book, causing it to disappear from your Telegram account. 

To fix this, add the contact back to your phonebook by following these steps: 


  • Open the “Contacts” app. 
  • Select “Add / +.”
  • Type in the name of the contact.
  • Enter the phone number on the respective field. 
  • Select “Save.”


  • Open the “Phone” app.
  • Select “Contacts.” 
  • Select the “+” icon. 
  • Type in the name of the contact (that has disappeared from Telegram). 
  • Select “Add Phone.” 
  • Enter the phone number. 
  • Select “Done.” 

Now, check your contact list in Telegram and confirm whether the issue is resolved.  

Export Account Data From Telegram

Another workaround is to export your account data from the Telegram server and find the disappeared contact in the “Contacts List” or “Personal Chats” history. Here’s how:

  • Open the “Telegram” app on both mobile and your computer.
  • Tap the three lines on the mobile app (skip this step on the iPhone). 
  • Select “Settings.” 
  • Go to “Devices” > “Link Desktop Device.”

Now, scan the QR code on the Telegram Desktop screen to log in to your account and follow these instructions to export the data:

  • Click the three lines on the Telegram Desktop app.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Click “Advanced.”
  • Choose “Export Telegram Data.”
  • Checkmark “Contacts List” and “Personal Chats.”
  • Click “Export.”

Telegram will send you a message on your account; open it on the mobile app and tap “Allow.” Do the above steps again and tap “Show My Data” when the export process is complete. Then, check the files and verify if you can find the disappeared contact.

Clear Telegram Cache

Telegram stores temporary data ( images, chats, and other information) in its cache to improve app performance. However, this data often gets corrupt or outdated, leading to unexpected issues like contacts disappearing or an 87732 error code.

To fix this, clear the Telegram cache data on your phone with the steps given below:

  • Open “Telegram.”
  • Tap the three lines.
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Select “Data and Storage.”
  • Choose “Storage Usage.”
  • Tap “Clear Cache” / “Clear Entire Cache.”
  • Tap “Clear Cache” or “Clear Entire Cache” to confirm.
Clearing Telegram cache

After that, go to your contact list on Telegram and verify the fix. 

If this doesn’t help, update the Telegram app to the latest version through the App Store or Google Play Store. Doing so will resolve any compatibility issues that are causing the Telegram app to start acting up. 


In this article, we’ve discussed why your Telegram contact disappeared from your account and how you can fix this frustrating issue without hassle. 

However, if the problem still bothers you, fill out the details in the online Telegram Support contact form. The team will reach out to you and may provide you with a more advanced fix to resolve this glitch. 


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