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Virgin Media Box Not Recording: Fix The Recording Issue

Virgin Media Box Not Recording: Fix The Recording Issue

Are you finding it difficult to get your Virgin Media Box to record your favorite show even after several restart attempts?

The reason your Virgin Media Box won’t record is usually due to poor or no internet connection. In some cases, a full or faulty hard disk or a wrong recording setup (Master box) could also be the source.

Now, let’s dive into the solutions.

Why is my Virgin Media Box not recording?

Here is a detailed synopsis of the reasons behind your Virgin Media box not recording :

Your internet connection is poor or disconnected

virgin media box not recording
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The first root of your frustration could be that the Virgin Media Box is disconnected from the internet. And when this happens, recording is practically impossible. Simply put, recording is disabled because the white coaxial cable runs the live tv while the internet handles the recording, guide, and applications.

In your old tivo media box, the case differs because the tivo box usually comes with an internal modem. The modem provides a specific internet connection to serve only the tivo box at a basic capacity of 25mbs.

How to fix your network connection

Check your internet connection and ensure you have a strong network via wi-fi or modem connection to power your Virgin Media box before you record. A slower network will cause the streaming and recording to happen slowly and could repeatedly keep buffering the stream. Whereas a stronger network gives you a more seamless recording experience while streaming.

Your hard disk is full or faulty

virgin media box not recording
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The hard disk directly stores all recordings unless there is a connection to record into the cloud. To watch a recorded video, you have to retrieve the recorded video from the storage device using your remote. When the hard disk is full, your attempts to start recording will be futile as it would not record.

More precisely, this is also the case when the hard disk is faulty. In both cases, the recording may commence but stop at a particular percentage, and won’t go beyond that mark even if you restart the system. Some other times, it will delete a previous recording to accept a new one. Whenever your network is strong, and you experience this, there is a higher probability that your storage device is full.

How to fix your hard disk issues

The quick fix to a full storage device is to:

1.   Create space in it for further recording by deleting some past recorded files.

2.   If you still receive a recording space error after creating space, you will need to format the hard disk or replace it. When there is a fault with your hard drive, attempts to record will get the files moved to the Recording Hiccups folder after deleting them.

Your setup is wrong

virgin media box not recording
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Setting up mini-boxes for recordings will result in your Virgin Media box not recording. The fact is, mini-boxes don’t contain hard drives. They usually depend on the masters for recordings.

How to fix setup issues

Ensure your recording is set to the master box, as it is the box that contains the hard drive that stores your recording. Asides from the technical setup, make sure you follow the proper steps to starting a record. Following the wrong steps can also impact the outcome of your choice to record. Use this guide to start recording a show on your Virgin TV 360.

·         Press the Home button on your 360 remotes.

·         Select the particular show you would love to record.

·         Press the record button.

·         Next, you will see a record pop-up notification asking if you want to record an individual show or a series.

·         Make your choice and Press OK. Voila! Your show is now scheduled to record.

Missing any of these steps may result in not being able to record the show you had in mind.


The beauty of the Virgin Media box, either tivo or 360, is in its efficiency and ability to allow users to binge-watch all the recorded episodes of the shows they consider favorite in their spare time. Additionally, any further problems with your Virgin Media box not recording can be figured out through the Recording Hiccups tab, accessed from the My Shows and Recordings Menu. With these fixes, you can start enjoying the beauty of your Virgin Media box again.

In case you need further assistance even after applying these fixes, contact Virgin Media support, and they will quickly attend to you. Alternatively, call them on their freephone number 0345 454 1111.