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WiFi Not Connecting To Valorant: 8 Top Solutions

WiFi Not Connecting To Valorant: 8 Top Solutions

WiFi not connecting when you’re playing Valorant can be really frustrating, especially if you are partway through an important game. 

If your WiFi isn’t connecting to Valorant, this is likely because of issues with your DNS settings, or you need to reboot your router/device. To fix this, flush your DNS settings, unplug your router from the wall, and reboot it along with your computer/device.

Keep reading for more tips on what to do if your WiFi isn’t connecting to Valorant.

How To Fix WiFi Not Connecting to Valorant

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Restart Your Computer

The first step we recommend is to restart your computer. If the issue is minor, this should solve your issue with your WiFi not connecting with Valorant.

Give your device at least 30 seconds before restarting it. When your device has rebooted try loading up the game to see if your WiFi is now connecting to the game.

Reboot Router

If you’ve tried restarting your device but this doesn’t work, it’s worth restarting your router too. Router reboots tend to iron out any minor issues with the WiFi not connecting to different games.

Unplug your router from the wall and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Give it some time to start up and check if your WiFi is connected to Valorant. 

If the WiFi now connects, you’ll know it was just a minor WiFi issue and you can continue gameplay as normal. Continue reading if your WiFi connection still isn’t connecting.


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Try Connecting To A Different Game

Valorant may be experiencing issues with its connection via WiFi. To establish whether this is the case, try running a different game on your computer and see if you can connect to WiFi. 

If your other game connects to WiFi instantly, it’s clear that there is an issue with Valorant, which is why you cannot connect to WiFi. If your other game won’t connect either, we suggest addressing your WiFi connection to see why you’re unable to connect games to it. 

Check if Wired Connection Works

To determine whether your connection problem is a WiFi issue, try using a wired connection to connect to Valorant. To do this you’ll need to use an ethernet cable directly with your router, and then try connecting to your game.

If your game connects quickly, you’ll know that there’s an issue with your WiFi specifically. You’ll need to contact your internet provider directly if this is the case. They should be able to fix your WiFi connection and assist you with connecting to games via WiFi.

Flush DNS Settings

Another step you can try when reconnecting WiFi with Valorant is to flush your DNS settings. Occasionally, old network settings can become cached/saved when playing different games, and this could be the reason why your WiFi won’t connect.

Follow the below instructions to flush your DNS settings:


  1. Go to the Start Menu
  2. Find the Search Bar and type in cmd
  3. Press Enter
  4. Type ipconfig /flushdns into the Command Prompt
  5. Press Enter


  1. Click the Search Button in your top menu bar
  2. Type Terminal and select it when it shows as an option in the dropdown list
  3. Enter the command sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  4. Type in your Mac’s password when prompted and click Enter

Once you’ve completed these instructions you should receive a confirmation that your DNS settings have been flushed. Try testing out your WiFi with Valorant and see if things are now working correctly.

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Check Antivirus Isn’t Interfering

You may find when playing games that your WiFi won’t work when antivirus/firewall programs are interfering. This can be quite a regular occurrence and often causes issues with games that require a WiFi connection.

To check if your antivirus is interfering with gameplay, try disabling it and restarting Valorant. If you can connect to WiFi using Valorant now that your antivirus has been disabled, we recommend looking for new antivirus software that doesn’t interfere with games. You could also disable your antivirus when playing Valorant, but this isn’t likely to be a good long-term solution.

Antivirus can also interfere with Valorant’s sound not working, so it’s worth looking out for this too.

Check Valorant Isn’t Down

It may be that Valorant is down and therefore won’t connect to the internet via WiFi. You can check if this is the case by using Down Detector. This website will let you know if other users have reported issues with Valorant, and you can also report an issue yourself.

If Valorant is reported as ‘down’ by Down Detector, there are usually comments at the bottom of the page indicating how long it’s been down for, and potentially when it will resume.

Uninstall and Reinstall Valorant

As a final step, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Valorant. We don’t recommend this unless you’ve tried everything else on this list, just in case there’s a risk of you losing any saved files/significant gameplay.

Find the Valorant game on your computer and uninstall it. Next, reinstall the game and you should be able to connect to WiFi without any issues.


Now that you’ve tried all the above steps, you should find that Valorant is successfully connecting to WiFi.

If you’re still having issues, we recommend submitting a support ticket via the Valorant website.  They should be able to confirm whether other gamers are experiencing issues with their WiFi and let you know when these issues will be resolved.