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Argos App Not Working: Continue Shopping With Our Help Guide

Argos App Not Working: Continue Shopping With Our Help Guide

Although it is normal for apps to stop working from time to time, it is frustrating when this happens. The Argos App not working is no exception. There are many reasons why the app may not be working for you.

Whether it is a technical issue with the servers at Argos, an error on your device, or an issue with the version of the app you are using. Whilst waiting to see if the error will be fixed by Argos technicians, you can attempt these easy troubleshooting fixes. They may even get the app up and running sooner than waiting for Argos.

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Is your Argos app not working?

If you’ve encountered issues with the Argos app not working, you will be aware of some of the common issues Argos users experience. However, if you are unaware, here are some common issues that occur with the Argos App:

  • Argos app not processing orders correctly
  • Unable to pay online
  • Getting the error messages
  • Temporary loading issue
  • Unable to open the app correctly

These issues can cause problems for users, including missing delivery slots, and being unable to order items or reserve them in store. To figure out if the issue is with your device, or with Argos, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide.

Whether you’re trying to use the app to purchase an item, your discount code doesn’t work or you’re getting an error code on a specific page, we are happy to help.

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How to fix your Argos App error

Whether you’re getting a physical error code, or you’re just unable to access the Argos App it can be frustrating. Not to worry, we have 5 troubleshooting techniques to resolve your Argos App woes.

Fix 1 – Check your app is up to date

Although it sounds obvious, checking your app is up to date is a critical part of a functional app.

Not all users of a smartphone have apps set to automatically download, therefore are running an outdated version. These versions will work for a while however eventually they will stop working altogether.

Fix 2- Try the website

If you are experiencing issues with the Argos App, we’d recommend waiting a few minutes in case the app is being used by too many users.

However, if this does not work after a few minutes attempt to switch to a web browser. Although isn’t ideal, if it works then you know the issue is with their app as opposed to the whole site.

Whether you’re trying to access Argos on mobile or a desktop, you should be able to place your order on the website.

Fix 3- Check your network connection

Often our wifi dropping out can cause errors within apps, therefore if you notice regular dropouts, check your internet connection.

If you find that you are experiencing issues with your wifi, attempt to repeat the process but on mobile data.

This method also applies if your mobile data appears to be faulty, try using wifi instead.

Fix 4- Reboot your device

Next, we’d recommend rebooting your device, and simply turning your phone off as you usually would. Following on from this, turn your device back on.

This may take a few minutes, so allow the time for your phone to restart. Then try to open the Argos app again.

Fix 5- Delete and then Reinstall the app

If rebooting your device did not work, we’d recommend deleting the Argos app and then reinstalling it. This will ensure you have the latest version of the app. Usually, your app will be restored to the latest version.

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Argos app checkout not working

If you have attempted to check out and you receive the message ‘your transaction could not be accepted at this time, please retry or use an alternative card’ this can be concerning.

Especially if you have checked online banking and know there are funds in your account. However, this appears to be a frequent error reported by Argos users.

Clear cache

To start with a great way to get this fixed is via clearing your cache. Here’s how you go about clearing your cache:

  1. Head to apps
  2. Click Chrome
  3. Touch the three dots menu icon
  4. Then click settings > privacy
  5. Clear browsing data
  6. Then choose Cache, Cookies, Site data and browsing history to wipe all browsing data

Once you have done this, you should be able to input your card details again without any further issues.

Try an alternative card

Although this is not ideal, trying a different card has fixed the issue for some users of the site. However, this is not ideal and not everybody has another account. But if you are looking to get this resolved and can use another card, it may solve your checkout error.

Use the website

If the above methods do not work for your Argos account, finally we’d recommend switching to a web browser and attempting to place an order via the website.

How do I know if my Argos order went through?

If you were experiencing issues with Argos at the checkout, you may be unsure as to whether your order went through or not. We don’t want to risk a double purchase, so how do we know if it actually went through?

  • Allow a few minutes for an email to come through to your email from Argos
  • If this doesn’t show up then, please check spam
  • Finally, you can check on ‘your account’ to see if the order appears there.
  • If you don’t get an email confirming your order, it is unlikely that it has gone through. Although in these cases we’d recommend reaching out to the Argos Live Chat to find out if it has gone through before placing another order.


Although we expect these methods to be successful, we do understand that not every issue can be resolved via Troubleshooting. If this appears to be the case with the Argos app not working, we’d recommend using a web browser for the time being until Argos fixes their app.

However, if you’re unsure as to whether Argos is down right now, please check the Down Detector for further information on this.


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