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Can’t Send Messages On Telegram: Fix The Messaging Service

Can’t Send Messages On Telegram: Fix The Messaging Service

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app that is easy to use and is really practical with its cross-platform compatibility. Making it one of the most popular messaging services around. As good as Telegram is, it doesn’t come without its issues. With users findings that they Can’t send messages on Telegram

Whether you can’t send a message, are having trouble updating the app, or wondering if Telegram is down, we have all of the answers right here. With this being said, here are some easy fixes to resolve the can’t send messages on the Telegram issue.

Why can’t I send messages on Telegram?

Whether you are attempting to message a work colleague, speak to friends or reply in a group chat, being unable to send messages is frustrating. Especially when the message is important. If you’re unsure as to whether your device is having an issue with Telegram or if it is Telegram itself, here are some common reasons why you may be unable to send messages on Telegram.

  • No internet connection
  • The wifi keeps dropping out
  • You’re blocked on Telegram
  • Telegram needs updating
  • Telegram is down

How to fix when Telegram can’t send messages

using the telegram app
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If you’re unsure as to why you can’t send messages on Telegram, we have a guide on some of the best fixes to get you back on Telegram as soon as possible.

If you are unsure as to whether Telegram is playing up for you or if it’s a known issue, we’d recommend checking the Down Detector.

By using a site such as the Down Detector, you can be informed if it’s an outage on the app. Unfortunately, if it turns out to be an outage you will be unable to fix this yourself. However, it also means your group chat won’t be talking either.

Fix 1. Check your internet connection

First things first, check your internet connection is running how it should be. If you’re using wifi, using an internet speed test is a great way to see if your connection is working how it should be.

If your internet isn’t working as it should be, we’d recommend rebooting your router. You can do this simply by unplugging your box from the wall. Alternatively, if you are using mobile data to send Telegram messages,  make sure to turn off the wifi on your phone as it may be trying to connect to open wifi.

Another great way to check whether your issue is related to your internet is to toggle your wifi off and on and see if the app allows messages to be sent via Mobile Data. If you find you can send them via Mobile Data the indication points towards an issue with your wifi.

However, if your internet connection is working as it should be, we’d recommend following the next steps.

Fix 2. Check for updates

Like all apps, Telegram requires regular updates. Without the updates, the app will be unable to fix any bugs and eventually lead to the app not working at all. If you don’t have the auto app updates enabled, you can manually update your apps by heading to the app store, then choose the ones which you want to update.

Updating an app is a popular way to resolve any issues with apps. However, if you’re unable to do so, here’s what to do next.

Unable to update app Telegram

Are you unable to update Telegram on your phone? This may be due to a lack of space on your device. If you have a phone with a memory card, a larger-sized memory card is usually an easy fix. However, if you have an iPhone this isn’t possible. Therefore, deleting apps, data, and photos is the only way to clear more space.

Use a cloud-based service to store your photos, this will then provide more space for your Telegram to update.

Fix 3. Delete the app and reinstall it

If you’ve updated your Telegram app to the latest version but find you’re still unable to send messages, the next step is to delete the app from your device and then reinstall it. By doing this, it provides the app with a full refresh.

Fix 4. Restart your device

Once you’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, if your device is still having issues, next we’d recommend fully restarting your device. Whether this is your phone, desktop or tablet. By completely turning the device off and then restarting it can make the app work again.

Fix 5. Disable your VPN

If you happen to be using a VPN whilst using the Telegram app we’d recommend disabling this. This is due to your VPN potentially connecting to a country where the app is banned. Especially if you choose a random destination.

However, if you do not want to disable your VPN whilst trying to send messages on Telegram, we’d recommend using a country where it is legal such as the UK or another State.

Fix 6. Clear Telegram Cache

telegram clear entire cache

Clearing the Telegram cache on your phone from time to time is important. As Telegram stores, lots of data, from every image viewed, to videos and chats. In order to keep the information of these, Telegram puts these in the cache.

When an app has too much-stored cache data, it does affect the ability of the app. Therefore, cleaning out your cache is a great way to resolve your issue.

Here’s how to do so:

  • Find the Telegram app on your device
  • Click the 3 dots in the top left corner
  • Choose Data & Storage usage
  • Then clear cache.

Once you’ve done this, your cache should be clear, to put this to the test close down your app and try to open it again and see if this makes a difference to your Telegram.


Although Telegram is usually a well-functioning app, this may have its problems from time to time. Luckily the troubleshooting methods provided should resolve any issues with your app. If you find you’re still having issues, we’d recommend attempting another device as Telegram can be used on multiple platforms.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative platform, users find Whatsapp to be a great alternative.


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