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Facebook Won’t Send Code To Phone: How To Retrieve The Number

Facebook Won’t Send Code To Phone: How To Retrieve The Number

Facebook won’t send a code to your phone if you have not enabled the two-factor authentication setting, or your mobile network provider is down.

If your internet connection is slow or experiencing issues, there could just be a delay in the code reaching your mobile once Facebook has sent it.

Checking you have entered your number correctly, and your settings are correct is vital in ensuring the successful delivery of the code to your phone.

Our guide will direct you in the reasons behind why Facebook won’t send the code to your phone, and what you can do to ensure this issue does not happen again so you can keep your Facebook account secure with the use of your mobile device.

Why am I not getting the 6 digit code from Facebook?

Facebook won't send code to phone

You are not receiving the code sent by Facebook because the number on your phone has not been linked to your account, or you have not enabled the two-factor authentication setting.

Reason 1. Settings are not enabled

For your mobile to receive codes sent by Facebook, the settings in your Facebook app need to be switched on.

If the two-factor authentication code is not enabled, Facebook will not know to send the code to your phone.

Reason 2. Weak internet connection

You may not be receiving the code generated from Facebook because the app does not have a strong enough internet connection to process the request.

Reason 3. Your mobile service provider is down

Facebook could be sending the code to your registered number, but you are not receiving it because your mobiles service provider is down.

The network could be having maintenance done, or there’s been an outage that they need to fix.

Reason 4. You’ve requested a code too many times

If you have requested a code multiple times because you have not received them, Facebook can put a ‘time-out’ on an OTP.

You will not be able to request a code until the suspension has ended. This can last around 24 hours, or a few hours if you’re lucky.

Reason 5. The Facebook server is down

Just like with any online app, if their server is down, you will not be able to use the platform until it is back up and running.

If you are still able to access the application, certain features will not function properly.

It’s best to wait until the server is fixed before launching Facebook.

You can check the server status of Facebook here. 

Reason 6. You’ve changed mobile service providers

If you have changed mobile service providers after switching the two-factor authentication setting on, this could be why you are not receiving the code.

In this case, you would need to contact your new service provider and confirm all settings are correct.

How do I get my Facebook code sent to my phone?

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The first step to getting Facebook to send the code to your phone is to make sure your settings are correct and enabled. 

Fix 1. Check your settings

Meta does not automatically enable codes to be sent to your phone. You need to go into your settings and turn it on;

Step 1. Launch Facebook

Step 2. Click on ‘Menu’

Step 3. Select the ‘Settings’ button at the top right

Step 4. Under ‘Account’ click on ‘Password and Security’

Step 5. Scroll down to ‘Two Factor Authentication’ and press ‘Use Two Factor Authentication’

Step 6. Now select ‘Text Message (SMS)’ followed by ‘Continue’

If your mobile number has already been added to your account, you will be able to choose it. If it is not there, you will be able to ‘Add Phone Number.’

Fix 2. Check your internet

With the amount of data that needs to be downloaded for Facebook to operate at an optimal level, a good internet connection is mandatory.

If your internet connection is too slow, or intermittent, it will interfere with the app successfully sending requests through to its server.

Check your internet speeds. If it is not as fast as it should be, try resetting your Wifi router.

Fix 3. Confirm mobile service provider is up

If your network provider is experiencing issues, you may not be receiving your codes from Facebook.

You can search for your provider on Downdetector to confirm their status.

Fix 4. Send ‘ON’ to Facebook

You can send ‘ON’ to  32665 from your mobile number.

Fix 5. Check your number

You may have unintentionally entered your number wrong when you first enabled the setting.

Check to make sure it is correct;

Step 1. Use this link to see the number you have inputted

Step 2. If it is incorrect, select ‘Wrong Number?’

Step 3. Input your number and click ‘Add’

(Fun Fact; Ever wondered how Facebook became blue? Mark Zuckerberg is colour blind and cannot differentiate between red and green.)

How to get Facebook code without phone number

If you do not have your mobile with you, or your number is currently in a ‘limbo’ stage (changing networks etc.), you can enable the ‘Code Generator’ setting on Facebook.

The Code Generator is similar to the two-factor authentication setting, however, this code gets inputted when you log into your Facebook so you do not need your phone.

Step 1. Access your Facebook account

Step 2. Click on ‘Menu’

Step 3. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon

Step 4. Select ‘Password and Security’

Step 5. Under ‘Two Factor Authentication’ click on ‘Code Generator’

Step 6. Now press ‘Turn on Code Generator’

You will now be able to follow the on-screen instructions.


With a clear understanding of what you need to do to make sure Facebook can send a code through to your phone, we hope you have now managed to receive one, and that you can authenticate your account with the use of your mobile.

If however, you are still experiencing issues, and you do not want to use alternative methods like the code generator, you can contact Facebook directly by emailing them at

You can ‘report a problem’ via the Facebook app by shaking your phone at the stage of your issue, and selecting ‘Report a Problem.’


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