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Hisense Roku TV Volume Too Low – Fix

Hisense Roku TV Volume Too Low – Fix

Are you playing a movie or show on your Hisense Roku TV, but you can’t hear anything clearly because the volume gets too low?

Today, we’ll discuss why your TV behaves this way and how you can fix this problem with easy step-by-step methods. 

Why Is the volume on my Hisense Roku TV too low?

  • Hisense Roku TV software is temporarily glitching.
  • Incorrect sound settings (Audio/volume mode, equalizer).
  • Problem with audio output (Soundbar & speakers).
  • Corrupt audio settings.
  • Outdated TV firmware.

How do I fix the sound on my Hisense Roku TV?

Reboot Your TV

A common problem is that your Hisense Roku TV is temporarily glitching, causing very low audio output. To fix this, reboot your TV in the following way:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Now unplug the TV from the main wall.
  • Wait for 30 5 TV.
  • Plug in the power plug to the main wall and restart your TV with the remote or the power button. 

Once the Roku TV restarts, open some apps and test if the volume is improved. If not, restart the TV again by following these steps this time:

  • Press “Home” on remote.
  • Navigate to “Settings.” 
  • Choose “System.”
  • Select “Power.”
  • If “Power” is not available, select “System Restart.”
  • Lastly, choose “Restart.” 

Now, play a video, increase the volume, and see if this fixes your low sound!

Adjust Sound Settings

It’s possible the sound settings might have been misconfigured, so check and adjust these settings: 

Audio Mode:

  • Press “Home” on remote.
  • Navigate to “Settings.” 
  • Select “Audio.”
  • Change to “Stereo.”
  • Configure HDMI audio output as “PCM-Stereo.”

Volume Mode:

  • Press the “asterisk” or “Home” button on your Hisense Roku TV remote.
  • Open “Settings.”
  • Open “Sound Settings/ Audio Settings.”
  • Select “Volume Mode” / “Volume Control.” 
  • Toggle this option “Off.” 


  • Access the TV’s “Sound/Audio Settings” menu, as mentioned above.
  • Select “Equalizer.” 
  • Choose “Reset to default” or a similar option to reset the equalizer settings.

NOTE: Only manually adjust the equalizer settings if you understand sound frequencies and settings well.

Soft Reset your Hisense Roku TV

If rebooting and power cycling your TV hasn’t resolved the low volume issue, attempting a soft reset may provide a solution. Here’s how:

  • Aim the remote towards the TV and press the “Home” button to display the main menu on the screen.
  • Quickly press the “Home” button five times in succession.
  • Use the directional buttons on the remote to move the highlight to “Settings” by pressing the “Up” button once.
  • Press the “Rewind” button twice and immediately press the “Fast Forward” button twice.

After performing these steps, your Roku TV will freeze, preventing further actions for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Subsequently, the TV will initiate an automatic restart and will fix the low volume issue in the process.

Update TV Software   

Outdated firmware on your TV can be a common culprit for volume-related issues. Luckily, you can resolve this problem by updating the TV’s software this way:  

  • Open TV “Settings.”
  • Select “Support.”
  • Choose “System update” or “Firmware Update.” 

The TV will then check for available firmware updates within the network. If found, follow the prompts to install it accordingly, potentially fixing the low volume in the process.

Reset Audio Settings

Misconfigured or corrupted audio settings within the system may also cause low volumes. To fix this, you can reset the sound settings to how they were when you first got the TV. To do this:

  • Open TV “Settings.” 
  • Choose “System.” 
  • Select “Advanced System Settings.”
  • Move to the right.
  • Select “Factory Reset.”
  • Move right again and opt for “Reset TV Audio/Picture Settings” to reset the audio configurations.

Finally, allow your Hisense Roku TV a moment to reset both picture and audio settings. Following the reset, test the audio by playing a movie or a show to confirm that the volume has been restored to your desired levels.

Check the Audio Output

When dealing with sound issues, one important thing to check is the audio output, especially if you’re using a soundbar or any external sound device like an external speaker. 

Sometimes, your Hisense Roku TV may not automatically optimize the settings for the connected audio device. Here’s how you can enhance the audio quality of your Hisense Roku TV by checking and adjusting the audio output settings of external devices:

  • Open Roku TV “Settings.” 
  • Look for “Audio” settings within the settings menu.
  • Find the audio output configurations within the audio settings.
  • If you’re using an HDMI device, choose “HDMI” as the output. 
  • Similarly, select the appropriate output for the type of audio device you’re using.
  • See if there are any extra options to enhance the audio output quality.
  • If available, make adjustments to improve the audio until it sounds better.

Note: Remember to check and adjust your soundbar’s settings to enhance the audio quality it delivers.


In this article, we’ve explored why your Hisense Roku TV volume is too low that you can’t hear anything clearly. We’ve also discussed a few methods to fix this glitch without wasting too much of your time. 

Hopefully, by following these methods, you can now optimize your TV’s sound settings and ensure an enhanced audio experience while enjoying your favorite shows and movies. If the issue is still there, contact Hisense support for further troubleshooting.


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