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Kik Error Attaching Picture: How To Fix It.

Kik is a popular messaging application that allows users to quickly send multimedia messages to others, but some get an error when attaching pictures.

It is a frustrating experience. Luckily, this simple guide is going to help you understand the issue and how to fix this error. 

Why do you experience a Kik error attaching pictures?

kik error attaching picture fixes

Despite many features, you can also face technical errors in the Kik application. If you cannot able to attach the picture on the Kik then it might occur due to the following reasons:

Poor internet connection

The first reason that can cause the image attachment issue on your Kik App is the poor internet connection. It is a common problem because when you try to send the picture on an unstable network connection, then it is inevitable to face any technical error. This issue can occur on both types of network connections such as mobile data and WiFi.

Corrupted Kik’s file

If you have some corrupted files in the Kik applications, then you may face the picture attachment error. The Kik software will eventually block any corrupted file so you will keep on facing the issue. The corrupted files can occur due to interference in the software or you disrupt the software update by mistake. So, either of the situations will lead to an annoying situation. 

Kik’s cache files

The third reason for the image attachment error could be corrupted cache files in your Kik application. Every time you open the Kik App, cache files started storing on your device. When these files started occupying the storage space or end up corrupted, then they may cause network problems and as a result, technical issues in the software.

Outdated App

The fourth reason for the error is the outdated Kik App. Generally, your device will automatically update the application depending you the configuration and availability of the software update on the play store or apple store. However, if you have not put the play store or apple store on the auto-update setting, then your Kik might not be able to update automatically when the new version is released. 

How do you attach a photo to Kik?

Kik. connecting people

You can fix the picture attachment error on your Kik application by following the steps below:

Establish a strong network connection

Restart your network connection to ensure that your gadget can communicate with the Kik server. To stay connected and avoid Kik being shown the picture attachment issue, connect your app to a steady, powerful network. 

Disconnect your Modem router for a few moments to restart it. The same method applies to your mobile data, turn off the data, and turn it on again. If it persists then restart your phone to regain the strong connection.

Remove cache files

The second step you should follow is to go to your app settings and check the cache files. If they have been accumulated in your device storage, then remove them by clicking the clear cache options. It’s usually a good idea to clean away any cache files accumulated on your gadget to free up storage and remove any faulty data.

Update the Kik App

The next thing you should do is to check the software update in your app store. If the new version of the Kik application is released on the Play Store or Apple Store then immediately update the application. 

Also ensures that your app store is set on the auto-update settings so that every time a new software update is released, it automatically updates the software. Once you update the app, make sure that you also restart your device, it will refresh the connection with the newly updated application.

Uninstall and reinstall the Kik App

The final step you can take to restore the Kik performance is to uninstall it and then reinstall it. You can remove and reinstall the Kik app on your phone if it includes faulty data. This will remove any tainted files that may be causing Kik to keep saying connected. After uninstalling Kik, restart your smartphone before reinstalling it.


We hope that you have enough insight to fix the Kik error attaching the picture and that you comprehend why this problem arose so that you can avoid it in the future. If the issue persists, we recommend contacting Kik directly. You can put in a request for one of their employees to grab your application and contact you.


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