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PUBG Won’t Login: Solve The Login Issue

PUBG Won’t Login: Solve The Login Issue

PUBG has been popular among PC gamers due to its exceptional graphics and additional functionalities, however, sometimes the game won’t let you log in, and you miss out on playing with your friends.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand the causes that lead to this situation so that you can fix it quickly. 

Why PUBG won’t let me login to my account?

  • A poor internet connection can be the main factor causing logging issues. If your internet is not providing a stable connection, you won’t be able to sign into your PUBG account properly. 
  • Sometimes, you don’t look properly while typing your ID and password, which can also cause the issue. If you don’t remember your credentials, then you don’t get the chance to gain your saved settings.
  • If your gaming software is not updated and you are playing on an older version, you might face a sign-in issue. Moreover, game files are crucial to smoothly running gaming operations. If the game files are corrupted, you cannot connect to the game. 
  • PUBG often does serve maintenance. It is a regular task that is done to enhance the gaming experience by removing any bugs and glitches. In the maintenance phase, you won’t be able to connect to the game’s server. 
  • If you are playing PUBG on your PC then there is another factor that could disrupt your gaming experience. This factor is known as antivirus software. It works in a way that blocks all non-access files and applications on your PC. If your antivirus software believes that the PUBG game and its files are corrupted and risky, then you are no longer able to call the shots.

How to fix the PUBG login issue? 

Check the Internet Connection

The first reason for logging problems is the weak internet connection. To ensure you have a stable internet connection, perform a speed test using any online internet testing tool. This technique will give you a clear picture of the stability of your internet. 

Slow internet might be the result of an issue at your service provider’s end. It could also occur due to a fault in your network equipment. So, you should do a thorough review of the problem to take preventive measures next time.

To regain a strong internet speed, you should try restarting your connection. If you are using a WiFi connection, you should restart your modem and routers. Then wait for a few moments to let them start and restore the connection. This method will surely help you get the necessary bandwidth to access your game. 

Check the Game Credentials

Although it is not a common problem, and you don’t put incorrect credentials all the time, the lack of attention can still cause the logging problem. So, always try to put the correct credentials to overcome the situation. 

Check the Game Files 

You also need to check the game files, as they have a crucial role in the stability of your gaming software. If your files are corrupted, then you can’t access the game. To fix this issue, you should use the launcher to check and validate the game file. This technique will assist to check the faults in the game folder before substituting them with new files. 

To validate the game files, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Steam launcher
  • Click the Steam Library button
  • Click on PUBG, right-click to access the properties
  • Check the local files button
  • Click verify for the integrity of game files
  • After doing the integrity check, relaunch the game

Check the Game Server

As you know, game developers do the maintenance after a certain period. Routine maintenance aims to improve the gaming experience while resolving technical difficulties. You can’t do much in the maintenance phase, so just wait till it is done completely. 

Check the Antivirus Software

If you play PUBG on your PC, then you also need to check the system antivirus software. Windows security will disable any file or application if it finds it risky and a security threat to the system. So, you should turn off the antivirus software before launching the game. 


Hopefully, this guide will help you overcome the logging issue in your PUBG game. However, if the mentioned solutions do not work, then try to uninstall the game. Be sure to restart your PC after the uninstall to get rid of any corrupted temporary game files that might still be running in your RAM. Do a fresh install to start playing PUBG with zero problems.


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