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Need To Use An HDMI With Sky Go? 4 Fixes

Need To Use An HDMI With Sky Go? 4 Fixes

Sky Go and HDMI cables aren’t the easiest things to use together for various reasons. Unfortunatley Sky Go doesn’t allow you to watch through an HDMI.

Luckily, however, there are four workarounds to make things a bit simpler for anyone wishing to watch Sky Go:

  1. If you have an Android TV, you may be able to install the Android App and watch Sky Go
  2. If you have a console, such as an Xbox or a Playstation, download the Sky Go app and watch it on your TV
  3. Watch Sky Go on a streaming stick
  4. Download Sky Go on your phone or laptop

In this post, I’ll go through these three workarounds, so you can connect to Sky Go without HDMI.

Sky Go HDMI workaround
Sky Go HDMI workaround

3 Workarounds for Sky Go and HDMI

1. Use Android Tv

Unfortunately, Sky Go doesn’t allow you to use an HDMI cable to watch it on TV.

However, the Sky Go app is downloadable for Android users, so if you have an Android TV you may be able to install the Android app and watch Sky Go content.

2. Use A Console

Using your console is possibly the easiest way of accessing Sky Go without an HDMI.

You can use:

  • An Xbox
  • Or a PlayStation

There may potentially be other options as well.

Download the Sky Go app through your console and watch it on your TV that way.

3. Buy A Streaming Stick

An economic way to watch Sky Go is by buying a streaming stick. Simple.

4. How to watch Sky Go on your phone

If you’re off on holiday or have a lot of travels planned and you’re a Sky subscriber, why not download the Sky Go app on your laptop or phone?

With this installed, you need to log in with your Sky ID and password. You should have set this up when you first joined Sky. With that done, you’re free to browse and enjoy Sky programming on your mobile device or laptop.

You can also download shows and movies to watch while you’re offline if you’re a Sky Go Extra customer, which is particularly useful when you’re heading abroad on holiday to avoid data charges.

Why won’t my HDMI cable work with Sky Go?

Sky TV hasn’t cited in an official statement why an HDMI cable won’t work when trying to watch Sky Go on your TV.

The reason for HDMI and Sky Go being incompatible is most likely a way of protecting the Sky Go content.

Sky may be concerned with what customers could do with the Sky Go content.

For all they know, customers could be sharing content with other people who aren’t paying customers by recording shows.

We understand this can be frustrating when you pay for the service and then you can’t use it the way you want to. Many Sky Go customers wish to watch the service on a bigger screen and an HDMI cable enables just that.


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