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Oculus Go Stuck On Loading Screen – Explained + Fix

Oculus Go Stuck On Loading Screen – Explained + Fix

Have you turned on your Oculus Go, which is stuck on the loading screen and showing you an infinitely loading menu with three dots?  

If your Oculus Go is stuck on the loading screen, this usually happens when you try to migrate your account via the Meta web setup page on the headset screen. To fix this, download and open the Oculus app on your smartphone, log in with Meta credentials, and use the Cast feature for Oculus Go.  

In this article, we’ll explore why your Oculus Go is stuck on the loading screen and how you get it out of this state to access the main menu.

Why is my Oculus Go stuck on three dots?

Why is my Oculus Go stuck on three dots

If your Oculus Go is stuck on the three dots while loading, this could happen due to the following reasons:

  • Temporary glitches in the headset.
  • Low battery.
  • Headset overheating.
  • Migrating Oculus account from Meta.
  • Corrupt software updates.
  • Internet speed or Wi-Fi signal strength issues.

How do I fix Oculus Go stuck on loading screen?

How do I fix Oculus Go stuck on loading screen

To fix your Oculus Go stuck on the loading screen, here are the 7 methods to help you escape this predicament. 

Restart Oculus Go

The first workaround is simply restarting your gadget, which can troubleshoot and fix temporary issues causing the stuck state. 

For this, hold the Power button on Oculus Go for 10 seconds until it turns off. Now, press the Power button for a few seconds till the screen switch on, and display the logo. Hopefully, your Oculus Go won’t get stuck on the loading screen and navigate to the main menu.

Charge the VR Headset

If your Oculus Go runs low on power, it can get stuck on the loading screen. Therefore, charge the battery using the original adapter and charging cable and see if the issue persists.  

Address Overheating Issues

It is possible that you are using your VR headset in a hot environment, causing it to overheat. This could lead to automatic shutoff and failure to bypass the three dots on the screen the next time you restart it. 

So avoid wearing the Oculus Go for long hours in areas that may get very hot. It is best to turn on the AC to make the room colder, keeping the headset operating temperature in the acceptable range. 

Check Network Issues

Oculus Go relies on a strong Wi-Fi connection to work during setup and while playing live streaming games. However, if the Oculus won’t connect to Wi-Fi or the network speed is slow, this hinders the headset’s performance, including getting it stuck on the loading screen. 

To fix this, try using your Oculus Go in an area near the router for better signals. If this doesn’t help, run an online speed test, and reboot your router afterward to restore internet speed.

Pair Oculus Go with the App

Pairing phone and Oculus Go

A few users have tried pairing the Oculus app to the VR headset, and the device exited the loading screen and entered the main menu.

  • Install the Oculus Go app on your compatible device.
  • Launch the app, sign up for an account, and log in.
  • Connect your VR headset and the device to the same Wi-Fi network and enable Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Set up the profile on the app, and it will ask you to choose the headset automatically.
  • Choose your headset.
  • Finally, the app will pair, identify your Oculus Go headset, and exit the stuck loading screen.

Note: If you have an iOS device, verify that you don’t see a red circle around your profile name. If it’s there, tap to turn it to green, and the headset should immediately go out of the stuck loop.

Sync Meta Credentials With the Oculus App

If you have migrated your Oculus account via Meta web setup on the Oculus Go screen, the VR headset may have trouble switching the credentials, resulting in the three dots stuck state. 

To resolve this problem without losing access to purchased apps on your Oculus Go, do these steps:

  • Download and launch the Oculus app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Type in the same Meta credentials on the app login screen.
  • Tap Cast in the top right corner of the Oculus app screen.
Cast feature on Oculus app
Image Source
  • Select Oculus Go.
  • Tap Start.
  • Choose Apps in the left menu, select the app, and tap Open.
  • Wait for the Oculus app to load on the Oculus Go screen, making the three dots disappear. 
  • Finally, restart the headset, and that’s about it.

Important: Ensure that the smartphone and the VR headset are using the same Wi-Fi network.

Restart Software Update

The Oculus Go updates itself whenever the developers release new patches to the headset OS. However, poor internet speed or weak Wi-Fi signals often leads to incomplete or corrupt updates installation, causing the gadget to hang on the loading screen.

To fix this issue, you can manually update your Oculus Go in the following way.

First, factory reset the VR headset to erase the old and corrupt updates:

  • Turn off the VR headset and press & hold the Power and Volume buttons for a few seconds.
  • Release both buttons when the logo appears on the screen.
  • Select Factory Reset.
Factory resetting Oculus go
  • Select Yes, erase and factory reset on the next screen.
  • Wait for the process to complete and you will automatically navigate back to the main menu.
  • Select Boot Device to restart your Oculus Go.

Note: The factory reset process can also fix the Oculus flashing orange light.

Now to install the new and fresh software on your Oculus Go manually:

  • Open Oculus app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Settings.
  • Select your Oculus Go VR headset from the list of devices.
  • Tap More Settings
  • Tap About.
  • Navigate to the Oculus Go version menu and select the Update option on the prompt.  
  • Wait for the process to complete and reboot Oculus Go afterward.

Hopefully, your headset won’t get stuck on the loading screen and bypass the 3 dots, allowing you to enter the main menu.


Your Oculus Go headset stuck on the loading screen can be very frustrating and rob you of indulging in the virtual reality environment. 

Hopefully, you now know the reasons for this problem and ways to fix it with our step-by-step instructions. However, if all else fails, contact a tech repair specialist who can diagnose hardware-related issues to commence the necessary repairs.


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