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9 Ways to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-112840-6

9 Ways to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-112840-6

Are you trying to get the PlayStation Plus membership, install a game, or redeem a code but encountering the CE-112840-6 error code? Unfortunately, many PlayStation users have been reporting this issue recently.

If Playstation 5 shows error code CE-112840-6, this is because the console’s system storage is full or the PSN server is down. To troubleshoot the error code, remove unnecessary files from the system storage or wait for the PlayStation network servers to get back online.

In this article, we’ll show you why your PS5 shows error code CE-112840-6 while accessing the Playstation store and how you can fix the problem without wasting any time.

Why Do I Keep Getting Error Code CE-112840-6?

Checking playstation network outage

Below are some of the reasons why your Playstation 5 shows error code CE-112840-6:

  • Minor technical glitches in the console
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Incomplete or corrupted game installation file
  • Corrupted or full storage system
  • Bugs on the external storage device
  • PSN server outage

How Do I Fix Error Code CE 112840-6?

Updating PlayStation 5 software

If you encounter the error code CE-112840-6 when purchasing on the Playstation store, follow the quick troubleshooting solutions below to resolve the issue effortlessly.

Restart the Console

From the Power Button:

  • Press and hold the “Power” button on the front of your PS 5 console for 10 seconds.
  • Wait 15-30 seconds for the console to completely power off.
  • Now, press the “Power” button again to restart the console and see if the problem persists.

From the Controller:

  • Press the “PS” key on your DualSense controller to access the “PS5 control center menu” (Home screen).
  • Go to the“Function” area and choose “Power.”
  • Select “Restart PS5.” 

Troubleshoot the Internet Connection Speed

  • Check your internet speed on any third-party speed-checking website.
  • Unplug your router from the power source for at least 30 seconds to refresh the network and plug it back in.
  • Move your PS 5 closer to the internet source (router).
  • If possible, switch to another network.
  • Reach out to your ISP to resolve any connection issues at their end.
  • Connect the internet with your PS5 using a LAN cable to reduce latency and improve your connection’s stability.

Check the PlayStation Network Server

On PSN Server Status Page:

  • Launch a browser on your PC.
  • Open thePSN Server Status website.
  • Choose your country from the drop-down menu to check the status.

Using a Third-Party Server Checking Website:

  • Open your preferred browser on your laptop/desktop.
  • Navigate to the “Downdetector” website.
  • Next, head to the PlayStation Network page.
  • Now, check the last 24-hour report to see if other users are encountering the same issue.
  • If yes, wait for the PlayStation Network developers to resolve the problem and get the server up and running again.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Game

  • Head to “Game Library” from the PlayStation 5 Home menu.
  • Go to the “Installed” tab.
  • Highlight the game you want to uninstall and press the “Option” button on the DualSense controller.
  • Choose “Delete” and select “OK” to confirm.
  • Now, go to “Game Library” again, select a game and choose “Download” to reinstall it.

Unplug the External Storage Devices

  • Press the “Power” button on your PlayStation console to turn it off.
  • Unplug any external storage device connected to the console.
  • Now, restart the console and install the game.
  • Afterward, turn off the console and plug in the external device again.
  • Finally, power on your PS 5 console to see if the error code is resolved.

Check the PS5 System Storage

  • Press the “PlayStation” button on your PS 5’s  DualSense controller.
  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Choose “System.”
  • Select “Storage.”

Now, check the storage capacity, and if the system storage is full, do the following steps to remove unnecessary files and move apps to external storage:

  • First, select “Applications” on the storage screen to check the installed apps.
  • Choose the app you want to move or remove and select “Manage.”
  • Now, choose “Delete” or “Move to External Storage” and see if the problem persists.

Rebuild the Database

  • Press the “Power” button on your PS 5 to turn it off.
  • Press & hold the “Power” button for a few seconds until you hear a second beep to boot the console into Safe Mode.
  • Connect the DualSense controller to the console via a USB cable and press the “PlayStation” key.
  • Choose the 5th option: “Rebuild Database.”
  • Select “OK” to confirm and wait for the database rebuilding process to complete.
  • Afterward, restart the console and see if this resolves the PS5 error code E2-80EC004A or CE-112840-6.

Update the Console System Software

  • Press the “PlayStation” button on your PS 5’s controller.
  • Open “Settings.”
  • Select “System.”
  • Choose “System Software.”
  • Select “System Software Update and Settings.”
  • Choose “Update,” follow the on-screen prompts to update the Playstation 5 system, and see if this resolves the error code or even the PS5 turning off by itself issue.

Factory Reset The Console

  • Press the “Playstation” button on your PlayStation 5’s controller.
  • Head to “Settings.”
  • Select “System.”
  • Go to “Reset Options.”
  • Choose “Reset Your Console.”
  • Select “Reset” to confirm, and the error code will be resolved now.


In this article, we’ve explored why your PlayStation 5 shows the error code CE-112840-6 and provided some tried and tested solutions applied by many users to help you quickly get rid of the code.

We hope that all these tips have been helpful and you can now access the PlayStation store without any issues. However, if the problem persists, reach out to the Sony Support team for further assistance.


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