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What Causes White Spots on Samsung TV? 7 Quick Fixes

What Causes White Spots on Samsung TV? 7 Quick Fixes

Are you finding that white spots are appearing on your Samsung TV? This can be incredibly distracting when trying to watch your favorite show and may be a sign of a significant issue with your TV.

If your Samsung TV has white spots it’s likely due to the reflectors having fallen down in the back of the TV, or your backlighting needs adjusting. To fix these issues, you’ll need to remove the back of your TV and place the reflectors back where they normally are, or adjust the backlighting levels in your TV settings. Backlight issues could also explain why your Samsung TV is dimming automatically.

Continue reading to find out all of the possible fixes for it if you have white spots on your Samsung TV. 

How Can I Fix White Spots on my Samsung TV?

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Carry out A Picture Test

The first step we recommend is carrying out a Picture Test on your TV. Samsung TVs come with a diagnosing tool called Picture Test which allows your TV to tell if there are any potential issues. 

To perform the test, follow the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Home Screen on your TV
  2. Click Settings
  3. Tap Support
  4. Choose Self Diagnosis
  5. Click Picture Test
  6. Follow the instructions provided

This should assist you if there’s an apparent reason why your TV is showing white spots. If you’ve tried a Picture Test and you’re still seeing the white we recommend continuing with our guide below.

Adjust TV Reflectors

A likely cause of white spots on your Samsung TV is that the reflectors have fallen and need adjusting. When reflectors are not placed correctly, the LED lights in the back of your TV will shine onto the back of the screen. This is what creates the white spots you may be experiencing.

To fix this, you’ll need to reposition the fallen reflectors. We recommend getting a professional to assist you with this, however, if you’re feeling confident here are some instructions:

  1. Remove the back of your TV
  2. Take off the plastic cover
  3. Remove ribbon cables
  4. Take off the LED screen
  5. Detach plastic frame
  6. Remove the white sheet
  7. Glue reflectors back into place
  8. Once dry, reassemble your TV

Once your TV has been reassembled you should no longer see the white spots you saw previously on your Samsung TV.

Adjust Backlighting on TV

Another fix to remove the white spots on your Samsung TV is to adjust the backlighting. Sometimes if your backlighting is uneven or set too high/low, this can cause white spots to appear on the screen.

Try adjusting the backlighting to see if this makes a difference to the white spots that have appeared.

Pixels are Damaged – Arrange Screen Replacement

It could be that the pixels in your TV are damaged/dead. When this happens the pixels will be stuck in a particular position which can cause them to show a white spot on your TV.

If this is the case your TV screen will need to be replaced. This can be arranged directly with Samsung or via an authorized technician.

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TV Damaged in Transit

If you’ve only purchased your Samsung TV, it could be that your TV has been damaged in transit and the screen is faulty. 

If your TV has recently been delivered we recommend contacting Samsung and reporting any issues you’ve faced. It’s likely that your TV will be under warranty and you can arrange for a replacement to be delivered.

Try Different Inputs for HDMI Cable

Occasionally white spots can appear on your TV if your HDMI port is faulty. There may be an issue with the connection which causes the screen to not perform correctly.

To test if this is the case, try using a different input for your HDMI cable in the back of your television. You’ll also need to change the source to ensure the TV knows to use a different HDMI input. 

When the new source has been recognized, check your TV for those pesky white spots again. If they’ve gone you’ll know that the faulty HDMI port was the cause of the issue and will need repairing if you wish to use it in the future.

Check Cables

On the topic of cables, we recommend checking all television cables to ensure none of these are causing white spots to appear on your Samsung TV. Try unplugging and plugging back in all of the cables you’re using including the following:

  • Main TV cable
  • HDMI cable
  • TV box cables
  • Internet to TV cables

If any of your cables look faulty we’d recommend immediately replacing them. If you have spares of any of the above cables we suggest trying these one by one to see if this makes a difference too.

It’s also worth double-checking that your cables are adequate for the signal you’re trying to send. HDMI 2.0/2.1 cables will have length limitations depending on signal levels, so it’s worth double-checking you’re using the correct cables for your Samsung TV.


We hope our in-depth help guide has helped you to resolve your issue with white spots appearing on your Samsung TV screen. If you’re still having some problems, we recommend reaching out to Samsung via the support page on their website. You can seek help for specific appliances and use their 24/7 live chat service to navigate a fix for the issue, or they’re also available to help via phone/video chat.