If your Samsung TV dims automatically then it can be quite alarming. However, quite surprisingly, this isn’t a problem with your TV it’s a feature that Samsung has added intentionally.

But, if your TV is dull-looking all the time and you want to brighten up your telly, then we have a solution to alter the screen settings.

It’s quite an innovative feature, but we understand it isn’t for everyone which is why Samsung gives you the option to alter it manually.

Keep reading to learn more about this feature and how to toggle it on and off.

samsung tv keeps dimming automatically

What is causing my Samsung TV to dim automatically?

The funny thing about this “error” is that it isn’t an error at all. It turns out that it’s really a feature that Samsung installs in all of their TVs and most of them since 2013!

The Ambient Light Detection Function, or the ECO sensor on some older models, measures the light in the room.

This can help you save some electricity as the TV will adjust the brightness automatically, aiming to give you the best viewing experience.

Your TV will become brightly lit if exposed to bright light in order to counteract it. And in a darker room, it will conserve power by dimming the screen.

Is there any way to stop it from dimming automatically?

This feature isn’t for everyone and some people would rather set the brightness level themselves so there is an option to turn it off.

First, you need to work out whether your model was made in before 2016 or after 2017, a quick Google search of the TV model will be able to tell you.

For 2016 models or older go to “System”, “Eco Solution”, “Eco Sensor” and select “on” or “off”.

Models that were made in 2017 or later go to “Settings”, “General”, “Ambient Light Detection” and use the slider to turn it up or down.

My TV screen is broken, I need a new TV

If you’re ‘dim’ Samsung screen is actually more of a serious issue that can’t be fixed, then you may be looking for a new TV. Here are some suggestions that we personally love.

If you don’t quite have the money to spend but still want something amazing, we recommend the LG Electronics OLED65B9PLA 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart OLED TV which has amazing picture quality.

For those of you on a tighter budget, you can still get this Sharp 1T-C32BB4IE1NB 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV.

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