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Why Does CapCut Ruin Quality? Reasons & Fix

Why Does CapCut Ruin Quality? Reasons & Fix

Have you been asking yourself why does CapCut app ruin the quality of your original footage after editing and exporting it using the PC or mobile app?

If Capcut is ruining the quality of your videos, you may have chosen a lower-resolution setting while uploading or exporting them. To get better CapCut video quality, open the app on your mobile device or computer, and select “1080p” resolution.  

Below, I’ll explore why does CapCut ruin the quality of your videos and what you can do to resolve this issue quickly.

Why Does CapCut Ruin Video Quality?

Why does CapCut ruin video Quality?

Many users have voiced concerns about CapCut ruining the video quality during the uploading or exporting process. If you’re facing a similar issue, it could be attributed to the following reasons.

Low Resolution

Capcut may be ruining video quality because you select lower resolution settings while exporting the edited footage, making the video appear less sharp and pixelated. 

Slow Frame Rate

By default, CapCut applies a frame rate of 30 fps. Due to this setting, fewer images are displayed per second, potentially decreasing video quality.

Smart HDR is Turned On

The CapCut Smart HDR option automatically modifies the highlights, shadows, color, and exposure levels of your clips, which can sometimes distort the colors of your video, resulting in poor quality.

Incorrect Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio determines the visual composition of a video. If you overlook this ratio, the video can appear stretched or compressed, resulting in pixelation. 

Outdated App Version

Running an outdated version of CapCut can also impact the quality of your videos. An older app version may not have the latest bug fixes and improvements necessary for optimal video output. 

Poor Internet Connectivity

This is one of the most common problems, and one of the easiest to fix.

If you think intermittent, or weak internet is your issue, then I recommend investing in a simple Wi-Fi booster. The one I recommend is the Wifi Extender Signal Booster by Netfun.

Set this up in your house, and your connection issues will be instantly fixed.

How do I make CapCut not lose video quality?

How do I make CapCut not lose video quality?

If the CapCut app is ruining your video quality, here are 6 solutions you can try to address the issue and create high-quality content.

Change the Aspect Ratio

While directly exporting the video to TikTok, you can change its aspect ratio in CapCut to improve quality. Here’s how:

iOS/ Android:

  • LaunchCapCut.
  • Tap “New Project.”
  • Select a video. 
  • Tap “Add.”
  • Tap “Ratio.” 
  • Choose “9:16.” 


  • Open “CapCut.” 
  • Click “New Project.” 
  • Select “Import.” 
  • Choose the video you want to edit, hold it, and drag it to the edit bar.
  • Click the “Original” icon on the lower-right corner of the player preview and select “9:16.” 

Once you change the aspect ratio, export the video to TikTok and see if this improves the quality.

Adjust the Resolution Rate  

When exporting a video from CapCut, you can set its resolution to 1080p or 2k/4k to prevent the app from ruining its quality. To do this:

iOS/ Android:

  • Open “CapCut.” 
  • Tap “New Project.” 
Adjusting resolution on CapCut
  • Choose a clip.
  • Tap the “1080p” icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Drag the slider to “1080 or 2k/4k.” 
  • Now, click “Export.”  


  • Open “CapCut.” 
  • Click “New Project.”
  • Select “Import.” 
  • Choose the video you want to edit, hold it, and drag it to the edit bar.
  • Click “Export.” 
  • Click “1080p.” 
  • Choose “1080 or 2k/4k.” 

Increase the Frame Rate

Increasing the frame rate in CapCut can significantly improve the quality of your video by playing with the frame rate to reduce motion blur. For this:

iOS/ Android:


  • Open CapCut.
  • Click “New Project.” 
  • Select “Import.” 
  • Choose the video you want to edit, hold it, and drag it to the edit bar.
  • Go to “Menu” and select “Settings.”
  • Click “Edit,” set the “Frame Rate” to “60fps,” and save or export the video

Turn Off Smart HDR 

If the Smart HDR option is turned on in your CapCut app, it can ruin the video quality.

However, you can quickly turn off  this feature and get a better-quality video by following these steps:

  • Launch “CapCut.”
  • Tap “New Project.” 
  • Choose a clip from the gallery and tap “Add.”
  • Tap the “1080p” icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Toggle off “Smart HDR.”
Turning off Smart HDR on Capcut

When you disable Smart HDR in CapCut, the app will no longer automatically adjust and distort your clips’ highlights, shadows, and exposure levels, preserving the original high video quality.

NOTE: Only the mobile version of CapCut supports the Smart HDR feature.

Update CapCut App

Another way to improve video quality is by updating CapCut can enhance its performance, helping you create higher-quality videos. Here’s how:


  • Launch “Play Store or App Store.”
  • Search for “CapCut.”
  • Tap “Update.”


  • Open “CapCut.”
  • Go to “Menu.”
  • Click “More.”
  • Select your current version.
  • Check the “Beta test version” box on the popup and click “Check for updates.”
  • Click “Install Now.”
Updating CapCut

INFO: Updating the app can also help you resolve the CapCut lagging issue. 

Adjust Video Parameters

Adjusting the parameters of a video in CapCut can also help you fix the video quality deterioration problem. Here’s how:


  • Open “CapCut” 
  • Tap “New Project.” 
  • Select a clip.
  • Scroll right on the tools at the bottom and choose “Adjust.”
  • Tap “Saturation”; drag it to “20.”
  • Choose “Sharpen”; drag it to “100.”
  • Tap “Contrast”; drag it to “20.”
  • Select the tick icon in the lower-left corner to apply all the changes.


  • Open “CapCut.”
  • Click “New Project.” 
  • Select “Import.” 
  • Choose the video you want to edit, hold it, and drag it to the edit bar.
  • Select “Adjustments” from the tools available on the left side of the player preview.
  • Choose the same values for the “Saturation,” “Sharpen,” and “Contrast” parameters as mentioned in the mobile app method above. 
  • Click the tick button to apply all the changes.

Once you have adjusted these parameters, export the video, and hopefully, CapCut won’t ruin its quality now.


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