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Bumble Not Showing Messages: 8 Causes & Fixes

Bumble Not Showing Messages: 8 Causes & Fixes

Are you tired of getting email notifications for new messages on Bumble, only to find that they’re not showing up in your inbox? Unfortunately, many Bumble users are experiencing this frustrating glitch, leaving them unable to communicate with their matches. 

If Bumble is not showing messages in the inbox, this usually happens when the app cannot sync the messages on your device. To fix this, clear the app’s cache data or update the app to resume syncing. It is also possible that Bumble has blocked your match, and that’s why their messages are not showing in your Inbox list. 

In this article, we’ll try to find out why Bumble is not showing messages and explore some hacks that can help you get your conversations flowing again!

Where Did My Messages Go On Bumble?

Checking Bumble server

If you are getting emails notifications, but Bumble is not showing messages, one of the following might be the reason:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Messages are taking time to sync on the device
  • Sender has deleted their account, unmatched you, or is banned on Bumble
  • Outdated app or device firmware
  • Age, Language, or Advanced filters are enabled in the app
  • Temporary errors or glitches on the device
  • The Bumble server is down

How Do I Fix Bumble Not Showing Messages?

Clearing Bumble cache data

If Bumble is not showing messages in your inbox, the following easy-to-follow solutions will help you address and potentially fix the issue.

Restart the App

The first solution is to restart Bumble on your Android or iOS device to end the session and wipe out temporary data affecting the app’s performance.


  • Swipe up on the Home screen of your iOS device and stop in the middle to launch “App Switcher.”
  • Swipe right in to find the “Bumble app card” the “App Switcher.”
  • Now, swipe up on the app card to force quit Bumble, relaunch the app, and see if the messages appear now.


  • Launch “Settings.”
  • Go to “Apps.”
  • Tap “All Apps.”
  • Search and select Bumble.
  • Tap “Force Stop.”
  • Now, relaunch the app from the Home screen and check if the problem persists.

Note: You can also restart your Android or iOS device to start a new Bumble app session and free up some RAM in the process. 

Configure the Filters

If you’ve set Age, Language, or other advanced filters on Bumble to find the right match, the app won’t show you messages from other matches that do not meet your preferences. 

However, you can see the messages by configuring the filters in the following way:

  • Launch “Bumble.”
  • Tap “Filters.”
  • Drag the slider below “Age” to cover a wider age range.
  • Select “Languages They Know.”
  • Toggle “Show Other People if I Run Out” to enable the settings. 
Configuring the filters on Bumble
  • Now, tap “Set Advanced Filters.”
  • Remove the filter and go back to the Bumble “Home” screen.
  • Afterward, tap the “Chat Bubble” and verify that Bumble is showing the messages now.

Check for Blocked Matches

If the senders have deleted their account or Bumble has banned them, their messages will disappear from your chat box after some time. In this case, see the bottom of your conversation list to verify this cause.  

However, if a person has unmatched you, their connection will appear at the bottom of your conversation list, but you cannot connect with them anymore.

Troubleshoot the Data Connection

It is possible that you’ve exhausted your data usage limit or the network is slow, due to which the Bumble app is not working correctly and is not displaying messages.

To rule out this possibility, renew your data package or reset the Network Settings on your iOS or Android device to default by following these steps:


  • Launch “Settings.”
  • Select “General.”
  • Tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  • Tap “Reset.”
  • Choose “Reset Network Settings.”


  • Head to “Settings.”
  • Tap “General Management.”
  • Tap “Reset.”
  • Choose “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Tap “Reset.”
  • Enter your device’s PIN/password and tap “Reset.”

Note: You can also reset the APN settings, disable the data saver, or switch to a Wi-Fi network to get a stable internet connection.

Clear Bumble Cache 

Another solution is to clear the Bumble cache to wipe out any corrupted temporary files that are affecting the app’s performance and preventing it from showing messages.

To do this on your Android device:

  • Launch “Settings.”
  • Tap “Apps.” 
  • Access “All Apps.” 
  • Next, select “Bumble” from the list of apps.
  • Tap “Storage.” 
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”

If you are using an iOS device: 

  • Open “Settings.” 
  • Go to “General.”
  • Tap “iPhone Storage.” 
  • Now, choose “Bumble.” 
  • Select “Offload App.” 
  • Tap “Offload App” again to confirm.

After clearing cache data on your device, relaunch “Bumble,” sign in if required, and check if the issue is resolved.

INFO: Clearing the cache data can also help you troubleshoot the Tinder app if it’s not opening on Android.

Update the Bumble App

Bumble developers continuously release new updates to fix bugs and keep the app working smoothly. But, if you are using an outdated version of the app, it might cause compatibility issues with your device and would take time to sync messages. 

Therefore, update the Bumble app from the Play Store or App Store on your device by following these steps:

  • Open “App Store” or “Play Store.”
  • Search for “Bumble.”
  • Tap “Updated.”
  • Afterward, launch the app and check if the messages are showing now.

Note: You can also try updating your Android or iOS software from Settings.

Reinstall the Bumble App

The next solution is to uninstall and reinstall Bumble on your iOS or Android device to remove any corrupted installation files causing the app not to show messages.

To do this:

  • Tap & hold Bumble.”
  • Tap “Uninstall.”
Uninstalling the Bumble app
  • Select “OK.”
  • Next, go to “App Store/Play Store.”
  • Search for “Bumble.”
  • Tap “Get” or “Install.”
  • Finally, launch the Bumble app, and the issue should be resolved now.

INFO: If you also can’t upload photos to Tinder, try reinstalling the app to remove corrupted installation files.

Check the Bumble Server

Since Bumble is an online dating app, it often experiences server outages because of technical issues or scheduled maintenance. Due to this, the app’s performance is affected, and it won’t show messages in your inbox.

You can check the Bumble server status on the Down Detector website, and if the server is down, the best course of action is to wait for the Bumble developers to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, you can report the problem to Bumble Support using the “Contact & FAQ” option in the app.


In this article, we’ve explained why Bumble is not showing messages even when you receive an email notification, and explored 8 easy fixes that have helped many Bumble users to resolve the issue quickly.

Hopefully, you can now enjoy uninterrupted messaging on Bumble and make meaningful connections with others.


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