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Can’t Upload Photos To Tinder: A Guide To Fixing Your Tinder Profile

Can’t Upload Photos To Tinder: A Guide To Fixing Your Tinder Profile

You’re on the online dating app Tinder because you want to meet someone, whether it’s as a friend, a love interest, or just for a little fun.

So, how can someone get to see your profile if you can’t upload photos to Tinder?

With Tinder being online, photos are the foundation of the success of individuals’ matches with someone they like. That is why we have created this guide for you: to help you get your profile up and running so it can be seen with interest.

How Can I Add Photos to Tinder?

When you download Tinder, you automatically need to create your profile with your details.

At this stage, you will have to upload your desired photos onto your profile; otherwise, you will not be able to move on and get swiping.

If, however, you have created your profile, but you are now wanting to change your images, or you have only just downloaded Tinder, you can add or edit your images in just a few clicks;

Step 1. Go onto Tinder

Step 2. Get onto your Profile by clicking the profile button at the top left of the screen

Step 3. Select ‘Edit Info’

Step 4. You can now add images to your profile from your gallery or by taking a new picture

Remember to save. You have now added photos to your profile.

Why can’t I upload Pics on Tinder?

Reason 1. Bad Internet Connection

If your internet connection is lagging or sporadically disconnecting and connecting, this will interfere with the loading of images on Tinder.

Images are bigger files, and so they will be using more bandwidth compared to when you are sending a text to someone.

Reason 2. Images are Corrupted

Sometimes, an image does not download properly onto your device. For example, there may have been a glitch during the download process, which may cause the image file to be corrupted.

So when you go to upload these photos onto your Tinder profile, it won’t upload.

Try a different picture and see if that one works.

Reason 3. High Traffic on Tinder

If you are on Tinder when they are experiencing a high traffic volume, this may delay the loading of images as everyone is trying to access the Tinder server at the same time.

High traffic on Tinder may delay image loading, so you may have to wait a few minutes before they are successfully loaded or leave the app for a while and come back to it later.

Reason 4. Installation Error

When you have installed Tinder on your device from the app store, it may have downloaded incorrectly, where it could have been installed with a missing part to the file.

When this occurs, the app will not be able to work correctly, causing errors like can’t upload photos to Tinder.

Reason 5. Facebook Permission Error

You don’t necessarily have to connect your Tinder to your Facebook profile.

If you decide you do want Tinder to access your Facebook profile, and Facebook’s server is down, this will interfere with the loading of images on your Tinder profile, as it won’t be able to download your Facebook profile images onto Tinder.

Can you fix photos not uploading on Tinder?

There are steps you can take to fix the error of not being able to upload images to your Tinder profile.

First, check your internet connection, as this will cause your Tinder app to not be able to work properly if your mobile data is finished or your Wifi has been turned off.

If your internet is working fine, you can proceed with our easy fixes;

Fix 1. Restart your device

As simple as it sounds, restarting your device is sometimes all Tinder needs.

Step 1. Hold down the power button on your device

Step 2. Select ‘Restart’ or ‘Power Off’

Step 3. Choosing restart will turn your phone on automatically, otherwise, turn your device back on

Step 4. Log back into Tinder and try uploading your image

Note: If you are on your computer, close your apps and restart.

Fix 2. Update Tinder app

If your Tinder app is due for an upgrade, updating it may resolve the issue you are having;

On Android

Step 1. Go into the Google Play store

Step 2. In the ‘Menu’ bar, select ‘My apps and games’

Step 3. Find Tinder and select ‘Update’

On iPhone

Step 1. Go into your ‘App Store’

Step 2. Find your Tinder app and click on ‘Update’

Your Tinder app is now the latest version, and you can log back in.

Fix 3. Reset Cache Data

If the cache files from Tinder are too full or there are corrupted files included, this will interfere with Tinder operating properly.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ on your mobile

Step 2. Find ‘Applications’

Step 3. Click on Tinder 

Step 4. Select ‘Clear Cache’

Step 5. Confirm by clicking on ‘Clear Data’

Step 6. Re-log into Tinder

Tinder’s cache data files have now been cleared.

Fix 4. Remove Facebook Permissions

If Facebook is experiencing issues and you have your Tinder profile connected to it, this might be the cause of your problem.

Step 1. Log into your Facebook profile

Step 2. Go into ‘Settings’ under ‘Settings & Privacy’

Step 3. Click on ‘Apps and Websites’ under ‘Permissions’

Step 4. Select ‘Logged in with Facebook’

Step 5. Choose Tinder

Step 6. Select ‘Remove’

Step 7. Confirm this by choosing ‘Remove’ again

You have now stopped Tinder from being connected via your Facebook profile and can log back into Tinder as an independent app.

Fix 5. Uninstall and Reinstall the app

Uninstalling your Tinder app completely off your device and reinstalling it will allow the app to download again without any glitches, if that is what may have happened originally with your Tinder app.

Step 1. Delete the app from your device

Step 2. Go into your app store and find Tinder

Step 3. Download Tinder

Step 4. Relog into the app

Top Tip: Your image sizes may be too large for Tinder to support, so try downsizing the image if you can, or choose the next best one!

End Note

With online dating being the way to go these days, it’s important you’re able to access these dating apps without experiencing any issues that may hinder your success in finding something special.

If you want to be able to contact Tinder directly, you can submit a request.

We hope this guide has given you everything you need to know to get your dating life on the go without any more setbacks.


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