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If I Delete Chat On Telegram, Will They Know? Solved!

If I Delete Chat On Telegram, Will They Know? Solved!

Do you want to delete a chat on Telegram but are paranoid that the other person will know about it?

In this read, we’ll answer your question in detail and will also discuss:

  • The difference between the secret chat and the auto message delete feature on the app
  • How to recover deleted chat on Telegram

Let’s get on with it!

Does Telegram show when you delete a chat?

When deleting a chat on Telegram, the messaging service offers two options, i.e., “Delete For Me” and “Also Delete For (Name).” When you remove a conversation for yourself, the message disappears from your account, but the other person can still see it. 

On the other hand, if you select “Also Delete For (Name),” the chat disappears from the recipient account. However, unlike most messaging apps, Telegram won’t specifically notify them about your action. 

But there’s a catch. The recipient will know you removed the chat when they check their account and cannot find the conversation history with you. Also, if the person has turned on the app notifications on their device, they can still read the deleted message in the notification panel. 

Will someone know if I delete a secret chat on Telegram?

Telegram secret chat is a feature that improves your privacy on the messaging platform and makes them more secure. Some of its key benefits are:

  • End-to-end chat encryption.
  • No traces of the texts on the Telegram server. 
  • Self-destruct timer.
  • No message forwarding. 

Like regular conversations, the app has two options for deleting secret chats. If you delete a chat for everyone, the recipient won’t get any notification. But since they won’t find conversations in their account anymore, they will know about it.

What is the difference between secret chat and auto delete in Telegram?

Secret chats in Telegram have a self-destruct timer, after which the text deletes. It will automatically disappear from history without any traces when the recipient reads it. 

However, the recipient will receive a notification in the chat that you have set the self-destruct timer and will know that the messages will be removed once they read them. You can enable this feature for individual conversations with these steps: 

  • Open Telegram.
  • Open the secret chat where you want to enable the self-destruct timer.
  • Tap the three dots. 
  • Tap “Set Self-Destruct Timer.”
  • Scroll and select the duration.
  • Tap “Done.”

On the other hand, when you turn on the auto-delete feature, it removes all the new messages in the regular chats for both the sender and recipient at some point after being sent. This option is available under the “Privacy and Security” settings in Telegram:

  • Open “Telegram.”
  • Tap the three lines. 
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Select “Privacy and Security.”
  • Choose “Auto Delete Messages.”
  • Select the time.
  • Tap “Enable.”

Telegram won’t send the recipient any notification in the chat when you enable the “Auto Delete Messages” option; they will notice that the messages are no longer there when the time expires. 

How Do I Recover Deleted Chat On Telegram?

Use Undo Feature

Telegram has an undo feature that allows you to recover deleted chats within 5 seconds. For this, when you remove a text, tap the “Undo” option, and that’s about it. 

Check Telegram Saved Message

  • Open “Telegram.”
  • Tap the three lines.
  • Tap “Saved Messages.”
  • Look for your saved messages and forward them to anyone you want. 

IMPORTANT: This method will only work if you have saved the messages to the cloud before the other person remove them. 

Export Telegram Data

  • Download the Telegram app and install it on your PC.
  • Sign in to your account using the QR code or phone number. 
  • Click the three lines at the top-right corner of the Telegram app dashboard. 
  • Click “Settings.”
  • Go to “Advanced.”
  • Head to the “Data and Storage” section.
  • Look for “Export Telegram Data” and click it. 
  • Select all the chat export settings, including Personal Chats.
  • Click “Export.”

Once the export process is complete, click “Show My Data” to view your deleted Teleragm chats.

NOTE: The Telegram cache folder on your Android device also saves your chats and other app data. So, do check it to recover the deleted conversation.

Use iTunes Backup

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac using the USB-C to lightning cable.
  • Choose “Trust this Computer” or enter the passcode if prompted.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Select your device in iTunes. 
  • Click “Restore Backup.”
  • Select the type of data you want to restore, which will likely recover your Telegram deleted messages.

Contact Telegram Support

  • Open a browser on your PC and go to the Telegram Support page.
  • Enter the details of your problem in the given field. 
  • Type in your email address and phone number on which you’ve created the Telegram account. 
  • Click “Submit.”


In this detailed guide, we’ve discussed that if you delete a chat on Telegram, will the other person know about it and how you can recover the lost conversations with quick and easy instructions. 

Hopefully, you now have complete insight into the matter and can decide to erase the messages carefully while communicating on Telegram.


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