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JVC TV Backlight Repair Cost – Options and Prices

JVC TV Backlight Repair Cost – Options and Prices

Is your JVC TV display a little dim or showing a completely black screen lately due to a failed backlight strip, and you want to know the associated repair cost for the fix? 

In this article, we’ll discuss these prices and some factors that affect the rate. We’ll also explain whether it is worth replacing the backlight in the TV and what causes it to fail.

How much does it cost to fix the backlight on JVC TV?

DIY Repair

In case you know your way around televisions, you can purchase the replacement backlight for $15 to $90 (depending on how many strips you need) and repair the JVC TV yourself. 

This is the cheapest option, but it can be time-consuming and difficult if you’re uncomfortable working with electronics. Also, you can damage the TV in the process, so proceed with caution.

Professional Repair

Professional repair is the safest but more expensive option than the DIY process to fix the JVC TV backlight. A qualified technician may charge $100-$150 for parts and labor to replace the failed strips in your TV.

Some technicians even charge you up to $300 in case the problem is more severe.

Warranty Coverage/TV Replacement

If you recently bought your JVC TV and it’s still under warranty, you can contact their support team to discuss the issue. They may send a professional technician to repair the backlight strip or replace the TV for free. 

However, some warranties do not cover the backlight strip replacement and repair.

What factors affect the JVC TV backlight repair cost?

TV Model and Screen Size

The model and screen size of your JVC TV may affect the price of backlight repair. This is because larger or newer models often have more expensive parts than the smaller or older ones. 

In fact, some older JVC models have harder-to-source replacement parts, which increases the repair price of the backlight. 

Damage Type

The severity of the damage also increases or decreases the price of your JVC TV backlight repair. For instance, if a few LEDs are burned out in your TV, it might be more affordable than replacing the entire backlight strip. 

Quality of The Backlight Strips

The repair cost also varies depending on whether you use the original manufacturer part or opt for third-party alternatives. The original LED strips are often more expensive but offer better quality, longevity, and compatibility with your TV. 

Moreover, some JVC LCD TVs use CCFL, while others have LED backlight strips. Generally, LEDs are more expensive but provide energy efficiency and better performance. 


The repair quote can also change based on the region or country where you are replacing the JVC backlight. This is because the labor and parts costs tend to be higher in areas with higher living expenses, such as cities. 

Also, if you choose in-home repair services, the technician may charge you extra for coming to your location.

Additional Repairs

If the backlight issue on your television is related to its other defective components, like the power supply, circuit board, or inverter, the repair process will cost you some more. There will be a hike in price if the technician has to replace or repair multiple damaged parts. 

Experience and Reputation of the Technician

When you hire a repair technician with more experience and an excellent reputation to fix your JVC TV, they charge you higher fees for their services and quality of work. However, their work will be more efficient and last longer than others.

Is it worth replacing the backlight on a JVC TV?

Whether it is worth replacing the backlight on a JVC TV depends on:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Severity of the Damage.
  • Cost of a new TV

Generally, repairing the backlight on your JVC TV is not expensive unless its model is new and the problem is less severe. Otherwise, buying a new TV with better features might be cost-effective, and you’ll enjoy upgraded features as well.  

However, it’s always good to seek professional assessment and estimates for the TV backlight repair. An experienced technician provides insights into the specific issues and potential additional maintenance required.

INFO: Backlight failure also results in a dark shadow on your LG TV, which causes it to not show a clear picture on the screen.  

What causes the JVC TV backlight to fail?

  • You may have set the brightness on your TV too high for too long, putting a strain on the backlight.
  • The power supply cable is loose and can’t provide enough juice to the backlight strips.
  • Your JVC TV is overheating a lot due to dust and debris buildup on the vents.
  • The backlight components have degraded over time.
  • Voltage irregularities or failures have damaged the backlight circuit. 
  • The backlight power inverter or capacitor is defective or damaged.

INFO: Damaged backlight LEDs are also responsible for the black screen with sound on your Roku TV.


In this detailed guide, we’ve explored some options and prices to give you an estimate for the JVC TV backlight repair. We’ve also discussed 6 factors that affect the repair cost and whether it is worth replacing the backlight. 

Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the valuable insights, and you can now make an informed decision to fix the backlight strip on your TV.


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