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Samsung TV Backlight Repair Cost – Options And Prices

Samsung TV Backlight Repair Cost – Options And Prices

Samsung TV models are well known for their vibrant displays and innovative features, but their screen often goes black due to backlight failure, and you may want to know their repair cost. 

In this detailed guide, we’ll give you an estimate about the repair, especially if you do it yourself, consult a repair specialist, or use Samsung’s authorized service. We’ll also discuss some factors affecting the price of the backlight repair as well. 

How much does it cost to replace the backlight on a Samsung TV?

Cost of Self-Repair

In case you choose to replace the backlight strip on your Samsung TV yourself, you can purchase the parts and tools for minimal prices, as listed in the table below:

Parts/ToolsHigh Quality Low Quality
Backlight Strips$50-$150$20-$30
Total $90-$190$40-$50

Keep in mind that DIY repair requires technical expertise, and if you do something wrong, you can damage your Samsung TV beyond repair. It will also void the warranty, and the quality of replacement parts may not match with the original backlight strips. 

Third-Party Professional Repair Cost

You can also consult a third-party professional repair service to fix your Samsung TV backlight. The cost, in this case, includes:

  • Diagnostic fees
  • Price of the replacement part
  • Labor fees
  • Expertise and quality of repair service provided by the technician

This option is expensive compared to the DIY but allows for a thorough diagnosis of the TV. A professional technician also uncovers any additional issues that cause the backlight failure on your Samsung TV and fixes them to avoid future damage.

The table below provides a rough estimate for fixing your TV backlight:

Parts and laborCost
Entire Backlight strips$300 – $350 
Few backlight LEDs$150 – $200
Inverter$100 – $200
Power supply connection$200 – $400

NOTE: Failed backlight strips on your Samsung TV often lead to a dark shadow on the screen. 

Samsung Authorized Service Center

Samsung has various authorized repair service centers spread across different countries. These service centers can usually repair the backlight strip on your TV for free if it is still under warranty. 

NOTE: Samsung LED TVs usually have a one-year warranty.

Otherwise, they charge you around $250 to $350, based on your TV’s screen size. While this is a more expensive option, the service center team uses genuine Samsung parts that last longer and offer better performance afterward. 

TIP: You can find a list of authorized service centers in your area on the Samsung website.

Are there any factors affecting the Samsung TV backlight repair cost?

Samsung TV Model and Size

The first significant factor that determines the backlight repair price is the model and size of your Samsung TV. 

Generally, TVs with 52-inch or above screens have more LED strips than the smaller ones. For this reason, the technician may charge you an extra amount to repair them.

Also, if you have an older Samsung TV, the backlight may not be readily available on the market, which can be why you have to pay more for its repair. 

INFO: If your LG TV screen displays a dark shadow, it might be due to faulty or defective backlight strips. 

Type of Backlight

The type of backlight (LED or CCFL) used in your Samsung TV also affects the repair service price. Since the LED backlight strips are more expensive, you end up paying more for their replacement parts. 

However, LEDs have a longer lifespan, are less harmful to health, and are great from an environmental standpoint, which makes them more cost-effective than CCFL backlights. 

Number of Backlight Strips

The cost of repairing a Samsung TV backlight also depends on the number of backlight strips that need replacement. If only a few strips are damaged, replacing them will be much more affordable because it involves fewer parts and less labor.


The area where you live also increases or decreases the repairing cost of your Samsung TV backlight. 

This is because repair centers in different regions have varying pricing structures due to the currency cost of living, business operation expenses, inflation, and local market conditions. 

Backlight Strips Quality

Genuine Samsung backlight strips for your TV generally cost more than generic replacements. 

But the best thing is that the original Samsung TV backlight strips ensure better compatibility, performance, and quality than most alternatives. They even last much longer, making them the go-to choice for repairing your TV. 

Additional Repair

Sometimes, the backlight issue on your Samsung TV is due to a faulty power supply connection or inverters. In this scenario, the technician will charge you more for labor and parts fees. This is especially true if they identify these additional problems during the repair process.

Expertise of the Technician

If you consult an experienced technician to repair your Samsung TV backlight, they might charge you a higher labor fee than beginners. However, their expertise proves to be economical because they accurately diagnose the issue and efficiently address it.

Additionally, the availability and demand of a specific technician in a particular area can impact the overall cost of the fix. You may already know that name and good repute go hand in hand.  


In this article, we’ve provided a general estimate for the Samsung TV backlight repair. We’ve also discussed some factors that cause an increase or decrease in this price. 

We hope this comprehensive guide has equipped you with the necessary knowledge and insights. And now you can make the best decision and choose the correct route to repair your Samsung TV display.


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