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Can’t Join Groups on Kik? Here’s How to Solve it

Can’t Join Groups on Kik? Here’s How to Solve it

Many users have found that they can’t join groups on Kik, and if you are one of them, this can be really frustrating.

Check out our quick steps below to get group chats working again for you.

Check Latest Version of Kik has been Updated

If you’re ever having issues with an app it’s always worth double-checking you’re running the latest version. 

Developers frequently fix glitches and bugs in their applications before releasing new updates. It could be that the issue you’re having has been experienced by other users, too, and developers are aware and have sorted the problem. So, go to the App Store/Play Store and find the Kik app to see if you need to update it.

Close Down the App and Reload

Another quick fix is to close down and reload the app. It’s surprising how successful ‘turning it off and on again’ can be, and this is also true for Kik. Next, try to join any group and see if you can do it this time.

Banned From Group by Admins

It’s also possible that you’ve been banned from a group on Kik. In this case, you must wait 30 days before you can join any other groups. This is a ‘cooldown’ period, which is essentially a 30-day ban to prevent you from repeating the same issues in other groups.

If this is the case, there’s not much you can do except wait out the cool-down period and try joining new groups after that. If you think you got a ban without good reason, you can dispute Kik’s decision.

The Group You’re Joining is Private

It could be that the group you’re attempting to join may be private. Any user can join a public group automatically. But to join a private group, someone from that group needs to send you an invitation.

Try speaking to some friends who are in the group you want to join and see if they will accept you.

Uninstall and Reinstall

If in doubt and none of the above steps has solved your problem with joining groups on Kik, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. 

If you have an account already set up you shouldn’t lose any data by doing this, and a hard reset may help to get rid of any glitches/bugs.

Last Resort – Send Report to Kik 

We hope these steps have guided you to join some of the groups you wanted to on the Kik app. 

If you’re still at a loss after trying the above steps and uninstalling/reinstalling the app, you can submit a support request on the Kik website here. Kik does sometimes have issues as with any app so it could be that it’s Kik’s issue rather than yours. We also have some other support articles on Kik here.