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Kik Keeps Logging Me Out (4 Possible Causes & Fixes)

The Kik messaging app is extremely popular, but one of the biggest complaints is from users saying that it keeps logging them out.

Follow our quick guide below to find out why this issue is occurring and how to fix it in no time.

You’re Logged in on Another Device

Kik has a security feature that prevents users from having multiple sessions with the same account open at any one time. So, if you try to log in to Kik on your phone when you’re already logged in on another device, chances are you will be logged out of your session on the other device so that you can use it on your phone.

This will also reset any data from the session you’ve been logged out from, clearing your chat history in order to protect your privacy.  

You Ticked the ‘Login Automatically’ Button on One of your Devices

If you’ve logged out of your account on another device and are still being kicked out, it’s worth double checking if you ticked the ‘login automatically’ button on any device you use to login to Kik. 

This tick box means that Kik can log you into their app automatically if you’re active on a device, so this could be happening without you even realizing it. Once this box has been unticked on all devices, you won’t be automatically logged in and kicked out of different sessions.

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Someone is Trying to Access Your Account

If you aren’t logged into Kik on another device but find that you’ve been automatically logged out, it could be that someone has been trying to access your account. 

In this situation, we recommend changing your password immediately to protect your account and reporting the situation to Kik via their support pages to inform them that your account has been compromised.

Receiving A High Number of Chats

If you’re receiving a high number of Chats on Kik, it could be that your account has been flagged for spam activity. In this scenario, Kik may decide to log you out of your account pending their decision on whether to ban you from their platform for spamming other users.

If you have a lot of chats on the go at one time, it’s worth trying to scale this down slightly to avoid being flagged on Kik’s system.


Hopefully, the above steps have helped you determine why you keep being logged out of your Kik account. It’s very frustrating when you want to have a conversation with a friend and you’re constantly being kicked off the platform.

If none of the above steps applied to you, we recommend reaching out to Kik directly via their Submit a Request page. They should be able to help figure this out if there’s a glitch within your Kik account that’s logging you out.