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Nintendo Switch Flashing On TV: Fix The Blinking Display

Nintendo Switch Flashing On TV: Fix The Blinking Display

Is your Nintendo Switch flashing on your TV?

This issue transpires when your Nintendo Switch display settings are incorrect, or the software on your console is outdated.

It’s important to make sure you connect your AC adapter to your TV in the correct order, and that the HDMI cable is not damaged or running too long.

A simple change in the system settings on your Nintendo, or a quick reset of your device can help fix your TV from blinking.

We have created this simple directory that will guide you through everything you need to know on why your Nintendo Switch is flashing on your TV, and what you can do to stop this error so you can enjoy your gaming device on a larger screen.

Why is my Nintendo Switch blinking on the TV?

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Your Nintendo Switch could be flashing on your TV because your HDMI cable is too long, or the RGB Range has been set incorrectly. 

Reason 1. Incorrect RGB Range

The ‘RGB Range’ on your Nintendo Switch is a feature that sets the range of colors you will see on your connected device (in this instance, your TV).

This setting may need to be changed if your TV is flashing when it’s connected to your Switch.

Reason 2. HDMI cable issue

It has been noted by other Nintendo Switch users that they have experienced blinking on their TV because of the HDMI cable that is connecting their Switch.

A faulty HDMI cable or one that is not connected securely can cause this problem.

Reason 3. Resolution setting on the TV

The screen resolution setting on your TV could be interfering with the display when your Nintendo Switch is connected.

This could be a compatibility issue, or the higher HD display is too demanding.

Reason 4. Lost signal

If your Nintendo Switch is losing signal while being connected to the TV, the image on your TV will flicker.

Your Nintendo device should be connected to a strong, stable internet connection.

Reason 5. Connecting Nintendo in the incorrect order

It has been advised that the order in which you connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV is more important than what we think.

If we complete the steps in the wrong order, this could interfere with how well the display is on our TV.

How do I stop my Switch from flickering?

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Fix 1. Change RGB Range

Your TV might not be able to support the range you are currently set on.

The ‘Limited’option is ideal for your TV.

Step 1. On your Switch, access the ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’

Step 3. Click on ‘TV Output’

Step 4. Change this from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Limited’

This will bring the range down, and stop your TV from flickering.

Note, stay away from the ‘Full’ option as this is recommended for a PC.

Fix 2. Change HDMI cable

Other Nintendo Switch users have noted that changing their HDMI to a shorter cable has stopped their TV flashing.

The longer the cable, the more chances of data being ‘dropped out.

Change your cable to a shorter length.

Make sure your HDMI is connected properly and securely. If you can, test the cable on a different device to make sure it is not faulty.

Fix 3. Change display resolution

If your resolution is currently set to 1080, changing this to 720 will help get rid of the flashing issue on your TV.

Step 1. On your Home screen, click on ‘System Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘TV Settings’

Step 3. Change the resolution to a lower option

Changing this setting should help improve the performance of your display.

Fix 4. Connect your Switch in the correct order

Check to make sure you are connecting your Nintendo in the correct order.

Step 1. Connect your AC into the dock

Step 2. Plug the AC adapter into the main plug

Step 3. Insert your HDMI cable into the dock

Step 4. Connect the HDMI to your TV

Step 5. Place your Nintendo into its dock

This should always be the order in which you connect your Switch to the TV.

Fix 5. Remove other connected devices

Your TV may be flashing because you have too many devices connected at the same time.

Try removing other devices, and just have your Nintendo Switch plugged in.

Fix 6. Power reset your TV

Step 1. Remove your TV’s plug from the socket

Step 2. Unplug all devices currently connected via an HDMI cable

Step 3. Plug your TV back in

Step 4. Only have your Nintendo Switch connected

Tip, Connect your Nintendo into a different port to the one it was initially inserted into.

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Fix 7. Check for a system update

Please make sure your Nintendo Switch is online before performing a system update;

Step 1. From the home menu, click on ‘System Settings’

Step 2. Scroll down on the left-hand side until you highlight ‘System’

Step 3. Now press ‘System Update’

Your Switch will first check if an update is available. If there is one, it will install automatically.

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Now that you know what the causes are for Nintendo Switch to flash on your TV, we hope you were able to use the easy fixes we have supplied in this guide for you to update your current settings, so your TV can stop flashing when your console is connected.

If you are still experiencing the flickering problem, we suggest you contact Nintendo directly.

You can do this by clicking here and either selecting their ‘Chat’ service or submitting a ticket online.


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