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Is Your Sony TV Dimming Automatically: Fix The Problem Step By Step

Are you frustrated that your Sony TV is dimming automatically? Can’t enjoy your favorite shows due to this annoying brightness problem? Well, don’t worry, we will help you step-by-step in this guide on how to fix your Sony TV’s auto-dimming issue.

Sony is the leading manufacturer of televisions and monitors around the world. They have revolutionized the smart TV world by introducing new technologies such as the innovative 8K video and using up to 40% sustainable material in their products.

The influx of such technologies has made Sony TV’s setting tab daunting to its user, especially if you are new to Sony’s ecosystem. 

Why Is My Sony TV auto dimming? 

Sony TV’s auto-dimming performs quite adequately. However, being a contemporary technology, it might read the surrounding light correctly due to many factors. It is also very susceptible to slight changes in its reading environment.

A simple crossing cloud blocking the sun could cause your TV to dim to uncomfortable levels. You have to then frustratingly manually adjust it back to normal. A system bug or a faulty ambient light sensor can also cause problems in the auto-dimming technology.

It can be fairly annoying when you have to adjust your TV’s setting just when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite show or movie. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned and just sit back, relax and enjoy your show.

How to fix Sony TV auto dimming?

Change Light Sensor Settings

The first fix you should try is to permanently disable your Sony TVs’ auto-dimming capability.

  • Use your Sony TV remote and press the Action Menu button.
  • Go to your ‘display and sound’ settings and navigate over to the picture adjustment tab.
  • Here you’ll find a toggle labeled ‘light sensor’.
  • Toggle the switch off using your remote and restart your Sony TV.

Change Scene Settings

If the above setting change doesn’t resolve your issue, let’s try something a bit more technical. Modern TVs, whether smart or not, have many auto-adjusted view options called Scenes. Scenes can adjust picture settings ranging from contrast and brightness to saturation. You’ve probably seen them with names such as standard, movie, and drama.

On a Sony TV, one such scene is the music scene, adjusting your screen for those color-popping music videos. However, the music scene is also guilty for all your head-scratching around your Sony TV auto-dimming its brightness. To fix this:

  • Go into the music scene on your Sony TV.
  • Once you have enabled your music scene, head over to your video settings.
  • Then click on Advanced Settings.
  • You should find a checkmark labeled “Detect dark scenes and dim.”
  • You have to check NO on this and restart your TV.

What is Energy Star Setting?

By lowering brightness to an acceptable level, your TV can save substantial amounts of energy. Most Sony TVs come with their auto-brightness in Energy Star settings at “ON” by default from the factory. Chances are you and a majority of users aren’t informed about this.

Therefore, when the sun sets or the lighting of a room gets dimmer, the brightness of the TV also notably changes. Customers are being made aware of Energy Star ratings by climate activist groups. With their Energy Star settings that include ambient light sensors, Sony screens can maintain their Energy Star rating. Additionally, that comes to a lesser energy bill for you!

Final Thoughts

If your Sony TV is still auto-dimming after following our guide, don’t hesitate to contact Sony customer support.

We hope you have found success in getting your brightness setting corrected so you can enjoy your Sony TV without hassle.


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