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Screen Mirroring HBO No Video: How To Fix Your Cast Display

Screen Mirroring HBO No Video: How To Fix Your Cast Display

Does screen mirroring HBO from your device display no video on your screen?

This type of performance issue can be related to a few different reasons. Below, we’ll help you understand the reason for this issue and how you can fix this display error with easy methods.

Why is screen mirroring not showing video on HBO Max?

  • The mirrored and the streaming devices are not connected to the same network connection.
  • Your device does not support the cast function.
  • Your network connection is lagging, or the Wi-Fi signals are weak.
  • The software on either the casting device or the TV is outdated.
  • HBO App installation files are corrupt.

How do I fix screen mirroring HBO with no video issue?

Check network connection

You need to ensure the device you launch HBO on to cast from and your smart TV connect to the same Wifi network. You might need to forget the current network before you can re-pair the device.

Check if your device supports cast

Make sure your device supports the screen mirroring function. Most mobile phones now support the cast feature. However, some older TV models are not equipped to perform screen mirroring.

If your TV cannot display a screen mirroring image, you will need to switch to a different smart TV.

Reset internet connection

Resetting the network connection can help eliminate any internet-related issues that could prevent screen mirroring from working.

For this, turn your Wifi router off and unplug it for a few minutes. Reconnect it and allow your modem to pair with your network service provider.

You should now be able to screen mirror HBO with a successful video display.

Tip: Test your internet speed to ensure your download bandwidth is adequate. For HBO Max to display a 4K quality image, it will need to receive at least 25Mbps.

Update operating software

Make sure each device you use to perform the screen mirror for HBO operates on the latest firmware version.

This will ensure each platform is compatible with the HBO app, and cast function. Once you complete an update on the necessary device, restart it to refresh the software information.

Reinstall HBO app

Uninstall the HBO app and reinstall it. This will get rid of any corrupt files that may be on your device.

Before you download HBO again, restart your device.

Disable browser extensions

If you are trying to mirror HBO from your laptop, an ad blocker or other extension often blocks the streaming service from connecting to the server and is unable to reach its database.

Therefore, disable any extensions that are currently active through your browser, and then see if this fixes your issue.

Another reason your laptop won’t cast HBO to your TV is if you use a VPN (virtual private network). Although a VPN is beneficial for keeping your network private, it can sometimes interfere with your laptop reaching the HBO server and block screen mirroring.

So try disable the program and try and cast the app to your smart TV.

Check HBO service status

Check HBO

Sometimes, the HBP server goes down, preventing the online video app from functioning and casting video to a bigger display, along with other issues.

You can check the service status for HBO, and if it is indeed down, wait patiently till the service gets back and running n a few hours time.


With this easy-to-follow guide, we hope you now understand why you are unable to screen mirror HBO content onto your TV, and you were able to fix this display error with one of the solutions included.

If the problem carries on even after you have tried all five methods, we suggest you contact HBO directly as there could be an issue at their end.

Make sure you check that your device does not have a hardware error, as this could be why you cannot receive a screen mirror video.


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