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Toshiba TV Keeps Turning On And Off Repeatedly: How to Fix?

Toshiba TV Keeps Turning On And Off Repeatedly: How to Fix?

Watching a horror movie, but your Toshiba TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly by itself? Try these steps to exorcize this spooky technical issue!

When you think of the top TV brands, Toshiba is probably not the first to jump to mind. Toshiba may not be the most famous television brand. However, its range of smart TVs is surprisingly future-forward and affordable.

If you yourself are well aware of the charms of Toshiba TVs, you may have bought one for your home. One common problem owners report is that their Toshiba TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly by itself. 

Luckily, if you are experiencing this issue, we’ve got a few solutions for you!

What Is the Reason a Toshiba TV Keeps Turning on and off Repeatedly?

If your Toshiba TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly, there is likely a technical issue with your Toshiba TV software or hardware. Additionally, be sure to check the energy and power-saving settings. These could be set to switch the TV off after a certain amount of time or when not in use.

Reference the tips below on how to solve this.

How to Fix the Issue of Your Toshiba TV Keeps Turning On and Off Repeatedly

As confounding as it can be, if your Toshiba TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly, there is a cause. Depending on your make and model, try some or all of the fixes listed below to diagnose and repair it.

Change Your Toshiba TV Power Settings

The simplest reason why your Toshiba TV keeps switching off by itself is, most likely, its power settings. Maybe it’s set to switch off after a certain amount of hours or if no input signal is detected.

Try checking and adjusting your Toshiba TV sleep, standby, and power settings:

  • To switch your sleep/auto-on timer off, press the MENU button > Timers > On Timer > OK > Enable On Timer > toggle Off > EXIT.
  • To switch off your no signal power settings, press the MENU button > Options > Power Management > No Signal Power Down > OK > select your input > toggle Off > EXIT.
  • To switch off your active standby mode settings, press the MENU button > Options > Power Management > Active Standby Mode > OK > toggle Off > EXIT.

Please note—if a power failure occurs, your sleep timer settings may get reset. Also, the above steps won’t apply to all Toshiba TV models and remotes. Try to navigate your remote or TV settings menu accordingly to find and switch off your power, standby, and sleep settings.

Be Safe, Check Your Power Supply

Are your settings not the reason why your Toshiba TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly? Though most likely a technical issue, we can’t rule out a faulty power supply. Sometimes, a power plug may become dislodged, or a TV part may be broken or faulty and need replacing.

Troubleshoot and fix common Toshiba TV power supply issues:

  • First things first, check that your power cable and plug are properly attached.
  • Make sure to plug your Toshiba TV directly into a wall socket, not an extension cord.
  • Worst-case scenario, you may need to get your TV’s power supply board/module replaced. 
  • If diagnosed as the issue, you can buy the parts online and get a TV repair technician to do it.
  • Alternatively, contact Toshiba to carry out the repairs if your TV is still under warranty.

Clean Your Toshiba TV

Electronics attract dust at a rate second to none. It may not sound serious, but dust inside your Toshiba TV can cause blockages. These can lead to overheating and making it switch off. It’s advisable to clean your TV interior to avoid this or subsequent damage to its parts.

However, there is a right and a wrong way to clean a TV. To clean your TV interior correctly:

  • You’ll need a can of compressed air, a microfibre cloth, and a soft dust brush designed for cleaning appliances.
  • First, switch off your Toshiba TV.
  • Then, completely unplug your Toshiba TV and any connected devices from their power source to avoid electrocution.
  • Dust off the exterior Toshiba TV air vents with the dust brush.
  • Next, wipe the exterior of your TV with a microfiber cloth to remove any excess dust.
  • Attach the included nozzle to your can of compressed air.
  • Spray the can of compressed air over the TV air vents. 
  • Take care not to press the nozzle into the vents—doing so can damage interior TV components.
  • Continue to spray until you unblock all the vents.

Update Your TV Software

If your Toshiba TV still keeps turning on and off repeatedly, it may be time to consider software issues. Not up-to-date software is most likely to be to blame. Not all Toshiba TVs are able or set to update software automatically, either.

Try these steps to update your Toshiba TV software and firmware:

  • To switch on your Toshiba TV auto-update settings, press the MENU button > Status & Diagnostics > System Software Update > Auto-Update On.
  • To update your Toshiba TV, press the MENU button > Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now.
  • If you’re unsure, contact Toshiba support to check if your TV needs a firmware update. 
  • For older TVs, you may need to ask Toshiba support to send you a USB dongle with the firmware update.
  • To update your Toshiba TV firmware via USB, plug in the USB dongle with the update. 
  • Then, switch on your TV. You should see a firmware update message appear on your TV screen.
  • Select “Yes” to update your TV firmware.


If your Toshiba TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly by itself, it can give you a fright. However, we can almost certainly say the reason it’s doing so is because of technical issues, not ghosts! We hope the above tips helped you exorcize them and get back to normality!