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Amazon Prime Not Working on Hisense TV: How To Solve

Amazon Prime Video is a great way to watch new and exclusive shows. With favorites such as Euphoria, The Boys and Upload readily available, it’s frustrating when you are unable to watch Prime Video due to Amazon Prime not working on your Hisense tv.

Therefore we have compiled an easy-to-follow guide in order to get your Amazon Prime video error fixed as soon as possible.

Whether you are experiencing errors with your TV, Prime Video, or both, you will soon have a fix for this.

Why is Amazon Prime Not Working on my Hisense TV?

There are many reasons as to why Prime is not working on your Hisense TV, however, a common issue is that the Amazon Prime Video app is outdated. If the app has not been updated, it will not run as well as a new version of the app. This is due to the app developers fixing any bugs and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Head to the app store on your Hisense TV and search for Prime Video. Once you are on the screen where you can download the app, if it is downloaded but outdated it will say update.

However if your app is up to date, one of these other common issues may apply.

Your TV is outdated

Unfortunately with technology developing so rapidly, it is quite a common occurrence that after a period of time, tech companies stop updating the software in older models. This applies to Smart TVs.

You may have previously been able to watch Amazon Prime, however, recently found it more difficult to do so. If you notice this is the case, it’s worth checking on the Hisense website to see if your TV is still being updated or discontinued.

Your TV needs an update

Although you’d expect TVs to update automatically this isn’t always the case. Therefore it’s worth checking if your TV is running the latest version. If you are unsure how to check this, here’s how to find your TV update settings:

  • Head to settings followed by support
  • Then select software update
  • Followed by Network
  • Finally, choose Yes/OK if offered to update

Prime is down

Another common reason you may be experiencing Amazon Prime not working on your TV is due to the app being down. This can happen and isn’t always obvious that is what has happened. To find out if Prime is down head to the Down Detector where you can find reports of whether there are issues currently on Prime.

How to fix Amazon Prime error on my Hisense TV

You can fix the Amazon Prime error on your Hisense TV by updating the Amazon Prime app. As more often than not this error stops the app from working correctly. Although apps should automatically update, this does not always happen.

Therefore we’d recommend heading on to the app store on your TV, searching for Amazon Prime Video, and then seeing if it says ‘update’. If you do not find the word update, then it is likely to be already updated. Meaning this is unlikely to be why your Amazon Prime isn’t working.

Not to worry, you can fix the Amazon Prime error with these other simple troubleshooting techniques.

Method 1. Power cycle your device

Our first method involves power cycling your Hisense TV. This is a great troubleshooting method for a lot of TV errors including issues with the picture, sound, and internet connection. In order to power cycle your TV you need to do the following steps:

  1. Turn off your TV
  2. Unplug the power cable from the wall
  3. Hold the power button on the side of your TV for 3-5 seconds
  4. Plug the cable back in and power the TV on.

Method 2. Clear the cache of Amazon Prime

If you have no luck with power cycling your Hisense TV, the next step is to clear the cache of Amazon Prime. Clearing the cache on a device removes all of the temporary files which are saved to your device. This includes images and videos. The reason this exists is to make a website or app load faster.

However, over time your cache will get full and begin to cause issues for the program or device you are using.

Although this may seem confusing, clearing the cache on your Hisense tv is a lot easier than you may think. Here’s how to clear your Amazon Prime Video cache:

  1. Tap the home button on your Hisense TV remote
  2. Head to Settings followed by Apps
  3. Next, choose System Apps, then select Amazon Prime Video
  4. Tap on Clear Cache and then click OK.

Method 3. Uninstall and then install Amazon Prime

Although this may seem obvious, completely removing the Amazon Prime Video app from your TV and then reinstalling it can fix a lot of issues. By removing the app you are deleting any saved data.

If the app is struggling to load it is likely that it needs updating. However, if you are unable to do this, uninstalling Amazon Prime and then reinstalling it again will provide you with the latest update.

Method 4. Check your internet connection

Although this may seem obvious, apps can crash due to no internet connection. Lacking a stable internet connection can cause issues with apps, therefore if you believe your internet may be causing an issue. You can reset this by doing the following:

  1. Head to your router and unplug this from the wall
  2. Allow the buttons to turn off and wait for a minute
  3. Then plug it back in and wait for it to set up again.

Once this is plugged in again, it should provide you with a more stable internet connection.

Method 5: Factory reset your TV

We’d recommend doing a factory reset of your TV as a last resort. Doing this will remove any existing apps, network information, settings, and logins. Therefore you will have to set everything up again from scratch. However, this can be an effective method when trying to resolve this issue.

If you’re unsure of how to factory reset your TV, here’s how:

  1. Head to settings
  2. Next select reset to initial settings and then click OK.
  3. This will take a few minutes in order to reset, but once it has your TV should act as a new device.

Alternative ways to watch Amazon Prime

If you are unable to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Hisense TV, due to the age of the TV or if you are having errors with your smart features, an alternative device may be a good place to start. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a new TV, as there are still plenty of ways for you to watch Amazon Prime without a Smart TV.

Using a Streaming Device

You may be aware of numerous streaming devices on the market, therefore figuring out which one to buy is key. In terms of devices, you can get the Amazon Firestick, Roku and Now TV. All of these devices provide a variety of content and channels in order for you to watch your favorites.

All you need to do to use a streaming device is plug it into a USB port on the TV.

Watch via another device

Another great method to watch all of your favorite shows on the TV is via streaming from another device and watching it on the TV via an HDMI cable. This is a great method for older TVs that may not have USB ports.

If you have a laptop, this is easy enough to do by plugging one end into your laptop and the other into the back of your TV. Then find what you want to watch on the laptop, this will then be on the screen.


With this easy-to-follow guide, we hope you have been able to resolve your Amazon Prime Not Working on Hisense TV error. However, if you are still experiencing issues with your Hisense TV, we’d recommend getting in touch with Hisense support in order to get additional help with your TV.

You can contact Hisense support here or via 0333 800 2200 in the UK.


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