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Why Does Kik Keep Freezing And How To Fix It

Why Does Kik Keep Freezing And How To Fix It

Kik is a free instant messaging software. It offers its consumers a variety of communication features. Kik allows you to communicate photographs and videos to your friends and family. It also allows you to create group conversations and connect with other users, but sometimes, you may wonder why Kik keeps freezing?

Kik’s success stems from its capabilities, which allow users to exchange and receive messages, stickers, images, animations, symbols, catchphrases, make new friends, and many other things. In addition, users may play games with people and start live streaming on the application.

Luckily, we have prepared a directory to answer this question by highlighting all possible causes to help you resolve them on your own and continue chatting with your friends. 

What is a Kik Messenger?

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Kik Messenger is the most popular app among teens worldwide, particularly in the United States and Canada. People may sign up for Kik without providing a phone number. As a result, Kik is often regarded as the most popular anonymous chat messaging program. 

Users may communicate with anybody from anywhere in the world without disclosing their true identities. Furthermore, since the introduction of the Meet New People function, it has been much easier for users to hold private discussions with strangers. Kik, like other programs, supports both Wireless internet and cellular data internet service.

Why does Kik keep freezing?

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If you are facing the freezing issue in your Kik then it might be due to several following reasons:

Old Version of App

The initial cause of the issue is an out-of-date Kik App. In general, your device will automatically update the program based on the software update’s configuration and availability on the play store or apple store. However, if you have not enabled auto-updates in the Google Play or Apple App Store, your Kik may not be able to update automatically when a new version is published.

Internet connection instability

The second reason that causes your Kik app to keep freezing is a poor internet connection. It is a common problem since any technological flaw is unavoidable when you try to use the App via an unstable network connection. This issue can occur with both mobile data and WiFi network connections.

Faulty software files

You may have freezing troubles in the Kik application if it contains any type of corrupted files. The Kik program will eventually block any incorrect file, resulting in the problem persisting. Corrupted files may happen from system interference or if you inadvertently stop a software update. As a result, every alternative will exacerbate the situation.

Cached files with faults

The fourth reason that causes Kik keeps freezing is a corrupted cache file in your Kik software. When you opened the Kik App, cache data began to be saved on your smartphone. When these files start to take up storage space or get corrupted, they might cause network issues and, as a result, technical problems with the software.

How to resolve Kik keep freezing issue?

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Kik is online software that runs on an internet connection. So, if you are concerned about why does Kik keep freezing then the following solutions will help you answer the question:

Check the internet connection

The Internet is the most important component for any social networking software to function. As a result, ensure that your smartphone’s internet connection is reliable. The Kik app will not launch if your Wi-Fi connection is poor or weak. You cannot utilize the app’s features or operate it smoothly.

Remove the faulty cache files

Clearing the cache involves erasing all of Kik’s saved data and information. It will delete all of your stored contacts, chat messages, login info, and databases. Your Kik app will be exactly as it was when you initially installed it from the Google Play/App Store. This is a dangerous approach for cleaning your Kik messenger. Use this strategy only if Kik continues crashing or freezing.

Restart the Kik Application

If your Internet connection is not the problem, restart the Kik app on your smartphone. If Kik continues to crash, close it from the multiple task menu and restart it. Because of a problem, the program may not always open entirely. Restarting the application helps to restore the app’s server to regular operation.

Restart your smartphone

If Kik isn’t working properly, try rebooting your smartphone. But first, keep in mind you exit the Kik app. It removes all issues from your smartphone as well as the Kik app. Now restart your smartphone and wait for all of the apps to load. Thereafter, open the Kik and check to see if the situation has been fixed. Otherwise, proceed to the next option.

Update your Kik App

If your Kik application is just out of date, it will not launch, function, or connect properly. An upgraded software already offers new functionality as well as adjustments to earlier features. As a result, if you do not maintain up with the newest upgrades, Kik will not function properly. Furthermore, upgrading the app resolves flaws and difficulties that were causing issues with using the app and its capabilities.

Reinstall the Kik Application

If none of the previous options work, it’s time to delete the application. Your software may not have been properly installed during the setup process. In this event, some of the app’s functions will not function properly and may collapse occasionally. It is preferable to remove the Kik app and reinstall it from the Play Store/App Store in this situation.


We are hopeful this directory has helped your find the answers to the question why does Kik keep freezing? As we know that Kik is an online-based social media application that can only operate on an internet connection. So, a stable internet connection is a must part of your Kik app. You can follow multiple tricks and hacks to resolve the issue. If it persists, then you can contact the Kik directly through their customer-support feature.


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