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How To Fix BBC iPlayer Black Screen On Your Device

How To Fix BBC iPlayer Black Screen On Your Device

BBC iPlayer is a video streaming service where you can watch on-demand British TV programs. But you might be seeing a black screen while using BBC iPlayer on your smart device or PC and wondering if there is any fix for the issue.

To get rid of BBC iPlayer black screen on a PC browser, refresh the web page, clear corrupted cookies, reconfigure DNS settings, or use another browser. If you are using the iPlayer app on your smart device or PC, try restarting, updating, or resetting the device. Also, update or reinstall the iPlayer app.

Below, we’ll explain the reasons for the iPlayer black screen and also explore several troubleshooting steps in detail to fix the issue.

Why is BBC iPlayer showing a black screen?

Why is BBC iPlayer showing a black screen

A few factors could be causing the black screen on iPlayer. Some of these can be:

  • Incompatible PC browser or corrupted browser cache
  • Unsupported PC hardware.
  • Incomplete app installation.
  • Wrong DNS configuration.
  • A software glitch in the device or app software
  • Outdated app or device version

How to fix the BBC iPlayer black screen on a PC?

the iplayer app

To resolve the black screen on BBC iPlayer app, do the following steps.

Refresh iPlayer webpage

Sometimes, staying longer on the BBC iPlayer streaming page can cause the screen to go black. To fix the issue, hit the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the webpage to establish a new streaming session.

On a Mac PC, you need to hold the Command key and press the R key to refresh the BBC iPlayer webpage.

Use another browser

You could be facing the black screen with a particular browser that might be incompatible with BBC iPlayer. So try to stream the content on another one and see if this fixes your issue.

Clear browser cache

If BBC shows play on another browser, clear the cache on the original browser to resolve the black screen quickly.

Switch screen size

If Windows 8.1 or below is installed on your PC, you may experience a black screen in full-screen mode, indicating compatibility issues between the PC hardware and the streaming app. To temporarily resolve the problem, maximize the browser window instead of choosing full-screen mode.

Reinstall iPlayer app

BBC iPlayer also has a desktop app for PC users that might show a black screen with an error message or a spinning circle if the app was installed offline. In this case, simply reinstall the app and make sure you are online throughout the process.

How do I fix the BBC iPlayer black screen on my smart TV?

Fix BBC iPlayer black screen on smart TV

A black screen can also pop up while using BBC iPlayer app on your smart TV. Luckily, we have a few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Update app and clear app cache

An outdated iPlayer TV app and corrupted app cache might result in a black screen. To fix the issue:

  • Navigate to your smart TV Apps section, select the iPlayer app, and press on Clear Cache.
  • Next, sign out and back into your player account.
  • If the black screen persists, head back to the apps section.
  • Now select the Update option next to the iPlayer app.
  • Once the update is done, relaunch the app and confirm that the black screen is fixed.

Change DNS Settings

If you are experiencing the BBC iPlayer black screen on your smart TV default browser, change the DNS settings in the following way.

  • Head to the Network settings and select Network Status.
  • Next, Select IP settings and proceed to DNS Settings.
  • Select the manual DNS entry option and type in the Primary DNS field.
  • Finally, type in the secondary DNS field and save changes.

Hopefully, you won’t be seeing the black screen anymore.

Note: You can reconfigure DNS settings on your PC browser as well to fix the Black screen issue. 

Perform a factory reset

You can factory reset your smart TV to fix the black screen. To do this:

  • Go inside your TV Settings options and select Support or Self Diagnosis.
  • Next, choose Reset and input the PIN-code on the prompt.
  • Now, the TV will reset; launch the Player app afterward and confirm the fix.

Update your TV

Try updating your TV software to get rid of the iPlayer black screen.

  • Press the Menu or Home button and go to TV Settings.
  • Next, select the Software Update option and then choose Update Now.
  • Now your TV will download and install the pending updates.
  • Finally, open the BBC iPlayer app and verify that the black screen issue is resolved.

How to fix BBC iPlayer black screen on a smartphone?

Fix BBC iPlayer black screen on phone

Try the following steps if you see a black screen on your Android or iOS device.

Do a quick restart

A quick restart often fixes the temporary glitches in the smart gadget software that might be causing a black screen on different apps. If you can’t restart your device, try a force restart.

Update phone software

Manufacturers regularly send updates to your Android or iOS devices that might fix the bugs responsible for the iPlayer black screen. So it’s a good idea to always to keep your phone’s software updated.

To update an Android phone, go to the Settings app, tap on About Phone, and tap on Software Update. iOS users can update their devices by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update.

Update or reinstall the streaming app

Like the phone software, BBC iPlayer app updates address common bugs and fixes in the latest updates.

To update the app on Android, launch the Play Store and tap on your picture profile. Next, tap Manage apps & device and select the Update option next to the iPlayer app.

If you have an iOS device, go to the App Store and redo the above steps.

Still seeing the black screen? Try reinstalling the BBC iPlayer app.


We hope that this easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide helped you resolve the BBC iPlayer black screen issue. If all else fails, reset your router or contact your internet service provider to check for any backend issues. While at it, upgrade your broadband package to a faster connection.


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