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Bumble Photo Upload Not Working

Bumble Photo Upload Not Working

Bumble is a popular online dating and networking platform, but some users report that the photo upload feature is not working on the app, and they cannot verify their account. 

If the Bumble photo upload feature is not working on your phone, you might be uploading a screenshot or not replicating the pose in the example photo. To fix this problem, upload an original picture to your profile or replicate the pose of the model in the example picture while taking a selfie for your account.

In this article, we’ll explore why the Bumble photo upload feature is not working and how you can troubleshoot this problem without a hitch.

Why won’t Bumble accept my photos?

Why won't Bumble accept my photos

If Bumble photo upload is not working and your profile is not getting accepted on the app, this happens when: 

  • Uploading a screenshot or a photo with unsupported characters in its name.
  • There are issues with the iPhone’s software version.
  • Bumble account is linked with Instagram.
  • The Bumble app is experiencing minor issues on your phone.
  • You are not replicating the pose of the example photo.
  • The Bumble app is outdated, or its cache is corrupt.

How do I get the photo upload to work on Bumble?

How do I get the photo upload to work on Bumble

To get the photo upload to work on Bumble and verify your account, try any of the following 9 step-by-step solutions.

Check the Profile Photo Name

Occasionally, when you take a picture, your phone automatically gives it a name based on the timestamp or sequential number, which may include symbols, such as:

  • Underscore.
  • Hyphen.
  • Spaces. 

However, Bumble usually does not accept profile photos that have special characters in their name. 

So, to prevent this, go to your phone’s “Gallery” or  “Files” app, find the photo you want to upload, and rename it without any special characters. Then, upload it to Bumble and check if the problem persists.

Use Original Photo

Even though Bumble’s policy does not clearly say this, when you upload a screenshot to your profile, the platform automatically rejects it. 

So, try uploading an original picture to your Bumble account and check if this fixes the problem. 

Follow the Pose In the Example Photo 

Bumble, like many dating apps, has a verification system that ensures the safety and authenticity of the users. That’s why the app requires you to upload your selfie while replicating the model in the example photo during account verification.

If you fail to do so, Bumble won’t upload your picture and rejects your account.

To successfully upload your photo, take a selfie while replicating the pose of the model displayed on your phone screen during the verification process and submit it. 

Bumble will then use automated algorithms and human review to compare your picture with the example photo and upload it if your account is verified.

Unlink Instagram

Some users report that unlinking their Bumble account from Instagram also helped them resolve the issue and upload a photo on their profile. Here’s how:

Through Instagram App:

  • Open “Instagram.” 
  • Tap the profile icon. 
  • Tap the “Settings” gear. 
  • Select “Apps and Websites.”
  • Select “Active.” 
  • Tap “Remove” next to “Bumble.” 

Through Bumble App:

  • Open “Bumble.”
  • Tap the profile icon. 
  • Tap your profile. 
  • Select “Edit Profile.” 
  • Go to “Connected Accounts.” 
  • Tap “Instagram.” 
  • Tap “Disconnect.” 
Disconnecting Bumble from Instagram

Once you disconnect your Bumble account from Instagram, upload your profile photo again to verify the fix. 

Update iPhone

Sometimes, issues with your iPhone software also prevent the Bumble app from uploading your photos. 

To fix this, keep your iPhone up-to-date by following these steps:

  • Open  “Settings.”
  • Tap “General.”
  • Select “Software Update.”
  • Tap “Download and Install.”
  • Enter the passcode.
  • Tap “Install Now” or “Update Now.”

After updating your iPhone, check if you can upload a photo on your Bumble account now!

Update Bumble App

Bumble regularly releases new updates to stay compatible with the latest OS on your phone. But if you use an outdated app, it may not work correctly with your phone, causing issues with photo uploads or showing messages.

  • Open “Play Store” or “App Store.” 
  • Find “Bumble.” 
  • Tap “Update.”

Now, open Bumble and see if you can upload profile photos. 

Clear Bumble Cache Data

When Bumble cache data gets corrupted or outdated on your phone, it interferes with the proper functioning of the app. This results in errors during photo uploads or not showing matches. 

To resolve this issue, update Bumble cache data on your phone this way:


  • Open “Settings.” 
  • Tap “Apps.”
  • Tap “All Apps.”
  • Select “Bumble.” 
  • Tap “Storage.”
  • Choose “Clear Cache.” 


  • Open “Settings.” 
  • Select “General.” 
  • Select “iPhone Storage.” 
  • Tap “Bumble.” 
  • Tap “Offload App.”
  • Choose “Offload App” again. 

After doing so, open the Bumble app on your phone, go to the profile section to upload the photo, and see if the issue recurs.

Reinstall Bumble and Unlink Facebook

If the Bumble photo upload option is still not working, reinstall the app on your phone and unlink your Facebook account. To do this:


  • Tap and hold “Bumble.”
  • Tap “Uninstall.”
  • Select “OK.”


  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “General.”
  • Tap “iPhone Storage.”
  • Choose “Bumble.”
  • Tap “Delete App.”
  • Select “Delete App” again.

Once you uninstall Bumble, go to “Facebook,” tap the three lines, and choose “Settings & Privacy.” Tap “Settings,” select “Apps and Websites,” and choose “Bumble.” Now, tap “Remove” and choose the “Remove” option again to confirm the action.

Next, do these steps to reinstall Bumble on your phone:

  • Go to “Play Store” or “App Store”
  • Search for “Bumble.”
  • Tap “Install” or “GET.”

Set up your Bumble account again, and hopefully, you’ll be able to upload a photo now. 

Upload Photo Through Bumble Web

Still no luck? You can also sign in to your Bumble account through the web portal and upload the photo from your profile settings. To do this:

  • Go to “Bumble web portal” through a browser on your computer.
  • Tap “Sign In.”
  • Sign in to your account through Apple ID, Facebook, or Cell Phone Number. 
  • Tap your profile. 
  • Tap the upload photo (+) option. 
Uploading photo from Bumble web portal

Drag and drop your photo and see if it gets uploaded to your Bumble account.


In this article, we’ve discussed why the Bumble photo upload feature is not working on your phone and what steps you can take to resolve this issue quickly.

If the problem still bothers you, reach out to the Bumble Support team and report it to them. They will provide you with a more specified solution. 

Hopefully, with these instructions in your hand, you can now verify your Bumble account and connect with others.


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