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What To Do When Fornite Keeps Freezing Xbox: Try These Fixes

What To Do When Fornite Keeps Freezing Xbox: Try These Fixes

With thousands of users playing Fortnite, lots of issues are reported too. It can throw you various issues such as The Fortnite Connecting to Servers Error on Xbox and Fortnite Error Code 10022. Fortnite freezing on your Xbox is among one of the common issues, too.

There are numerous reasons why Fortnite may freeze while playing the Xbox. These include software issues like a faulty game installation/update and a lack of memory space on the hard drive, while some issues point to the hardware component, such as the console overheating.

In this article, we have included every possible way to fix the Fortnite freezing issue on Xbox with a brief discussion on why it happens.

Why does my Fortnite keep freezing Xbox one?

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Battle royal games like Fornite are super exciting to play. But it’s equally frustrating when there are interruptions playing the game. Particularly when it keeps freezing or crashing. So why does Fortnite keep freezing on consoles like Xbox One or Xbox 2021 series?

Here are some common causes behind the issue:

  • Console overheating
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Update errors
  • Corrupted game files
  • Lack of memory space on the hard drive
  • Multiple logins from different devices

Issues are quite the same across different Xbox generations and models. Unless it’s a model-specific issue, any of the above reasons is causing Fornite freezing on your Xbox.

How to fix Fortnite keeps freezing Xbox issue?

Let’s get straight into the troubleshooting now. Here we have a list of fixes, different methods for different situations. Find the method that best describes your situation. However, if you are clueless about what stopped your gaming, try the fixes one by one patiently.

#Fix-1: Relaunch the game

Fornite can freeze due to some temporary issues. Restarting the game would solve those issues. Follow these steps to restart Fortnite on Xbox :

Step-1: Press the Xbox button on your controller. It will open the guide.

Step-2: In the guide, highlight the Fornite. Then press the Menu button and select Quit.

Step-3: Now, try to relaunch the game.

If the game starts and runs seamlessly, that’s great. Otherwise, proceed to the next method.

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#Fix-2: Power cycle the Xbox system and clear console’s cache

Large cache files hold a lot of disk space. As a result, loading speed often slows down the loading time and sometimes games freezes while loading. A full power cycle clears the cache and reboots your Xbox. However, it does not erase your game data.

To perform a power recycle on Xbox:

Step-1: Press and hold the Xbox button on the console for about 10 seconds. Release the button when the light goes off, and the console turns off. 

Step-2: Now, wait for a few minutes and let the console cool down a bit. You can unplug the power cable meanwhile.

Step-3: Then press the Xbox button again to turn on the console. Finally, restart Fortnite and see if it’s running smoothly.

Restarting or performing a power cycle helps to cool down the console in case of overheating.

#Fix-3: Erase the local game data if Fortnite keeps freezing Xbox

In case the saved game files get corrupted, you need to delete the files from local storage. To delete local save files:

Step-1: Quite the game first.

Step-2: Then, open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. Navigate to My games & apps > See all > Games afterward.

Step-3: Now highlight the Fortnite and press the Menu button on your controller.

Step-4: Finally, proceed to Manage game and add-ons > Saved data and select Delete all to erase local game data.

After you delete the local save files, restart the Xbox and run the game again.

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#Fix-4: Reinstall the game when Fortnite keeps freezing Xbox

If Fortnite still keeps freezing on Xbox, you can try reinstalling the game. To reinstall Fortnite on the Xbox console:

First, uninstall Fortnite.

Step-1: Repeat these steps. Go to My Games & Apps, then highlight Fortnite and press the Menu button.

Step-2: Now select Uninstall Game + Add-ons to remove the game.

Remember, you still own the game even after uninstalling it from Xbox. So the game remains listed on the “My games & apps” of your account.

Now install the game again.

Step-3: Select My games & apps from the Xbox home screen.

Step-4: Click to Ready to install option.

Step-5: Highlight the Fortnite game and select install. The game will start installing.

Once the installation is done, run the game and check if the game runs smoothly.

#Fix-5: Test the Xbox network connection

Constant disruption in the network connection can cause the issue. Every time network goes offline, the game has to rebuild the connection to Xbox service. This frequent rebuild process affects the gameplay, and sometimes results in freezing the game.

Follow the steps to test the Xbox network connection:

Step-1: Press the Xbox button to open the console guide.

Step-2: Proceed to Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings.

Step-3: When you reach the Network settings screen, click on Test network connection. Once the test is complete, your Xbox will connect to the server.

If this doesn’t solve the network issue, troubleshoot your Xbox network connection to get a fix.

#Fix-6: Check for suspicious activity on your account

Xbox games can freeze if someone else is trying to sign in or has already signed in to your Microsoft account. Therefore, check your account for suspicious activity. 

Step-1: Navigate to Security > Sign-in activity and select View my activity.

Step-2: At this stage, Microsoft will send you a security verification code. Choose the verification method from the Protect your account and select Send code.

Step-3: Once you receive the security code, enter the code to get verified.

Step-4: Now, check recent activities on your account. If you don’t recognize any sign-in, notice any sign-in attempts, report that as This wasn’t me. Then immediately change your password.

If you see any serious threat regarding your account, contact Xbox support for help.

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#Fix-7: Check if your Xbox hard drive has required disk space

Since games require a minimum memory space on the hard drive, a lack of required disk space can freeze, crash, and sometimes prevent the game from running. To check the disk space:

Step-1: Go to  My games & apps; you can see the storage info on the bottom left side of the screen.

Step-2: Check the minimum memory requirement for Fortnite on Xbox. 

If it exceeds the free storage capacity of your Xbox hard drive, you might have to delete some of the games from the console.


We have covered the most known reason and their fixes regarding the Forntine freezing issue. Following the above methods should solve your issue. However, if Fortnite keeps freezing on your Xbox despite all the measures taken, report it to the Xbox and Epic Games customer support. It can be a bug in the game that they need to fix from their end. Also, keep an eye on the latest updates and remarks on Fortnite.


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