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Funimation Error Loading Video: Fix Your Anime With This Guide

Funimation Error Loading Video: Fix Your Anime With This Guide

Have you logged into your Funimation account to stream one of your favorite anime shows but you are now experiencing an error loading the video?

It’s frustrating, to say the least when you have subscribed to have access to a streaming platform, and the videos will not load when you are trying to watch them.

We have generated this easy-to-follow guide to assist you in amending this error so you can get back to enjoying your Anime content without any further hindrances.

Why are Funimation videos not loading?

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The selected video you may be trying to stream on Funimation may not be working due to the video being barred by your browser due to the settings you have made.

You could be accessing your Funimation account through private browsing, eg; Incognito.

Another possible reason why your videos are not loading could be due to an ‘Ad Blocker’ being enabled that is interfering with the processing of your streaming on the app.

If Funimation’s server is down, this may interfere with the successful loading of your videos as you won’t be able to access their server.

You can check this here.

If the server is down, you will need to be patient and wait for them to fix the issue on their side.

Another possible reason as to why your Funimation is experiencing an error when loading videos, is an inadequate internet connection that will interfere with the successful streaming of the content.

You need to make sure you have at least 2Mbps to be able to stream videos at a standard quality level, and 5Mbps for a higher definition.

This also aids in your content not being interrupted due to having to buffer.

How to fix Funimation not loading

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If Funimation’s server is up and running without any malfunctions, and you are experiencing an error when trying to load videos on the app, you can troubleshoot your device and app.

Fix 1. Check network connection

If your internet connection is not supplying you with an adequate amount of bandwidth, your app will not be able to stream smoothly, resulting in your videos not being able to load.

Check your internet speed here.

You can also power reset your wifi router to help your device gain a better connection to the internet.

This can be completed by switching your router off and unplugging it from its plug point. Wait a couple of minutes before plugging it back in and turning the router back on.

Fix 2. Complete updates

Making sure your Funimation is on the latest version is important in the functioning of app as the upgrades get rid of any possible bugs or corrupted software that may have transpired during the use of its current version.

The device you are using to watch on Funimation should also be on its latest version as if the software is too different, it may cause an incompatibility issue.

You can check for the app update on your app store. If there is an option to click ‘Update’, select this.

For the software update on your device, if you go into the ‘General Settings’ section, it will state if there is a software update available.

Fix 3. Uninstall and reinstall

Removing the app and reinstalling it can help the performance of the app as it will get rid of any faulty software that has been installed.

Depending on what device you are using, you can ‘delete’ the app off, or ‘uninstall’ it.

Go back onto your app store to redownload Funimation.

You can back into your account and attempt to watch a show without it experiencing a loading error.

Fix 4. Force stop the app

In some instances, Funimation will receive a loading error when you are trying to stream content because they are experiencing too much traffic on their servers.

This can cause the app to glitch if the servers are not used to the high volume of requests to access their data.

On Android

Step 1. Go into your ‘Settings’

Step 2. Go into ‘Apps’

Step 3. Select ‘Application Manager’ (if it gives you this option)

Step 4. Find the Funimation app

Step 5. Click on ‘Force Stop’

On iPhone

Step 1. On your home screen, swipe the screen upwards

Step 2. In the previews, find the Funimation app

Step 3. Once you are on the app, swipe it upwards to force stop it


Step 1. All at once, click on ‘CTRL’, ‘ALT’ and ‘DEL’

Step 2. Select ‘Task Manager’

Step 3. Find Funimation and select it

Step 4. Press ‘End Task’

Funimation will no longer be running in the background.

Why can’t I watch shows on Funimation?

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If you have subscribed to the standard version of Funimation, this will restrict you from being able to watch certain shows and movies on the app.

You may not be able to see certain shows because they are only included in Funimation’s Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra subscription.

With the Plus versions, you are able to download content to be able to watch it offline, as well as being able to stream on up to 5 different devices.

Funimation is available on just about every platform, the only restriction you will have with not being able to gain access to a certain piece of content is the subscription you have opted for.


Funimation has been rated the 4th best streaming platform. With the opportunity to eradicate adverts and gain access to a bigger library of content by upgrading to their Premium versions, there’s no going wrong with this app if you’re a big fan of Anime.

Experiencing an error when trying to load your selected video can be extremely frustrating, we hope this guide has assisted you in being able to fix this issue on your Funimation app, and that you were able to get back to watching your favorite Anime characters.


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