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Vodafone Error 69: Fix The Text Problem Here

Vodafone Error 69: Fix The Text Problem Here

Are you trying to chat with your friends on your mobile device? Are your messages displaying as not sent, or do you have trouble texting? Is a Vodafone Error 69 keep popping up whenever you want to send a message? If yes, then don’t worry, as we’re here to help you solve the problem.

Vodafone Error 69 is “Requested Facility Not Available.” Error 69 usually occurs when you are trying to send a text message. Another error closely associated with Error 69 is Vodafone Error 29. Both errors generally happen at the same time.

Why Did I Get Vodafone Error 69?

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Vodafone Error 69 can be caused by simple network issues to complex server problems. The problems can extend from both the server-side and from your own device. Here are some of the reasons why Error 69 might occur on your device:

  • Mobile Balance is too low.
  • Network is weak.
  • Vodafone server is down.

We will go through all possible solutions to get your texting service back up and running.

How To Fix Vodafone Error 69?

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Check Network Connection

If there is a network issue, it may be the cause of Error 69. If there is no network, the phone cannot use any cellular service. Consequently, this includes texting as well. The reason for no network can be that you are in an area of low or poor coverage.

So if you are thinking of texting from the comfort of your home but you have a weak signal, the only solution is to move to an area with better coverage. It’s better to move homes than to wait for Vodafone to expand its connection near you.

Check Vodafone Server

Another reason for no network can be that Vodafone servers are down. The server going down is a much more major significant problem. This makes not Vodafone Error 69 appear but also several other errors. This also explains why Vodafone Error 29 occurs with Vodafone Error 69.

You can check if it is a server problem by googling Vodafone’s status. You can also ask a friend who uses Vodafone if they are having network problems. If this friend lives far enough, then it may easily be that Vodafone servers are down.

Now this problem is not something you can fix yourself. You will have to wait while Vodafone can fix it themselves and get their servers back online. In the meantime, you can use Wi-Fi messaging apps if you need to text any urgent or important news.

No Mobile Balance

Another significant problem users have gone through is that Vodafone packages are very confusing. The minimum package allows for calls, but you cannot text messages from it. To send an SMS with Vodafone, you need to recharge the unlimited pack since there are no SMS packs available.

People usually forget quickly how much mobile balance they have in their SIM. Dial *199*2# to know your Vodafone account balance. If it shows that the unlimited pack has low or insufficient funds, you have found your culprit of Vodafone Error 69.

To fix this, you will need to reload the unlimited pack of Vodafone from their My Vodafone app/ website or through any franchise.

Take SIM Card Out

A simple but effective fix we have found for Vodafone Error 69 in taking out the SIM card. A damaged or unclean SIM card can also cause network problems like Error 69. By taking out the SIM card, you can proceed to clean it. Softly take off any debris on the SIM card and the SIM card tray.

Place the SIM card back into your phone and check for any error messages.

Final Thoughts

If the issue of Vodafone Error 69 persists, proceed to contact Vodafone support for technical assistance. We hope we have solved your problem with Vodafone Error 69.

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