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Funimation Keeps Buffering: Fix Your Anime Streaming With This Guide

Funimation Keeps Buffering: Fix Your Anime Streaming With This Guide

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stream a video on Funimation and encountering buffering problems.

When watching a movie or TV show, we expect continuous and smooth playback. In nearly all instances, the reason why Funimation experiences buffering issues is because of a poor internet connection.

We have created this easy-to-read troubleshooting guide to provide you with the necessary information to be able to stop or minimize buffering issues via the Funimation app so you can watch your favorite Anime characters without having to sit through any further pauses.

Why is Funimation always buffering?

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It has been noted that buffering on Funimation during the first couple of minutes of launching a video is normal as the app uses a process called ‘adaptive bitrate’ which is used to improve the buffering time so it downloads all the necessary data to play the content.

However, if you are experiencing buffering during the streaming process of your series or movie, and it is beginning to lag, this will be due to your internet connection being too slow.

Funimation requires the following to be able to stream without buffering;

  • 2Mbps for a standard quality picture
  • 5Mbps for a high definition picture (720 or 1080)

You can check your internet speed by clicking here.

Another possible reason why your Funimation keeps buffering is that their server is experiencing issues, causing the app to not work successfully.

Funimation’s server may be having maintenance done on it, or there has been an outage.

You can keep up to date, and check the current status of Funimation by using this link.

How to fix Funimation buffering

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You can troubleshoot your Funimation to help eradicate the buffering issue when you are trying to stream your desired content.

Because buffering is predominantly caused by a poor internet connection, the first recommended step would be to refresh your internet connection.

Fix 1. Power reset your Internet

Refreshing the connection between the device you are watching Funimation on, and its network will restart the connection

Step 1. Switch your router/modem off

Step 2. Unplug it from its point

Step 3. Wait a few minutes

Step 4. Plug the router back in and switch it on

It is also advised to switch the device that you are using off and on again for a couple of minutes.

Fix 2. Update Funimation app

Keeping your Funimation app updated to the latest version keeps all software glitches and bugs at bay, as upgrades are done to improve the functionality of an app by completing improvements so it can run better.

Sticking to an outdated version when there is a newer version out will cause conflict with the data being used that is trying to access the Funimation server.

Step 1. Go into your app store and search for your Funimation app

Step 2. Check to see if there is an ‘Update’ option you can click on

Step 3. Select update

The new version of the app will override the current one downloaded on your device.

Fix 3. Check your device’s software

Make sure the device you are watching Funimation on has the latest software installed.

If your software is outdated, this may cause incompatibility between your device and the Funimation app.

You can check if a software update is available on your mobile device;

On iPhone: Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now

On Android: Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates > Update > Install

If you are on your smart TV, you can go into Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now.

Fix 4. Change Video resolution

If you are attempting to stream your Funimation at a higher quality resolution, this may cause your Funimation to start lagging and begin buffering as the amount of video data needing to be downloaded is greater.

Fix 5. Download content

If you have opted for the ‘Premium Plus’ or  ‘Premium Plus Ultra’ on Funimation, you will be able to download the movie or series you want to watch onto your device before launching it. 

This will stop the content from having to buffer while you are streaming the video as you will already have all the data saved.

Note, not all items can be downloaded on Funimation.

It is advised to not download every bit of content as this will take up quite a bit of space, which could result in Funimation experiencing further issues.

Is Funimation better than Crunchyroll?

Anime is becoming more and more popular, and with different platforms to choose from, you want to be able to confirm;

‘Is Funimation good for Anime?’

Funimation and Crunchyroll are the two best Anime services to view content on, as they offer the most diverse options to choose from.

Funimation is cheaper to subscribe to, however, Crunchyroll has a larger library of series and movies to pick from.

It also has Anime in English as well as having the option to watch it with English subtitles.

You are also able to use Funimation on 2 devices with their standard subscription, and 5 devices if you go premium.

Both options stream at the same video quality, as well as being able to download content to watch when you are offline.

(Crunchyroll’s subscription is more expensive than Funimation’s for this extra offline add-on).

With that being said, Funimation is one of the better streaming services to watch your Anime content from, but it all depends on what you want to watch, and which platform has it readily available for you.


With Funimation being an online streaming service for all Anime series and movies, it relies predominantly on a solid internet connection from the device you are watching it from.

Even if your internet connection is decent, Funimation may still experience issues, whether it’s buffering, or an error code.

We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding why your Funimation keeps buffering, and that you were able to rectify this problem with our 5 easy fixes.


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