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Hinge Not Getting Any Matches? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Hinge Not Getting Any Matches? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Hinge is a dating app that has revolutionized how people connect with potential partners, but despite its popularity, some users have reported not getting any matches they hoped for.

In this read today, we’ll explore some possible reasons for this match failure and offer some helpful tips to increase your chances of finding that special someone. 

Why can’t I find a match on Hinge?

  • Search settings are incorrectly configured on Hinge.
  • Dealbreaker is enabled on the preferences.
  • The profile picture or profile is not attractive enough.
  • Profile prompts are boring.

How do I get matches on Hinge?

Turn Off Dealbreaker

You need to disable the “Dealbreaker” feature to get more matches because it makes your preferences way too strict. Here’s how:

  • Launch “Hinge” on your Android or iOS device.
  • Go to the “Profile” tab.
  • Select “Preferences.”
  • Select “Maximum Distance” or “Age.”
  • Toggle off “Is this a Dealbreaker?” to disable the settings and see if you are getting matches now.

You can also adjust your preferences to expand your search settings and reach out to more people on Hinge.

Change the Profile Prompts

Hinge allows you to showcase your personality by selecting three prompts to answer on your profile. This is a great way to stand out and let your unique qualities shine through. 

However, simply selecting prompts is not enough to guarantee a successful dating experience on Hinge. You could inadvertently turn the matches away if your answers are boring and unengaging.

Therefore, take a closer look at your responses to those profile prompts and ensure they represent the fun, interesting, and unique person you are.

Change the Profile Picture

While looks aren’t everything, your picture is the first thing potential matches see when they come across your profile.

So, ensure that your picture is clear, well-lit, and shows your face clearly. Avoid using filters that may distort your appearance or group photos. 

Here are the steps to change your profile picture on Hinge:

  • Launch “Hinge.”
  • Head to the “Profile” tab.
  • Tap the “Pencil” icon on your Hinge profile picture.
  • Tap “X” on the photo.
  • Select the platform from where you want to upload the picture; Facebook, Instagram, or Camera Roll.
  • Choose the picture you want to add and tap “Confirm.”
  • Edit the picture if needed, and tap “Done.”

Make Your Profile Standout From the Crowd

When competing with countless other singles on Hinge, it’s important to create a fun and engaging profile that can grab the attention of others.

So, try the tips and tricks outlined below to improve your profile and increase your chances of getting matches on the dating app:

  • Showcase your strengths and add a little humor to your profile. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be unconventional and show off your true personality.
  • Add more pictures to your profile and aim for a more relaxed and comfortable look that showcases your true self.

Most importantly, being authentic is key to successful online dating, and the matches will appreciate seeing the real side of you. Once you put effort into your Hinge profile, you’ll quickly start making meaningful connections.

Reset the Hinge Profile

If you’ve tried all the above tips but nothing worked, reset your Hinge profile and create a new one by following these steps:

First and foremost, unlink your Facebook account from Hinge in the following way:

  • Launch “Facebook.
  • Go to “Menu.”
  • Tap “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Choose “App & Websites.”
  • Choose “Edit.”
  • Tap “Hinge.”
  • Tap “Remove.”
  • Select “Remove” again.

Now, delete your Hinge profile by following the steps outlined below:

  • Launch “Settings.”
  • Go to “Profile.”
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Select “Account.”
  • Tap “Delete Account.”
  • Tap “Confirm Delete.”
  • Select “OK, got It.”

Next, uninstall Hinge on your device and open the “App Store or Play Store” to reinstall the app. Afterward, relaunch Hinge and recreate your account in the following way:

  • Tap “Create Account.”
  • Enter your phone number and provide the verification code sent to your device.
  • Now, fill out the profile info, such as name, email, location, gender, and date of birth.
  • Provide all the required permissions to the Hinge app.
  • Now, upload your picture, create exciting profile prompts, make your profile engaging, and start getting new matches.

INFO: Uninstalling and reinstalling the app can also help you troubleshoot Bumble if it is not showing matches.


In this article, we’ve explored why Hinge is not getting you the matches you deserve and discussed the 5 best strategies to ensure you can find the right match on the dating platform. 

Hopefully, with these hacks, you can find someone on Hinge who shares your interests and values and becomes your next potential partner.


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