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How To Get ITV Hub On A Panasonic Smart TV: All You Need To Know

How To Get ITV Hub On A Panasonic Smart TV: All You Need To Know

Panasonic Smart TVs offer a cinematic display quality and support many third-party features. These include the ever-popular plethora of on-demand streaming services. To access such a service, here’s how to get ITV Hub on a Panasonic Smart TV. 

ITV Hub is offered as a dedicated app on some TV models. It has also been adopted by Panasonic as available through secondary services. In case it is not available, there are some workarounds for accessing ITV Hub on a Panasonic television. 

How Do I Install ITV Hub on a Panasonic Smart TV?

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There are many ways that you can access streaming services on your TV. Panasonic Smart TVs come with program guides that offer a variety of streaming apps, including ITV Hub. There are two main ways to access ITV Hub.  

Install the ITV Hub App

If your TV does not allow dedicated access, you can always install the app. Panasonic Smart TVs are powered by an Android OS, which offers a platform for third-party app installation:

  • Press the Home button on the remote to access the home screen
  • Select the Google Play Store app 
  • Search for the ITV Hub app in the Play Store
  • Click on the app, and then click the Install option

Allow whatever system permissions the app requires. Once you sign in, you will be able to access, and stream shows on ITV Hub.

Access ITV Hub Through Freeview

Freeview is a digital television platform that makes accessing shows and services simple. Panasonic Smart TVs come with a built-in Freeview that lets you access ITV Hub. It simply requires tuning your TV when you first set it up to surf for available channels.

There’s no need to set up the service or know how to get ITV Hub on a Panasonic Smart TV. You can access all on-demand services on Channel 100 through Freeview. The setup does not require any additional costs or subscriptions. 

Can I Download Shows from ITV Hub? 

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ITV Hub is built as a streaming service that lets you catch up on shows. It features both ITVs original productions, as well as shows with acquired rights. The shows are available to stream online, through the app or the website, for up to 30 days after the show first airs. If you keep a download of the show, it stays with you however long you want. 

While it is possible to download shows from ITV Hub, this service is not available to all users. It requires a subscription to ITV Hub+, which lets users download any shows they want. It also removes advertisements that are otherwise included with regular streaming. The subscription costs £3.99 a month. ITV Hub+ does not require a separate app and works on all supported devices. 

As ITV Hub is only available in the UK, you can only download shows from within the UK as well. Downloads are preserved if accessed from outside the UK, but you will not be able to download new content. You may also not be able to stream most shows while outside the UK.  

Why is ITV Hub Not Working on Panasonic Smart TV?

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Some users have reported issues in streaming ITV Hub on their TV. The problem may be caused by a simple error or may signify a more potent issue. Some possible causes can be:

  • System overload that causes the app to crash while streaming
  • Poor internet connection which interrupts live streaming
  • Outdated subscription preventing streaming 
  • Out-of-date or incompatible app versions 

You can try a simple reboot and see if that resolves the issue. If that doesn’t work, you can try a few other fixes.  You can also try accessing ITV Hub from a different source. If the app is giving you trouble, try accessing it through the site. This can help isolate where the issue is arising so you can fix it. 


Panasonic has made access to video streaming services relatively easy with the adoption of Freeview and an Android OS for its smart TVs. ITV Hub offers a wide range of shows available for streaming and download. Now you know how to get ITV Hub on a Panasonic Smart TV. You can access it via the app, website, or Freeview.

You should not face any issues with installation if you need to download the app. Check your internet connection and storage space before beginning to download. However, if the issue persists, ask the Panasonic support team for help.   


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