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How To Make PS5 Controller Mic Sound Better

How To Make PS5 Controller Mic Sound Better

Is the microphone on your PS5 controller sounding echoey or tinny? Sound quality is very important when gaming as it can be a real distraction to you and other gamers if your mic quality is bad.

It’s likely that your/other users’ sound is too loud or background noise is affecting your sound quality. Maybe your connection isn’t great? Whatever the reason, we’ve got some great tips for you to try to make your PS5 controller mic sound better.

Keep Audio Low

If someone is complaining that a mic is echoing, the likelihood is that one of you has the volume too loud.

However, if you can hear the mic echoing, it’s probably not you with the issue. To find out whose volume is too loud you just need to determine who can’t hear the echoing – and they’ll need to reduce their volume.

Turn Off TV Audio

If you’ve got your PS5 set to output audio to your TV or speakers, it may be worth disabling this to prevent interference. 

When a lot of people are playing for example in party mode, this can drastically affect sound quality during a game.

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Reduce Background Noise

Background noise is also a major factor when it comes to sound quality. If there are other people in the room or maybe there’s noise coming from elsewhere in the property – your controller mic is very sensitive and could be picking up background noise that affects the sound for other players.

Try playing in a room without others there or keep doors closed to minimize background noise.

Physical Mic Damage

If your mic is cutting in and out or is very inconsistent, there may be physical damage to your controller mic. 

In this scenario, it would be worth recording yourself playing so that you can report this to Sony if your console is within warranty. There is more information about this here for you if you need it.

Stable Connection

We know a stable connection seems to be the answer for all tech problems, but it really does affect everything. If your connection is bad on your device, it’s likely that this will affect your sound quality too.

If in doubt, restart your controller first to ensure a solid connection, and as a last resort restart the console.

Other Users’ Issues

If you’ve tried all these suggestions and other gamers are still saying your mic quality is bad, it could be that they’ve got issues themselves with their speakers/devices.

This is another reason why it’s worth recording yourself or getting a friend to record you playing so that you can determine which of you is causing the issue.

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Hopefully, these steps have helped you make your PS5 controller mic sound better. There’s nothing worse than having other gamers complaining about your sound quality when you just want to get on and play.

If you’re still having issues, it’s worth seeking support from Sony directly. They have an extensive support page here that could be useful for you.