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PS5 No Signal On Samsung TV: 5 Simple Fixes

PS5 No Signal On Samsung TV: 5 Simple Fixes

Does your PS5 have no signal when it is connected to your Samsung TV and shows a black screen?

In this post, I’ll go through the main 5 reasons why you are facing this issue and how to sort this out quickly.

Why is My PS5 Showing No Signal on Samsung TV?

1. Your HDCP Setting is Enabled

It’s possible the HDCP setting is enabled on your PS5 and your Samsung TV is not compatible with this feature.

The HDCP configuration is the new standard and is in almost every smart device, such as gaming consoles and Smart TVs. Most modern TVs will support this setting.

2. Damaged PS5 HDMI Cable/Port

An HDMI cable connects your PS5 to your Samsung TV. If it is faulty, your TV screen will show’ No Signal’.

If the HDMI port either on the PS5 or at the back of your TV is faulty, this will also prevent a connection between the two devices.

3. Incorrect Channel Settings

Your Samsung needs to be put on the channel associated with the HDMI port you connected your PS5 to ensure its screen is displayed on your TV. The incorrect channel will cause a black screen.

4. PS5 Resolution Settings

The resolution setting configured on your PS5 may be interfering with the display on your TV. This can be the case if your TV does not support the resolution setting.

5. Disc Issue on PS5

Your PS5 can play Blu-Ray and standard DVDs, however, certain ones may not be compatible with your console, resulting in no signal. .

How to Fix PS5 No Signal on Samsung TV?

1. Turn The HDCP Setting Off

You can turn off the HDCP setting on your console by going to Settings > System > HDMI > Disable HDCP. However, this setting may interfere with other apps, such as Netflix.

If you have turned this configuration off and you are still experiencing the problem, we recommend re-enabling this setting and proceeding with one of the following fixes.

2. Check PS5 HDMI Cable/Port

Your Samsung TV needs to connect through an HDMI cable and port to get a signal from your gaming console.

You can check if your HDMI cable is working by using it with a different electronic device and replacing it if needed.

Also, check the HDMI ports for an overload of dust and for any loose components and cables.

3. Confirm PS5 Channel

Have you made sure you have put your Samsung TV on the correct channel and source so that your PS5 will appear on your screen?

The channel you select will need to correlate with the HDMI port you have connected your console to.

4. Update PS5 Resolution Setting

Updating the resolution setting may fix the compatibility issue and resolve the signal problem. To do this, open console Settings, go to screen and Video > Video Output > Resolution, and change “Automatic” to a lower option.

5. Power Restart Console

Restarting your console can always help fix errors on your console.

You can complete a power restart by shutting down your console completely, followed by unplugging it for a few minutes.

This will also take your console out of Standby mode if you have been inactive for quite some time.

Once you reconnect your console to the TV, allow it time to start up again and see if the ‘no signal’ error still pops up. If it is, you may need to make use of the Safe Mode option.

Is HDMI 2.1 Needed for PS5?

A 2.1 HDMI cable is not needed for your Sony PlayStation to work. However, it does come with one included when you first purchase IT. This HDMI will improve the display on your Samsung TV because it will support a higher frame rate. 

The frame rate you will receive with the 2.1 HDMI cable is 120 frames per second. This means your image changes up to 120 times in a second.

This will improve your PS5’s performance and gameplay. You will experience quicker response times and a decrease in latency issues.

Does your TV need to support 2.1 for PS5?

Although your PS5 comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable, the 120Hz will not work on your Samsung TV if your model does not support this cable with a compatible HDMI port.

If your TV does not support this HDMI, Your image display will be the standard 60Hz.

PS5 HDMI Cable

If you have tested out your PS5 HDMI cable, and it is confirmed it is damaged, you will need to replace it with another compatible cable. If you have a Samsung TV that supports the 2.1 HDMI, it is recommended that you stick to this option.

What is Safe Mode on PS5?

Safe Mode helps you troubleshoot and diagnose many issues on your console, but you will only have access to the basic functions and features. Issues like your PS5 having no signal can be rectified by restarting your console in Safe Mode.

How to Put Your PS5 in Safe Mode

Before you put your PS5 in Safe Mode, you will need to completely shut it down by pressing the Power Button for three seconds. Then, do these steps:

Step 1. Hold down on the power button until you hear 2 beeps (around seven seconds)

Step 2. After the second beep, let go of the button

Step 3. Connect the controller through the USB cable

Step 4. Press the PS button on your controller

Your console will now be in Safe Mode. The menu will give you a list of options you can choose from to perform certain actions on your console.

These include:

  • Restart your PS5
  • Change video output – this includes resolution and HDCP setting
  • Update System Software – via Internet or USB
  • Restore Default Settings – sets your PS5 back to its factory configuration
  • Clear Cache and Rebuild Database – helps with system feature issues
  • Reset PS5 – Deletes all data
  • Reinstall System Software

Using Safe Mode on your PS5 to complete these functions will protect your console, however, certain actions performed can cause a loss of saved data.

Therefore, back up your files before proceeding. The PlayStation backup guide can help you complete a backup on your PS5.


We hope our guide has helped you understand why your PS5 has no signal on your Samsung TV, and that you were able to rectify this error with the use of one of our easy fixes.

However, if your PS5 is still displaying a Black screen when it is connected to your TV even after you have checked every setting, we recommend you use the PlayStation support guide for assistance with troubleshooting your console.


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