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How To Retune A Soniq TV: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

How To Retune A Soniq TV: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

If you have moved locations and require an updated channel list, or you keep experiencing issues with your current programs, you may need to retune your Soniq television.

Retuning your Soniq device has multiple benefits that help improve the quality and performance of your television.

Your TV should only need to be retuned two to three times a year. If you find you are rescanning more frequently, there may be a more serious issue with your Soniq.

We have created this extensive guide that will direct you with everything you need to know to when it comes to retuning a Soniq TV, as well as ensuring you get the best user experience when watching your TV box.

How to retune a Soniq TV

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You can retune your Soniq TV with three different scanning options. The ‘Auto-Tune’ will automatically scan and save channels onto your TV for you. The ‘DTV Manual Tuning’ will allow you to complete a manual search for all Digital channels that are available in your location, and the ‘ATV Manual Tuning’ option will find Analog TV programmes. 

How to autotune my Soniq TV

Step 1. Click on the ‘Menu’ button on your remote

Step 2. Using the arrow keys, select the ‘TV Screen’ image

Step 3. Select ‘Auto Tuning’

Your Soniq television will now automatically add, or remove channels onto your program list.

Complete steps one and two, followed by selecting ‘DTV Manual Tuning’ or ‘ATV Manual Tuning’ if you want to rescan them too.

Note, make sure there are no current issues with your aerial, as this will interfere with your TV finding all available channels.

Can you change your program list on Soniq TV?

Once your Soniq TV has scanned for all available channels, they will be saved. You will be able to access them under ‘Programme Edit’, where you will be able to remove a program, favorite or edit a channel’s name to your preference. 

Step 1. Click on ‘Menu’ on your remote

Step 2. Highlight the TV screen image

Step 3. From the options list, select ‘Programme Edit’

You will now be able to make your necessary changes.

Please note, the ‘Rename’, and ‘Move’ function is only available if you are in the ‘ATV’ (Analog) mode.

Why do I need to retune my TV?

How to retune a Soniq TV

It’s important to actively retune your Soniq TV every two to three times a year to update your channel list, and refresh your aerial signal. If you are experiencing issues on your TV, like a distorted image, system errors, or continuously losing connection, a retune of your TV will help rectify these problems.

Retuning your TV, whether it’s a smart device or not, is often overlooked, however, there are multiple benefits in reconnecting your Soniq TV;

Retuning your Soniq updates channel list

If you have not retuned your Soniq device for a while, completing a rescan will improve and update your channel list.

  • New channels will be added
  • Old stations will be removed
  • If channels have changed frequencies, this will be updated

Besides a retune updating your program list, there are a few other benefits when a rescan is completed on your Soniq TV;

  1. Improved image display
  2. Gets rid of any faulty software stored on your device
  3. If you are experiencing a flickering or freezing issue with the picture, a retune will help

If you have moved locations, you will need to retune your Soniq TV again as a different region will pick up alternative channels than the ones you’ve received before. This will also help get rid of programs saved onto your TV that no longer function.

Why do I keep having to retune my Soniq TV?

If you are continuously having to retune your Soniq TV, this could be a sign that there is an internal issue with your TV’s hardware, or your antenna is damaged or faulty. If you keep losing channels on your smart TV, this could be due to outdated software on your device.

Reason 1. Damaged internal components

If your Soniq TV has internal components that are damaged, for example, a loose wire or a faulty board, this can create issues with your TV’s performance.

Reason 2. Faulty aerial

Your TV will not be able to pick up all available channels if its antenna is damaged or faulty. You could be missing out on certain programs if your aerial does not have strong signal strength.

A poor aerial will also interfere with how well your image appears on the screen. If you notice the picture is constantly blurry or fuzzy, this could indicate that you may need to reconnect or replace your antenna.

Reason 3. Software issue

Is your Soniq’s TV updated with its latest software? Your TV could be experiencing performance issues because the software has not been updated, or the software currently contains corrupted data.

How to update Soniq TV firmware:

Step 1. Access the ‘Settings’ menu from the ‘Home’ screen

Step 2. Select ‘System Update or Restore Factory’

Step 3. Click on ‘System Local Update’

Step 4. Now press ‘Network Update’

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Reason 4. Miserable weather conditions

Poor weather conditions will impact the quality of your channels and how well they are displayed.

Your aerial will be unable to pick up a clear signal, which will result in certain channels becoming unavailable, and the quality of the images dimming or becoming distorted.

How to factory reset a Soniq TV

Completing a factory reset on your Soniq TV will restore your device back to its ‘Factory Settings’. This means all saved data and preferred settings will be erased, and you will need to reconfigure your smart TV. You can complete a factory reset with your remote;

Step 1. Put your Soniq TV on

Step 2. Click ‘Source’ on your remote

Step 3. Now press ‘200912’ using the keypad

Step 4. Select ‘Restore Factory Default’

A factory reset will also help improve your TV’s performance, and automatically cause a retune.


Now that we know all the benefits behind retuning your Soniq TV, we recommend you save this guide as a favorite for the next time you need to complete a rescan.

If you are consistently experiencing issues on your TV, even after going through our directory, we suggest you contact Soniq directly as there could be a deeper, underlying issue with your television.

We also recommend checking that your aerial is still in good condition, as this may need to be replaced if your channel quality is not improving.

You can complete Soniq’s online form where a member of their support team will pick up your query and get back to you as soon as possible.


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