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Technika TV Won’t Turn On From Standby? Here’s Something To Try

Technika TV Won’t Turn On From Standby? Here’s Something To Try

If your Technika TV is stuck in standby mode there’s no need to worry, our experts have written a guide to help you get your TV back and all your favourite shows with it.

Technika is a brand of electronic products from British supermarket chain Tesco and they make some great, affordable products.

However, more and more customers are complaining that their Technika TVs won’t turn on from standby mode.

This is obviously not ideal and many consumers are left trawling the web for the answer.

We take a look at some reasons why your Technika TV won’t turn on from standby below.

Technika TV Won't Turn On From Standby

Why won’t my Technika TV turn on from standby mode?

This is more often than not, a quick fix, but if it isn’t you might be covered under some sort of warranty by Tesco that usually lasts about two years, so it might be worth checking any documents that came with the TV.

These TVs are usually less expensive than other brands and therefore are more likely to break down and not have a very long lifespan.

If your Technika TV won’t turn on from standby mode this could signify an issue with an internal part such as the power board as these less expensive parts lose connections and blow fuses much more easily than more expensive models.

Sometimes tech can become faulty if it’s simply past its best, consider how long you’ve had the TV and if it’s perhaps time to consider getting a new model.

Is the remote control working properly?

Your remote control could be the source of the problem so it’s important to find out if this is the cause.

Check to see if it needs new batteries if that doesn’t work then check for any physical damage that could affect the remotes ability to communicate with your TV.

It could be the IR sensor that isn’t working properly and there is one way to check this. Using your phone, you can video record the remote control as you press buttons, you should see it trying to send signals to the TV. You should see a red light coming from the remote on your phone screen.

If the IR sensor is broken then it’s usually easier to just buy a new TV remote than have to mess with the sensor.

Is it time to buy a new TV?

If you’ve followed the above steps and your remote control isn’t to blame, then it might be time to buy a new TV.


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