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BBC iPlayer Error 01119: Easy Steps to Resolve it

BBC iPlayer is a streaming and video-on-demand service launched by the British Broadcasting Newsagency in the UK. You can watch your favorite tv shows after they have been broadcasted on the channel for a certain amount of time.

But if you use the iPlayer services you might also face connecting issues, display problems, and errors like 01119 that could disrupt the services. This article will provide you with complete details regarding this and a few workarounds to resolve it. 

What is an iPlayer Error 01119?

iPlayer services work smoothly all the time due to which many people in the UK watch their favorite TV shows regularly on this platform. But iPlayer has also reported many technical errors in the past and error 01119 is the latest addition to issues. 

The reason behind error 01119 is still unclear today as the company is trying to understand this technical fault. Many people have tried to understand the situation by relating this error to different other problems with the service. 

Some people are relating this issue to software updates due to which they are unable to access the platform. While some are considering it a technical glitch that causes connecting and accessing issues. 

How Error 01119 is related to other issues?

Error 01119 started occurring in the iPlayer streaming services in recent days. Those people who have experienced such types of problems in the past have considered it a similar yet evolving problem. 

This issue can cause your iPlayer services to stop working. It can also lead to connecting issues with your TV despite having a good internet connection. Error 01119 occurs when you are watching the shows and it suddenly stops working. 

This whole situation points the finger toward other problems that might have similar consequences for the iPlayer users. Error 01119 has not been thoroughly investigated yet by the company so it is too early to give clear details on the issue.

When you try to load your favorite program, iPlayer will display the error 01119 with the message “Something went wrong to load this program.” This problem can affect multiple numbers of users, who use their  TV or mobile to access the iPlayer streaming services.

Why is error 01119 occurring?

Internet Connectivity Problem

The first thing that can cause the iPlayer error is your internet connection. If it’s weak or shows some disruptions, then it can cause a problem that might lead to no loading issue. 

IP Address

If the Application thinks that your IP address is outside of the UK, then the error 01119 can pop up on your device. This is because the BBC iPlayer service has no rights agreement within the United Kingdom. 

You can only use services like downloading and online streaming on the iPlayer whilst in the UK. Therefore, this issue will become inevitable if you try to use the BBC media service in other countries.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The third reason that can cause the error 01119 is the VPN. If you are residing outside of the UK and try to use the BBC iPlayer while using a VPN then you have a certain chance to face the error. 

Since iPlayer services are only allowed in the UK, you wouldn’t be able to use it through a virtual private network to change your location. If the iPlayer detects the VPN, you will immediately be blocked from watching the shows.

iPlayer Version

The fourth reason for the error is the incompatible iPlayer version. If you have an old and unsupported iPlayer version then you won’t be able to connect it with the TV and other devices. 

Device’s Firmware

The fourth common problem for error 01119 is the old version of your device’s firmware. Moreover, if the firmware is incompatible with the device then you cannot access the BBC iPlayer services. 

How to resolve the error 01119 issues?

Depending upon the cause that leads to the issue, you need to determine the solution for each type of problem. 

Reset the Internet Connection

If the issue is occurring due to an internet connection then you reset your internet device. There are two types of options available for resetting: physical and online reset. 

In the physical reset, you should disconnect all the wires from the modem, so that all the lights are powered off. Leave the device for 5-10 minutes and then turn it on. It might solve the issue immediately.

On the other hand, in the online reset, you should visit the WiFi settings on your device and deselect the WiFi option. Wait for a few minutes and then turn it on again.

Check the App Store for the Latest iPlayer Version

The second thing you should do is to go to the App Store on your mobile to check whether you have an updated version of iPlayer or not. If it is not updated, then you should update it quickly to resolve the error issue.

Check the IP Address and VPN

The third thing you should do is check the IP address and the VPN connection on your device. If your device has the wrong IP address, and you are using a VPN then you cannot avail the BBC iPlayer services. You should turn the VPN off and correct the IP address to enjoy the shows on the media service. 

Update the Device Firmware

The last thing you can do is update the device firmware version. Firmware updates are mostly sent to your device automatically for installation. You just need to open your menu on the TV and update it.


BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming service in the UK. It offers various shows that have been played on the BBC. If you are an iPlayer user, you can also face error 01119 which is the latest problem.

Although no clear explanation has been made by the company on the issue. But it relates to other similar problems such as display issues, connection issues, and software issues. You can follow the mentioned steps in the article to resolve this issue. 


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