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Telegram Stuck On Connecting: 9 Reasons + Fixes

Telegram Stuck On Connecting: 9 Reasons + Fixes

Telegram will be stuck on connecting for one of nine common reasons, which are:

  1. You have an unstable internet connection (this is the most common reason)
  2. You have disabled permissions
  3. Your cache file is too full
  4. Saver modes are enabled
  5. The Telegram server is down
  6. You have outdated software
  7. Other apps are blocking Telegram
  8. You have corrupted software
  9. Telegram is banned in your location

In this post, I’ll go through each of these 9 possible reasons, so you can troubleshoot why this problem is happening to you. There is then a simple fix for each issue.

Why is Telegram stuck on connecting? 9 Reasons

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Your Telegram app is stuck on connecting because it cannot get through to its server. This can be due to a few reasons.

Reason 1. Unstable internet connection

Telegram is a cloud-based service, which means it needs to be connected to a strong network at all times.

If it is not, the app will not be able to download the required data onto your device to launch the service.

Reason 2. Disabled permissions

If certain permissions have been disabled on your device, specific to Telegram, the app will be restricted when trying to connect.

Reason 3. Cache files too full

Cache files are temporary data that is stored onto your device every time you launch Telegram.

This quickens the processing time because your mobile or PC will already have the necessary information downloaded to launch the app.

Over time, the cache files will become overloaded which will interfere with Telegram to connect successfully.

Reason 4. Saver modes are enabled

Enabling battery or data saver mode can interfere with your instant messaging app from connecting.

These modes will try and cut down the amount of power or data (if you are not on Wifi) the app uses.

Switching these modes on can interfere with the normal functioning of the app.

Reason 5. Telegram server is down

Telegram won’t connect if their server is down.

This could be due to planned maintenance, or an unexpected issue has arisen.

You can check the status of its server by using this link.

Reason 6. Outdated software

If your app or your device’s software is outdated, this can cause conflict between the two.

Updating Telegram will improve the performance, and get rid of problematic data.

Reason 7. Other apps blocking Telegram

If you are trying to connect Telegram on a PC, your browser may be blocked from having access to the app because of a Firewall, or antivirus software.

Telegram could be flagged up as suspicious, or dangerous.

Reason 8. Corrupted software

Corrupted software on your device can interfere with how well your apps perform.

Contaminated software can transpire directly on your device, or through Telegrams software that has been downloaded onto your mobile or PC.

Reason 9. Telegram is banned

Certain countries have banned the use of Telegram.

If you are trying to access Telegram from one of these destinations, you will need to change your VPN settings.

Which countries have banned Telegram?

Hong Kong

How to fix Telegram connecting – 5 Fixes

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Before changing your VPN settings and uninstalling your Telegram app to fix Telegram stuck on connecting, you need to check your network connection.

Fix 1. Check internet connection

One of the main reasons why Telegram is stuck on connecting is because it cannot establish a stable internet connection.

Your network needs to be strong enough to be able to connect to the Telegram server.

Power resetting your router can improve your internets performance and speed.

Step 1. Switch your modem off

Step 2. Unplug it from the mains and wait around 2-3 minutes

Step 3. Plug your router back in and turn it on

Once your internet has connected again, launch Telegram.

Note, if you are using your mobile data, turn your phone off.

(Did you know; Telegram was created by two brothers from Russia that needed to communicate in a way that the Russian security would be unable to track and decipher their messages, which is why the app is still one of the most secure and safest messaging services.)

Fix 2. Enable app permissions

On Android:

Step 1. Access your ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’ and click on ‘Telegram’

Step 3. Press ‘Permissions’

You will not be able to click on ‘Allow.’

On iPhone:

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find ‘Telegram’ and click on it

Step 3. Enable ‘Background App Refresh’ 

You can also turn ‘Mobile Data’ on for when you do not connect to Wifi.

On PC:

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Apps & Features’

Step 3. Find Telegram and select ‘Advanced Options’

Step 4. Scroll down to ‘Permissions’

You can now enable the necessary permissions.

Fix 3. Disable saver modes

If you are currently trying to access Telegram with battery or data saver mode switched on, turning these off can help the app connect.

Battery saver mode:

iPhone – Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

Android – Settings > Battery > Battery Saver

Data saver mode:

iPhone – Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Low Data Mode

Android – Settings > Network & Internet > Data Saver

Fix 4. Update software

Check your app store if there is an upgrade available for the Telegram app. If there is, select ‘Update’ so the improved version can override the one currently downloaded onto your device.

It is also beneficial to check if your device is due a software update.

Keeping your software updated helps eradicate performance issues.

Fix 5. Switch firewall off

If you are using your PC browser to access Telegram, your firewall could be blocking the app from connecting.

Turn your firewall off and try launch Telegram again to see if it was being blocked.

Note, do the same for the antivirus settings on your computer.


We hope this guide has helped you understand why Telegram was stuck on connecting, and that you were able to execute our easy fixes to get your instant messaging app connected to the internet.

If the issue is persisting even after you have tried all of our steps, you will need to contact Telegram directly.

You can submit your problem via their online form.


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