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Paramount Plus Error Code 3304: How To Fix Online Streaming

Paramount Plus Error Code 3304: How To Fix Online Streaming

Does Paramount Plus display error code 3304 when you try and stream content from your account’s library? Often the error will be accompanied by the message ‘Sorry, but due to licensing restrictions, this video isn’t available in your location‘.

Your online video app will experience this problem on your browser if you have certain security settings enabled, or if the Paramount server is down.

Paramount+ can experience many different error codes, all of which can be resolved with a few simple steps. An update of the app, or a reinstallation are only two examples of the easy fixes you can execute.

We have created this troubleshooting guide to help you understand what the Paramount Plus error code 3304 is, why it has occurred, and provide you with four simple solutions to alleviate this problem so you can playback all your favorite programs.

What does error code 3304 mean on Paramount Plus?

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The Paramount Plus error code 3304 is a warning that the program is not functioning properly. This is due to the Paramount Plus app not reaching the server. You may experience buffering or latency issues on the app when you try to stream content, as well as a Black or blank screen.

This error code can occur as soon as you log in to your account, when you attempt to launch a program/movie, or when you want to open your account information.

Why does Paramount Plus say error code 3304?

Paramount Plus will display an error when you try and playback on the app when you are connected to a weak network. Paramount needs at least 4Mbps to be able to stream content without experiencing any buffering issues or screen display errors such as a Black or blank screen.

If you have other applications open that require a high amount of bandwidth while you are using the software, they will interfere with how well the app performs.

You can check your home internet speed to ensure your Wifi is operating properly. Keep in mind, if your network service provider is experiencing issues, this will interfere with how well your online streaming apps will perform.

Other reasons why you have the Paramount Plus error code 3304 include;

1. Paramount server is down

If the Paramount server is down, your application on your device won’t be able to access their database. Your request will not get processed, which will result in the Paramount 3304 error code.

You can, however, check the server status of Paramount to confirm if this is the root cause of the error.

2. Enabled ad-blocker

If you access Paramount from your web browser, certain adblockers can interfere with the app loading.

The extension can incorrectly block the Paramount site to prevent ads from playing on your PC.

3. Hardware acceleration issue

On a computer, the hardware acceleration setting can be incompatible with the online streaming app.

Although this setting is used to improve your PC’s GPU (graphics processing unit), it can sometimes cause interference with the streaming quality.

4. Corrupted application

The Paramount app may contain faulty files that is causing an error when you want to log in to your account or stream content.

A faulty app can stem from a disrupted installation, or from malware on your device.

How do I fix Paramount Plus error code 3304?

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If you complete a power reset on your Wifi router, you can fix the Paramount error code 3304 whether you’re on a Samsung smart TV, your PC or an Android/Apple device. You can rest your internet connection by turning your router off and disconnecting it from its main power source for longer than a minute. Reconnect your modem and launch Paramount.

Additional steps you can take to get rid of this error code appearing on your screen display if a reset of your router does not work, include;

1. Disable ad-blocker

Enabled ad-blockers on your PC can interfere with the Paramount Plus app successfully connecting to the server if the software prevents the app from working.

How to disable ad blocker Chrome

Step 1. Launch Chrome and access ‘Settings’

Step 2. On the left, choose ‘Privacy and Security’

Step 3. From the list provided click on ‘Site Settings’

Step 4. Scroll down and open ‘Additional Content Settings’

Step 5. Click on ‘Ads’

Step 6. Change the setting to ‘All sites can show any ads to you’

How to disable ad block on Safari

Step 1. Launch Safari and open ‘Preferences’

Step 2. Press the ‘Extensions’ button

Step 3. From the lick select ‘Adblock’

Step 4. Switch this off

Note, if Paramount Plus is still displaying the error code 3304, we would advise you disable ads again to keep your PC safe.

2. Turn hardware acceleration off

When you turn hardware acceleration off on your PC, you may incur a slower performance, so if this step does not get rid of the Paramount Plus error code 3304, re-enable this setting.

How to turn off hardware acceleration on Chrome

Step 1. Open Chrome and access ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Advanced’ followed by ‘System’

Step 3. Toggle off  ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’

How to turn off hardware acceleration on Mac

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’ and select ‘System’

Step 2. Find ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ and turn it off

Tip, restart your PC and launch Paramount Plus again to see if the error has been fixed.

3. Reinstall Paramount Plus

Uninstall and reinstall the Paramount Plus app on your device to get rid of any corrupt files, or faulty software.

Once you delete the program, restart your device to ensure any remaining data has been erased before you reinstall.

How to improve your Wifi connection

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You can improve your Wifi connection by adding a booster to your router. This device will improve your signal by increasing the signal coverage you receive from your network service provider. If you have multiple devices using your internet, a booster will prevent any latency issues.

With the Paramount Plus error code 3304 transpiring from a poor internet connection, a Wifi booster will help your app to stream online without any interference.

Why does Paramount Plus say content is unavailable?

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Paramount+ will say ‘content is unavailable’ if you are trying to stream content on an outdated app version. The program will update their software when changes have been made to their library, and when performance issues have been fixed. 

If a new version of the app is available, you should see a notification on your Paramount home screen.

Another reason why this error message will occur is you’re trying to access your account on a browser that does not support Paramount Plus.

What browser do I need for Paramount Plus?

You need to ensure you are using a supported browser in order for Paramount Plus to stream content without experiencing any error codes, display issues, or unavailable content;

Desktop BrowserVersion
Google Chrome8, 10
Mac OS10.9 +
Mozilla Firefox8, 10, OS 10.9
SafariMac OS 10.10
Microsoft EdgeWindows 10
Internet ExplorerNot Supported
Mobile BrowserVersion
SafariiOS 11 +
ChromeAndroid 5 +

It’s also important to check that your browser is up to date so it stays compatible with the Paramount Plus app.


We hope our guide has helped you understand why the Paramount Plus error code 3304 was displayed on your screen, and that you were able to get rid of this issue with one of the four easy solutions we have provided.

If you still experience issues with your Paramount+ app, you can contact them directly via email or through social media.


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